Denmark Embraces Electric, Moves To Ban Diesel & Gas

OCT 3 2018 BY MARK KANE 14

Denmark doesn’t even want hybrids.

Denmark’s government surprises with a bold announcement to ban sales of petrol and diesel cars by 2030, which would be quicker than some other countries (UK and France hints at a 2040 deadline).

But that’s not the whole story. Denmark would like to get rid of hybrid cars and is planning to ban new sales of those by 2035. In other words, zero-emission vehicles will be the only way to go.

Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen told parliament on Tuesday:

“It is a big ambition that will be hard to achieve. But that’s exactly why we need to try,”

The problem that we see in Denmark is however that the government puts on a good face, but typically fails to pull through. In the past, Denmark reached high sales of electric cars at a level of a few percent market share, but the withdrew the incentives so now sales are somewhere around 0.5%, not even on par with other countries, which doesn’t seem to jive with this bold ICE ban goal.

Anyways, besides countries, some cities also plans to ban diesel or all ICE cars too – Paris, Madrid, Mexico City and Athens target 2025.

Source: Reuters

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This is a welcome move by Denmark. In all practicality, it might prove unnecessary as the sales of EVs will keep increasing with the rising oil prices.

No, it’s never unnecessary. Even if it is reached before 2030 (which I highly doubt) sending such strong messages to manufacturers will help them to realize that there is only one way forward and soon.

Well done Denmark.

It would be great if someone said 2025, instead of 2030. Although at least 2030, is better than the 2040 date many countries are setting.

Even with a ban on new cars being non-EV from 2030, it might still take many more years (2035-38?) before a significant majority of cars will be EVs in Denmark.

Well don’t forget that Denmark is the birthplace of that notorious “lets go slow” on addressing climate change Bjorn Lomborg, aka the “Danish Denier” now working with Koch Brothers money to further spread their propaganda.

I’ve got some good news for you – Norway already seem to be aiming for 2025!

I have driven Leaf here in Denmark for the past 4 years, can’t remember how often incentives have changed – at the moment 20% tax, next year 40%.

Well, one way to go if legacy ICE manufacturers want to cling to the past.
Hopefully they make it an airtight legislation.
If done soon, it will stimulate EV purchases, as most European car buyers care about resale value, and even if private sales of used cars are allowed, getting rid of an ICE car might become difficult, like in Norway.

A strong bet, but Denmark is a little and rich country, is easyer for them than other countries. Iniciatives like this, surelly pull the rest of goverments in the same direction.
And this will have a lot of consecuences. For example, petrol companies with thousands of employees must to start turning in other direction, much gas stations will close and those workers will loose their jobs, people with old cars a few years after the petrol cars ban, will have difficulties to refueling, what is going to happen with classic cars, or the people who can’t (or wan’t) change the car?, the electric production and grid must to be adapted and going to renewables at an acceptable cost, the auto repair centers will must upgrade and the workers too…. a lot of things.

“For example, petrol companies with thousands of employees must to start turning in other direction,” Boo-hoo, the poor petrol companies and their employees (less than one might think). Refineries (in smaller numbers) will still be necessary for chemical industry and plastics, so some can keep their jobs, others will retire and the younger ones will get other jobs (chemical industry, for example, similar field). “much gas stations will close and those workers will loose their jobs” That a few thousand people in most countries with low qualification sales jobs. They will find employment elsewhere in similar jobs and sell other stuff. Maybe open a liquor store or lottery-shop or something, deliver parcels or work at a supermarket. “people with old cars a few years after the petrol cars ban, will have difficulties to refueling” Here’s a thing, just live with it or buy a used EV that will have lower TCO anyway. Times change, and cross country trips with horse and buggy are no longer common since the carriage houses closed down at the dawn of the railroad/ / automobile age. “what is going to happen with classic cars” Classic car fans know that their hobby is expensive (special lubricants,… Read more »

I don’t think 2030 or 2040 makes much of a difference, other than politically. Who will want to buy a brand new ICE car 11 freaking years from now anyway?

Mazda’s going to be a bit stuck then, with their electrification only starting in 2030! Really if you haven’t gotten on the hybrid train by now it’s too late. Electrification is happening and who wants to be stuck with a gas powered anchor?

Denmark doesnt seem to want anything, except Beer 😉

Taxes on cars are heavy in denmark. At the moment a top-of-the-line Leaf goes for around $47000, and the cheapest around $44000. Tesla model S P100D base price is $169000 and taxes on EV’s are set to increase to full taxation by 2022 (same taxation as ICE cars). Electric cars is simply not an option for most Danes, even now when they are heavily discounted on taxes. Electrification is simply not going to happen until more cars at much lower prices become available.