Development Complete On VW’s Dedicated MEB Electric Platform – First MEB EV Coming In 2020


Volkswagen I.D.

Volkswagen I.D.

According to Volkswagen, the development stage of its modular MEB architecture for electric vehicles is now complete.

MEB will underpin the automotive group’s future dedicated electric vehicles, starting with the I.D. concept hatchback that’s coming in 2020.

Volkswagen I.D.

Volkswagen I.D.

Beyond the electric hatch, there’s the I.D. Buzz electric van and an I.D. SUV in the works.

Volkswagen isn’t certain that it will stick with the I.D. naming convention come production time, but the automaker is set on releasing the three long-range electric vehicles mentioned above by around 2022 for all three.

VW adds that the electric SUV will be first shown at the Shanghai Auto Show in April. These vehicles will be followed by several more in the years to follow.

Automotive News Europe reports:

“VW development chief Frank Welsch said there is “a large interest” from other VW Group brands to build their own EVs from the platform. “More than half of all the models definitively planned on this architecture are not Volkswagens.”

VW Group’s Skoda unit plans five electrified models including EVs and plug-ins by 2025. The group’s Seat brand is considering whether to launch hybrid or electric vehicles first.”

Welsch adds that MEB will eventually underpin popular models including the Golf, Tiguan and Passat.

MEB however will not extend to larger luxury models from Audi and Porsche. Those two automakers are developing their own platform for future electric cars, but Audi may use MEB for a future compact EV.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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2020. Seriously? The platform is done and you need 3-4 years to come to market? The volt was three years wasn’t it? Even more disappointing than the diesel scandal.

I would advise you to read on automotive development and testing cycles before you make such comments.

It takes 48-60 months to develop a “normal” (ICE) car – this one is based on a new platform, so add a few months.

2020 is realistic and not far away in terms of auto development cycles.

The ICE cycle is irrelevant. An EV is dramatically simpler. And the world needs them urgently. And GM managed to take the Bolt from idea to showroom in little more than two years.

The real reason: regulations don’t force them to act any faster and this timetable seems the most profitable course of action. That’s not evil, but there’s no need to make excuses for it and pretend the technical challenges are why they won’t offer MEB cars until 2020.

“The ICE cycle is irrelevant. An EV is dramatically simpler.”

Ah, yes, that’s why Tesla is always ahead of their announced shipments / deadlines.

Oh wait, all their cars were late by 2-3 years so far…

Model-X was delayed because of falcon doors. Still they were not 2-3 years behind.

VW does not want to sell earlier as long as they can sell the dirty diesels happily

Roadster was late, Modelx was once supposed to ship in 2014, then 2015….it was not just the FW doors on the X.

Tesla also bootstrapped a whole company from scratch, built manufacturing ability, etc, etc.

VW could do this much faster if they wanted to.

I have a BMW i3, and its a shame , how bad the software is and overall software experience is. The latest release still has bugs. the car fails to park itself 50% of times, or when u need it . it will even scratch against the roadside. the list is long. BMW cannot do OTA. they take 2 days to update software , costing them money.

Apparently for BMW car is only hardware, guess they spent all the money there. I am happy with the hardware and engineering overall , except for the proprietary wheels of different sizes

the auto cruise control does not recognize doge cars rare as cars. cannot fix without ota.

If i say anything , all then BMW fanboys will be hurt deep and will start justifying anything and everything. same applied to VW fanboys

let VW think 3 years is normal. just do not compare to Tesla or new age companies

GM did indeed do do a good job . The buyers of GM volt r mostly not GM fanboys, they just wanted a EV , but every one is quite happy with the product.

Audi and Porsche will have a long range electric car next year. Building long range electric cars is not profitable yet, at least for a non-luxury brand like VW. Audi and Porsche have pricing power to make a high end profitable long range electric car (a competitor to Tesla Model S/X). So these will be in the market first. The smaller and cheaper ID models will be here in 2020 when they can be made profitably. Not every company can afford to loose $20k per car like Tesla.

Tesla’s gross margins are over 20%. VW/Audi/Porsche simply have no interest in serving customers cars, that would take theirs from 25-30% down to a similar level.

And they won’t have a production car next year. When they arrive, they will be “i3’d”, with suicide doors and other things we may as well expect.

I hope our German neighbors are keeping up with Elon’s and Trump’s tweets. I’m beginning to think the President is more enamored by Musk, than an auto industry run by talking stock shares.

Gross margin is meaningless. Other luxury cars have gross margins over 40%. Right now it is impossible to make money on a non luxury electric car. Bloomberg estimates GM looses $9k on each Chevy Bolt. Nissan Leaf is barely profitable with a 100 mile range. Tesla has lost several billion dollars on Model S so far. A long range electric car uses too much expensive raw material to be profitable in nonluxury segment. Am ICE car is basically a lump of steel and steel. It is very complex to design and build, but automakers build millions of engines and transmission using the same design year over year. That distributes the fixed cost of design and tooling. The material is cheap. Iron, aluminum. Most analysts believe Tesla Model S60 has very small gross margin. At that price BMW 5 series/Mercedes E class probably have 30% gross margin.

“Bloomberg estimates GM looses $9k on each Chevy Bolt.”. Not quite right. Bloomberg reported that an unconfirmed source was guessing at that, and without provideing the details on how that estimate was arrived at, and what assumptions were made, it has about as much validity as Trump’s “alternative fact” that his inauguration crowd was the largest ever.


That remark really made my day – thanks !

😀 😀

I think both Audi E-tron and Porsche mission E are confirmed for 2018. So it is not like VW group won’t have anything until 2020. They will also have a longer range eGolf before 2020. Something in the 150 mile range.

Surely VW will have to do better than that 200m min) if they want to keep up with Renault?

I agree – that seems a bit too conservative. The Bolt EV was completed ~23 months after we saw the concept, so the I.D. should be possible in 2018.

But the concept wasn’t done overnight either. Take that time into account as well.

GM started in spring of 2013 and was incredibly quick shipping a few Bolts by December 2016:

“So in spring 2013, GM’s senior leaders and the most important figures on its electrification team gathered in the virtual reality room of the company’s Design Center to assess the situation. “We started to go, ‘OK, what can we do?’” Barra says. Was there another route to 200 miles? The EV folks hesitated but started pulling together different elements—improvements in battery life, cost savings in motors—that, combined, might represent a way forward. “We can push our way toward 200,” Fletcher recalls thinking.”

The WIRED story linked gives some insight – usual car schedules are 1-2 years longer.

I might agree also but – – new tooling, electronics, battery supply, etc, etc? Maybe after the diesel/mileage fiascos VW are being or trying to appear more realistic/honest?

Starting in 2020 ?! I mean good for VW to finally go electric but by that time Tesla will likely have a whole line-up of EVs already on the road. Including a charging network for long-distance travel.
I guess the only way to gain market share at that point would be through a lower price than competitors. Which would not be a bad thing…

VW have a lower price than competitors? thats funny

2020 is a long way away. Too long for VW.


I wish them luck, but I will not be a VW customer again.

2020, I can’t see it happening myself !

MEB architecture is a VW greenwash project!
“May Eventually Build” architecture is coming soon, next decade!

How many more Diesel engines can they produce, before they start the EV transition, beyond their half hearted attempt at token EV compliance cars? VW = Vapor Ware!

The only improvement VW has done over years in their plugin fleet is 2017 battery upgrade for eGolf. Funny enough they have not even released pricing in EU, no deliveries of course as well. They though have released the pricing for their 2017 35 kW eGolf in Norway. It’s only slightly higher than Opel Ampera-e(Chevy Bolt) 60 kW….

And the joke is on us!! Opel sold out the 2017 model year long before the average Norwegian even knew it was coming. Plenty of people will convince themselves the e-Golf is perfectly acceptable and fork out.

And it must be said it seems in several ways a rather better car, despite lower power and much less range. The interior and the seats are certainly much better. Perhaps the handling is as well..?

Meanwhile the BMW i3, which was unfavorably compared with the Bolt by Motor Trend (the Bolt being “twice the car for half the money” according to a Car of the Year jury member with apparently little concern for factual accuracy), is the best selling car in the nation.

Verden vil bedras…

I wonder if platform will accommodate a dual motor AWD setup?

Yes – see this excellent video:

VW is a joke! I don’t know why continues to report on their vaporware propaganda.

VW also expands to VaporWare…. Never occurred all these years. But this news from VW kindled that thought.

I wonder after years of front drive cars why they have chosen like BMW a rear drive configuration?
Could it be better crash deformation without the solid lump of the electric motor.

Maybe by 2020 the tax of 35% will be gone.

Do any of the commenters realize how long it takes to develop and test a car (even if the platform is done)?

We are in early 2017, so 2020 is realistic.

For those who can’t wait:

Get a Bolt in 2017 or (soon) a Nissan Leaf 2 or a Ioniq 2. All of them will come with 200+ miles of range and a reasonable price.

PS: Wait and see how long it takes to actually build the Model3 in volume.

You do realize there is a tad, a bit, a portion, of animosity directed at VW? So many people could car less when and if VW produces a line of evs.

The average commentor here does not know or care that it generaly takes 5 years to take a car from an idea to production…
Almost every non Tesla electric car article here has cries of vaporware…
The real vaporware is average US brain…

OK. That is it. I am no longer reading any articles about what VW says. All they do is make announcements. I swear, it’s like a pathology with them.

When they have a viable EV ready for me to buy and test drive I’ll start listening.

I congratulate the people at Volkswagen on reaching this milestone. It is an accomplishment worthy of recognition. Trust once lost, takes a long time to be regained. This is a step moving forward in the right direction. Keep it up VW and I look forward to visiting your dealership for a test-drive in 2020.

Audi will already ship their SUV by 2018:

Since Audi is part of VW, it’s technically the first long-range EV in the VW Group.

PS: But we will have to wait until 2020 for mass-market pricing (VW badge EVs with long range).

VW drivers are going to love it, when they discover the handling this weight placement allows.

Reading a lot of different article it seems most main stream manufacturers plan for EV in 2020. my take on this is that they expect battery tech to have reached a price point and capacity point that will allow cost effective products.

I also think they know M3 will take that long to ramp up and deliver the back log of pre orders, so customers will have more awareness and there is more chance of sales.

Let’s face it, so far EV has made hardly a dent in ICE sales. We love EV, but majority of people don’t even know anything about them yet. I park my EV for a charge in the main Street and maybe 1:100 people looks and 1:500 ask about it.

VW is making a lot of noise, which is annoying, but they will either get there or go out of business, at least they are talking about it openly.

20-f******-20?!?! It’s not like VW is a poor startup! They should do better.


From the picture above, we can see that there are 2 motors in 2 axles which is very similar to Tesla. This is good as this will make all cars as All Wheel Drive besides being more energy efficient. And the batteries being in the base will make the cars functional.

We will wait until 2020 to see what is going to be the price.

One motor, i see

It is really funny how much these platforms look just like the Tesla sled.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.