Electric Car Promotion Circa 1967 – video

APR 14 2014 BY JAY COLE 9

It’s always fun to turn back time and hear what the “EV future” will hold.  What type of plug-in Utopia was in store for the world in 1967?  Perhaps the Ford Comuta!

Here It Is, The "Dream Of Every Car Owner In Britain"

Here It Is, The “Dream Of Every Car Owner In Britain”

Despite there only being 2 of them in existence at the time, and absolutely zero emission regulations on the table to force them onto the roads, our moderator seems quite optimistic about the electric car’s short-term future.

“In a few years, there is a strong prospective of seeing millions of them on the road!  It’s just as likely you will own one like this, or one of several others which are currently being developed.”

There is also a look at the first ‘in-wheel’ motor/brake system from Carter, although we have to feel sorry for its creator as he clearly never lived to see the day of the electric revolution; although at the time he expected to sell 250,000 Carter EVs within five years.

What were the specs on the Ford Comuta you say?

The “future” of EVs had a range of 60 km (37 miles) and a top speed of 40 km/h (25 mph).  The Comuta was powered by four 12-volt, 85-amp lead batteries.

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Nice golf cart. And fugly, too. No wonder no one wanted it.

One might say the same about some of today’s offerings.

When you think what US car buyers were driving then, this thing might as well have been a space ship. It must have reaaly been bad if they couldn’t sell it in expensive petrol areas like England.

what a great find, I love the in wheel motors!

Where are these 2 cars now?

And with a little more will, the Smart ED could have been done from Ford in the late 60s – a time where anything seemed to be possible (like men on the moon).

Gas was $0.34/gallon in the late 60s. Just because something can be done does not make it a good idea.

Reminds me of one of the early “Avengers” with Mrs. Emma Peel.

(before they were “IN COLOUR”).