Converting Cars To Electric Drive, Featuring EV West – Video

OCT 26 2015 BY JAY COLE 17

EV West's Michael Bream Talking About His Passion For Electric Cars

EV West’s Michael Bream Talking About His Passion For Electric Cars

Electric car conversion aficionados and long time readers of InsideEVs will certainly be aware of who EV West is – essentially they are one of the leading EV conversion shops in the United States.

But for those who don’t know them, /DRIVE has put out a really nice piece on owner Michael Bream and his crew at the shop – along with some features on one of their current projects, an all-electric Ferrari 308 conversion.

“It is all about the cars, we are not pushing our agenda on anyone; it is not about ‘this has to be electrified’, it is all about the cars.  We grew up as car guys, and we absolutely love cars – and why not look at new avenues of improving things that you love.  We tell people all the time, it is not about electrifying the car – it is about making the car better” – owner Michael Bream on why EV West does what it does.

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Great video post. I know EV West is not about production conversions, but we here at IEVs have always wondered about the number of EV conversions on the roads today. I wonder if MIke has any idea about that number or knows a group that does?

As for what EV West does, hats off to them for upping the bar of electric drive! Dog farts will never catch them!

This is about the closest thing I know of that is a gathering in one place of conversions-

They seem to appologize and justify their actions as non-political an awful lot– for just converting vehicles over to cleaner electric drivetrains.

I find this odd. Have people abused them in the past over this???

I didn’t glean that from the video…

Yeah I got that too. I think it is that there a lot of car guys who have prejudicial thinking when it comes to evs. You are treehugger or anti-business if you support evs, so ev west needs to clearly state their position. Its because they are better. Evs that is.
At the end of the CR broke our rating system video 2 out 3 reviewers were back pedaling their support for Tesla, even though it showed it was the best car they ever reviewed. There is a lot of inertia to overcome in getting people to appreciate the absolute, complete, benefits of electrification of transportation. People fear change. Somewhat like the “Stockholm Effect.” Where the oil, gas, and their partners in crime, the car companies, have held us hostage for so long we have come to identify with their point of view.
What’s good for General Bullmoose, is good for the U.S.A.:

-Like it’s a “bad” thing to drop your carbon footprint to Zero.
-Stop sending American Money to Saudi Terrorists.
-Stop all support of the most carbon polluting fuel on earth, the Canadian Tar Sands.
-To power your car from Wind and Solar.
-To be part of the Solution and not the Problem.

Anon said:

“Have people abused them in the past over this???”

I don’t know about EV West in specific, but certainly there is a tendency among gearheads in general to have a hostile view of EV advocates, seeing us as far left, politically correct interlopers out to emasculate the full-throated roar of their he-man hot rods.

Just look at how Top Gear went out of its way to paint a false picture of the Tesla Roadster, a few years ago. And EVs aren’t exactly welcomed with open arms at most drag races, either.

And, to be fair, we’re not easing the antagonism by characterizing gasmobiles as “obsolete”, nor by talking about the “addiction” to burning oil.

Now, that doesn’t mean I suggest we stop our advocacy, but we do need to realize just how our rhetoric comes across to gasmobile sports car enthusiasts and hot rodders.

Gosh…. Has it been 5 years already?

Miss the monthly video shows!

Oh yeah. It’s really starting to itch!

Business Mistake #1.
You spent considerable R&D. You’re not capitalizing on that Brain Work. They need to build a second shop then, to offer their canned solutions to the public for a profit.

You’ve done the R&D, now you need to capitalize on it.
You need to Build More Cars using the solutions you’ve built.

Sure, build new solutions, but, make a profit by implementing them into More Cars. That will drive down your Unit Cost.

Since the web site is offering the solutions, not sure his comment is true.

I didn’t understand the title “How to convert a car to an ev”.

During the video there was an ad for Aerovironment Turbodocs (12 or 16 amp 220 volt EVSE) for business, condos and apartment buildings, which solves the billing/authorization problem through a blue-tooth smart phone application.

I found much more practical information in that AD, including a link to the INSIDE EVs ad article.

Some people may consider doing anything non stock to a classic like a Ferrari a sin.

It’s possible a prior wank destroyed the engine or transmission- if nothing else, by not doing maintenance. If Porsches aren’t appliances, you better believe Ferraris aren’t.

It was a salvage title car that had caught on fire. There’s a long thread at

it is very likely that the statement was delivered by a non-owner..

to bastardize a quote about owning a sailing yacht, it is Much cheaper to stand on a pedestrian walkway and throw thousand-dollar bills into the traffic.