Cumulative US Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales – Model By Model Breakdown With Market Share Data


“Yup, looks like plug-in vehicles are… stepping up to the challenge!”

Tweets InsideEVs contributor Mark Larsen who forwarded us these two representations of U.S. plug-in electric vehicle sales.

Above you’ll see cumulative model-by-model U.S. sales to date (through end of September using sales figures obtained via InsideEVs) and market share for individual plug-in electric models (again, using InsideEVs sales data).

To check out a recap of September 2014′s plug-in sales, and the year-to-date chart – go here.

For a look at some of InsideEVs’ previously published works with graphical contributions from Larsen, check out the links below.

Cumulative US Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales – Model By Model Breakdown With Market Share Data

US Electric Vehicle Market Share – Model By Model Breakdown

Nissan LEAF Versus Chevy Volt – Cumulative Sales Graph With Exponential Curve

Cumulative Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales With Model-By-Model Breakdown For US – Behold Mount “EV”erest

*For more of Mark Larsen’s electric vehicle related works, check out his website here.

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12 Comments on "Cumulative US Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales – Model By Model Breakdown With Market Share Data"

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Looks like the LEAF may eventually surpass the Volt.

Should be by January or February 2015.

I guess fuel price won’t be go up for a while ! lots of companies getting out of the fossil fuel business while they can

Which companies have gotten out of the fossil fuel business?

Really bad graph with no year marks.

Actually, it is a very nice graph. And nice piece work in general.

The years are implied (as article says, it goes through September). This would be 2014, thus graph starts in Dec 2010. Second grade stuff.

About 15 years ago Sammy Hagar released a song called ” Marching to Mars” the title seems appropriate.

Am I the only one who would just LOVE LOVE LOVE (to quote Lady Gaga) to see (now) what these charts will look like with the additional data from the next 2, 5, 10, etc. years?

I have no idea what kind of surprises we’ll see in the next decade or two, but I’d wager there will be a few eyebrow raisers, e.g. new management makes Fiat or Honda or Toyota do a 180 on EVs and challenge the currently established players.

The future of transportation is going to be a lot of things, but “dull” isn’t on the list.

Good reason to just lease for 2 years.

There is something I have been noticing about the leaf lately. My area electric cars are very rare but over the last two weeks I have seen several new electric cars mostly leafs showing up at places they never did. Such as in the last week two weeks I have seen more new leafs in some parking lots then in the last four years. A lot of the owners are also saying that they recently bought their leaf only several weeks ago. I think my area might have hit some type of critical mass to where now the leaf sales are feeding back into one another.

Now think of what could happen if my area started adding DC fast chargers.

There aren’t too many plug-ins where I’m at as well, but more Volts keep popping up. There were 3 in the parking deck I parked mine in. (no chargers in this deck either)

I’ve only seen one red volt in my area and this one volt was one I’ve seen for the last eight months that pops in and out.