Due To Complaints, Tesla Will Send Model X Owners A Front Windshield Sunscreen Free Of Charge


Model X Windshade

Model X Front Upper Windshield Sunshade

The huge, panoramic windshield on the Tesla Model X may add to the aesthetic of the vehicle, however, it often lets too much sunlight in for many drivers’ preferences.

Model X owners have complained via the Tesla forum and Facebook, as well as provided YouTube Video proof, that a sunshade is needed to combat the problem. Tesla has since sent correspondence to owners that a Front Upper Windshield Sunshade will be mailed to them free of charge.

Model X Windshade

Front Upper Windshield Sunshade

The windshield extends from the hood base to the B-pillar where the falcon wing door structure starts. There is a UV coating on the windshield that helps with heat but not so much with sunlight. The Model X does have a side-mounted sunvisor, but it proves too narrow to do the trick.

Tesla’s email to Model X owners states that the new Front Upper Windshield Sunshade will keep out 66% of light and heat coming into the upper portion of the front windshield. The description specifically reads:

“To further enhance your Model X, we plan to send a Front Upper Windshield Sunshade to you directly, free of charge. The Model X sunshade can block two thirds of light and heat coming through the front upper windshield and its lightweight and flexible construction allows for easy storage and installation within seconds. To ensure we have the most up to date information, please log in to your MyTesla account and confirm your mailing address. For instructions on how to install your sunshade, click here.”

Instructions for installing the sunshade are available on Tesla’s website.

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I was surprised Tesla didn’t build a retractable sun shade into the Model X. Hopefully, they’ll include an integrated sun shade into the Model 3.

For clarity, I mean a sun shade not a sun screen. IMO, The sun shade should block 100% of the sun light and heat, not 66% like the sun screen featured above.

No room for it in the roof, because of the falcon doors.

I think the Model X will need a significant redesign of the interior, roof, and doors. It’s not really up to par right now as a practical vehicle.

I was thinking of something the sun shade would roll up vs. a large piece that slides. The material could have integrated horizontal supports every x inches and would only require a small track going down the driver and passenger A pillars.

My Mini Clubman has that type of system for its double sunroof. A flexible fabric that rolls open or closed along a track. It’s pretty effective too.

How about using a solar panel instead of panoramic glass so it can actually charge the car when driven during daytime? Tesla has solar panel technology. Maybe they can consider integrating into their vehicle.

Do you have any idea how little power that would generate?

Toyota has something like this for the Prius and it only generates enough electricity to power a little fan to “cool” the car while parked (which it barely does).

Bad idea.

First of all, solar cells tend to be a lot more delicate than the finish on your car, and cars which have those tend to look bad, cosmetically, after a few years. Sometimes the cells even develop large cracks.

Secondly, as Elon Musk has pointed out, it’s a poor investment in resources to put solar cells on a car, where they will often be hidden from the sun in a garage or in a shaded area. Far better to put those same cells on the roof of your house, where they’ll generate energy more hours of the day.

I fully agree about your comments about solar being ineffective on the roof of a car, but do have to set you on the right track regarding solar panels. I have SunPower solar panels on the roof of my home – they are well developed, the most advanced solar panels presently available. They do not crack – even under extreme heat and high pressure, and they test them against hail damage by shooting golf balls at the panels. During the install of the panels on my roof – the solar installers even walked on them much to my surprise for accessing some parts to finish the install – when I inquired whether that is ok for the panels – they said that they would not do so with any other panels than SunPower because others are not made in such a way to hold up to those kinds of pressure – but SunPower is built so well that a small amount of foot traffic is fine too. So – choose reliable Solar Panels and your results can be much better than your reported large cracks and very delicate. The panels on my roof will likely hold up much better than… Read more »

If the solar panels on your home were subjected to an hour or so of 60-70-80 MPH wind every workday, with occasional road debris hitting them, don’t you think they’d be far more likely to be damaged than just sitting on top of your roof?

I’ve seen pictures of cracked solar cells on a car’s roof, cells just a few years old. However, just now on a Google image search I couldn’t find any, so perhaps the problem isn’t as widespread as I thought.

However, even if the cells were not more delicate than a normal car roof, it still makes little sense to put them there. See the article linked below for a more complete explanation of why, with figures and examples:


Wow, what a sleazy way to promote a product.

Tim E — Just like a front door on a house can be made out of very heavy thick solid wood. because nobody is going to drive it around, the solar panels on your house can be made out of very sturdy heavy materials.

Automotive applications have been much more weight sensitive, and are not the same as your panels on your home.

Any comparison between the strength of the two vastly different products is a logical fallacy.

Isn’t it electrically shaded already? Mercedes had it for years, and Daimler had given access to its suppliers to Tesla.


Yeah, they should send them a roll of foil and some tape.

The falcon wing doors prevent Tesla from having a retractable sunscreen. See the citroen c3 for a panoramic windshield done right.

Why don’t do it using some kind of “smart glass” that can be controlled electrically with push of a button or sunshine sensor? I can’t believe nobody in Tesla ever saw it before. Supplier issues again?


Aftermarket windshield hassle on $100k car is so pathetic. If you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all.

zzzzzzzzzz said:

“Why don’t do it using some kind of ‘smart glass’ that can be controlled electrically with push of a button or sunshine sensor? I can’t believe nobody in Tesla ever saw it before.”

Wow, for once I actually agree with zzzzzzzzzz. Ergo, I must be wrong on this point. 😉

Interesting article. They don’t say what the current draw is to keep the glass in a certain state. It could be an interesting solution for Tesla if available.

I am hoping that Tesla adds something like this to the Model 3, as an upgrade of course.

Better start designing the rear sun screen for the M3 to prevent rear passengers’ head getting roasted.

Agreed. Not everyone wants to bake in the sun all the time.

And even if there are no passengers in the back seat, you are going to completely waste battery power on the AC trying to keep the car cool.

A rear sun screen is not good enough. An internal sunscreen blocks the light from directly hitting the passengers but unless it is white/reflective, an internal sunscreen will heat up inside the car thus requiring battery power to be wasted by the AC to cool the car.

Indeed. What would be effective would be glass that can be polarized to have a silver or white color, reflecting the sunlight rather than absorbing it. Is that being done now? Or is electrically polarized glass only available in a black color?

Anyway: Either polarized glass, or, you know… just have a metal roof like nearly every other car on the road. Including the Model S.


So, it seems I’m not the only one who wouldn’t want all that sun shining in on me while driving or riding in a car, especially under a hot summer sun here in Kansas.

I thought it was a bad idea for Tesla to put that huge glass roof on the Model X as standard equipment — not as an option — and unfortunately it looks like I was right. 🙁

Hey Elon: About making those Falcon Wing doors and that glass roof standard equipment on the Model X, with no other option available: You shoulda called me and asked! I woulda straightened you out there. And the same for those non-foldable 2nd row seats, too!

And while we’re on the subject of panoramic windshields, how’s about re-thinking that for the Model ≡, hmmm? Hmmm?

I’m in the same boat. I have no desire to cook in the sun while driving a model 3, nor do I want to subject my passengers to the same baking experience.
I like the idea of the panoramic windshield. However, there needs to be well designed sun shades (front and back) to 100% protect all occupants from the sun’s heat.
There were several Model X articles saying the tint protected against UV, but none stated the tint blocked x percent of IR.

It is the ordinary visible light that is a problem! You have to be able to block it when it is not desired.

All glass blocks UV.

Not quartz glass.

I have no desire for the additional sunlight, but I deeply appreciate the view!

Being 6’4″, by the time I move the seat back far enough to accommodate my legs, the roofline hides the overhead traffic lights and signs. My SUV is OK, but still not good (Mercury Mariner hybrid). Sedans are terrible in that regard.

That is also why I am against some of the suggestions to make any sun blocking features at 100% or near 100% – I need to see out!

If I had an X, this 60%+ sun shade would be about perfect.

I’m glad they are learning this lesson now so they won’t repeat it for the Model 3. I was immediately worried when I saw that all glass roof.

Such bubble canopies are great for fighter planes so the pilot has great visibility. But they are greenhouses that heat up quickly and become terribly hot. You don’t want to have to waste your battery power on extra AC due to a bubble canopy.

They wouldn’t have needed the glass roof if they hadn’t increased the height of the next gen Cells to 70 versus 65mm. 🙂

Complaints, complaints. Just get some scotch tape and cardboard, problem solved. What’s with these boo hoo hoo? 😉

Sorry Sparky. Won’t work.

I used to do that with my Rolls Royce but the darned stuff just kept on falling down.

If scotch tape doesn’t hold, there’s heavy duty double sided tape. Or one can use sheet metal screw to hold the cardboard and plug the metal gap with caulk.

Be sure to use white cardboard or it does no good.

You can paint the top of regular cardboard with white paint. With right paint, you may not even need scotch tape.

Another idea is to use aluminum foil tape instead of cardboard. Not the expensive stuff used for ducts, but the kind you find in dollar store. Cheaper yet, just use aluminum foil and contact cement. Now that will be “cool” (or is that “cheap”?)

It’s All Rhetoric …

“It’s All Rhetoric”

That absolutely captures the complete essence of all these discussions in 3-4 words.
I’ll never need to read another one.

Free at last! I think I’ll go fishing instead of sitting hunched over this Windows 95 box for 22 hours a day.


“Here, enjoy this cheap-looking sunscreen to fix the poorly designed gimmick on your $150K car.”

Some level of applied window tint film above the”AS1” markings would work as well for those seeking a permanent solution. Here in the burning sun of Arizona.. applied tint is almost a necessity on all windows to make the car livable inside.

+100. This would be my first choice. I live in California, and every car I’ve ever had I immediately tint the windows. just get it done by a pro shop and they will make it look great. I have even seen gradient tints installed at the top of the windshield.

European point of view

If I may , here are the photos of my C3 with big winshield like the Model X one AND a double ceiling that can slide .
This car costs new 15 Keuros


I used to own a Citroen C3 that had a very similar panoramic windshield, and it had a retractable opaque cover that you could pull forward when the sun was out. That was a subcompact car, so it’s a really strange omission on a 140k SUV.
Gotta say this windshield was awesome and I really miss it in my current car.

To be fair, since Tesla are based in California they aren’t as familiar with the sun’s effects…oh wait.


Sure, California gets plenty of sunshine, but areas near the coast, including the Los Angeles area, have what is called a “Mediterranean” climate due to the ocean’s temperature stabilizing influence.

That’s why convertibles are so popular in California.

As you can see in the following article, even in summer there are very few days where the temperature in L.A. reaches 90° F:


Skin Cancer is also popular in CA….


It’s as if no one drove the prototypes or employees were afraid to state the obvious to Musk.

Falcon wing doors strike again.
I bet present day Elon could go back in time and slap some sense in his past self.

There are plenty of places on the planet with lots of sunshine. Over here, we have 320-340 days a year of very bright sunlight.
Euro carmakers have several times insisted on getting their local importers to import cars with large unshaded glass areas (the shade needs to be outside the glass, otherwise it still heats up the car), which never sell well.

The model 3 will have a big problem in this regard as well.

Elon, next time conventional door and standard glass size windshield. Just throw in the good drive train of your with Panasonic battery and your car will sell.

No need for things causing me a grief, and causing your company money and time. All of that for bling …

Normal windshields & No sunroofs >>>>>

Just as I’ve written on prior posts.. this huge windshield is a horrid thing… it reminds me on an AMC Pacer from the late 70’s early 80’s.. teerible idea.. now Tesla.. tell me.. who will remove the snow and ice accumulation that the wipers do not reach during the winter? Who will sudsiduze the cost of replacing this huge piece of glass when it gets cracked by a flying stone on the highway? And yes!! The MX will need a major redesign. . Those doors will have to go.. both sets will need a rework.. software is not gonna get it.. the design is no good.. Tesla owners are now complaining of rear hatch failures in their auto liftgates on the MS… even broken emergency release handles or ineffective ones.. the suspension issues is real.. and many owners ARE complaining of galvanic erosion of suspension parts, sterring parts, chassis parts and mirrors too… Tesls is an uproven brand.. lease one if you really want one.. you’ll be better for it till that get all this right..

You start making stuff up, and you lose all credibility. The recent NHTSA fiasco ended up being good Tesla PR. You are actually helping. What next, galvanic tire wear?

Keep ‘um coming.

Joeski1 posted off-topic FUD:

“…the suspension issues is real”

You know, Joe, not one single person posting comments here has defended Tesla in this case, not even Tesla “fanboys” like me. Not one.

Since your agenda is obviously to bash Tesla, either to benefit your short-seller stock position or to shill for Big Oil, you could have done well by just joining the chorus here.

But no! You had to find some B.S. to throw in there, and so you have sabotaged your own credibility.

It’s really amazing that Tesla bashers are such compulsive liars that they can’t stop lying even when the truth would serve them better.

Yeah, there’s an “issue” with the suspension complaints, all right. The issue is that it’s not merely a pack of lies; it’s an outright deliberate smear campaign. Now, what sort of person would intentionally help spread a smear campaign?

Look in the mirror, and you’ll see. I’m guessing you don’t have a very high opinion of yourself.

The windshield is not a bad idea. For us tall folks, I’m tired of having to duck to see traffic lights. Sedans are terrible, but even SUVs are not good (like my Mercury Mariner hybrid).

By the time I move the seat back far enough to accommodate my legs, I can’t see overhead traffic lights and signs without having to slouch. It’s very irritating.

In fact, it is the main reason (besides price) why I’m going for a 3 and not an S – the big windshield will finally allow me to see everything I need to see, as a driver, comfortably!

Rick (no, not that Rick)

Or you could cover it with sheet metal. Wait, that’s just a normal roof.

Just more reasons to hate the MOdel X… LOL

Pretty cheesy looking for any priced vehicle, let alone a vehicle priced as much as a Model X.

Most people don’t live in the desert where such a large windshield will pose a problem. In fact, the places where Tesla sells the most cars seem to be in the colder climates.

I do live in the desert. And the sunshade on my car is always retracted because the tint on the sunroof (which is a panoramic one that covers the front seats entirely) is more than enough to keep me from discomfort.

Cars are ovens, whether you have a metal or glass roof, you are dependent on air flowing through the cabin to keep you from baking in high temperatures.

Personally, if a car’s canopy could be entirely made of glass I would be all for it. And of course, there will always be people to complain about something that is in anyway different, but maybe those people shouldn’t be buying a brand of car that is known for doing things differently.