Check Out These Clever, Personalized Tesla License Plates

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*The above image comes to us courtesy of our good friend and contributor Michael Beinenson.

Even though Elon Musk and his team recently celebrated the factory’s 5,000 per week Model 3 production rate milestone, Tesla is still sitting on roughly 420,000 outstanding Model 3 reservations. Sure, 28,386 Model 3 vehicles have already been delivered to customers (and 11,166 more are in transit), but that still leaves a whole lot of reservation holders anxiously awaiting their new Tesla.

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Above: Race car driver Leilani Münter shows off her personalized Tesla license plate (Twitter: @LeilaniMunter)

What’s a reservation holder to do while waiting for that special Model 3 delivery day? One idea: order a personalized license plate. USA Today teases, “Tesla CEO Elon Musk has no tolerance for anything ‘boring.’ And many Tesla owners embrace the same notion when it comes to the personalized license plates for their electric cars and SUVs.” Why? Tesla owners tend to have “clever license plates” that often “praise electricity [and] denounce gas.”

Above: A few of our favorite personalized Tesla license plates (From top to bottom: CleanTechnica / Kyle FieldTeslaratiTeslarati / Tesla Pittsburgh; Others: EVANNEX)

USA Today’s Ben Tobin explains, “Playing off Tesla’s notoriety in the electric vehicle market, these license plates poke fun at gasoline-powered cars and trumpet their own eco-friendliness. Some of the ‘tags’ make light of oil dependence with clever word play.” To that end, Tobin did a Twitter round-up of fun license plates seen out-and-about on Teslas. Here are Tobin’s top picks for must-see Tesla license plates…

Source – USA Today, from top to bottom (via Twitter):



Source: USA Today

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When I get my Model 3 and relo to Kentucky, I’m thinking about getting a plate that says:


That was a marketing technique in N. Dakota as I recall. supporting coal jobs or some other blather.

I got 3 thumbs down for that? Seriously, you people have no sense of humor!

You are either getting down-voted because you are (even jokingly) perpetuating a silly internet meme traditionally used to attack EV’s by people who are against them, or because folks don’t want you moving back in with your sister/cousin back in Kentucky.

/sarc (of course)

Now it’s 6. Hey, but at least coal is domestically produced, right? Can’t say the same thing about oil. That’s usually my response when some oiler comes up with what they consider the smoking coal gun..

7 characters max, man.

Best laugh I had on this site yet 🙂

My favorite Model X license plate I saw was XPENSEV

I’m am still tempted to resurrect an old bumper sticker from the 70s oil crisis, sadly it is a direct violation of multiple DMV rules for personalized plates:


FUBP exists in Minnesota. It’s a valid stock ticker. One enterprising individual came up with 1E4GAUS which is the equation for the Tesla SI unit. Lots of great vanity plates on Tesla vehicles and other EVs in MN. This article should be expanded to non-Tesla EVs. Seriously. Some genius is out there that will be missed through non-inclusion. Maybe more Tesla owners get vanity plates, though.

Image credit at the top would be nice 🙂

Sorry. The image was just hanging out in our library from back in the day and I had no idea it was yours. It had the InsideEVs watermark on it, so I figured it was good to go. Also, we have no way to put a caption on the homepage or lead images.

I added a note at the top of the post with a link to your articles. Thank you, Michael. It wasn’t intentional. Take care!


Well, that says it all, doesn’t it? 🙂

If I had a Model S P100D, I would get one that said: THE *

One of my favorites from decades ago in CA was when a white Rabbit (VW) came tearing past me sporting the plate:


Alice in Wonderland afionados will understand.

I got passed by a witch just south of Toledo on I75 a while back

Plate ………”BROOM”

My Tesla Model 3: ZIP ZAP
My Ford Focus Electric: ZAP ZIP

I have to say most of these are not really clever, just pretentious…

“THX ELON” and “PLUGR IN” are cute, though 🙂

Mine TM3’s Virginia tag i LECTRIC.

My TM3’s Virginia tag is LECTRIC.

I saw an S once that read NOT1DROP

my plate ls i pass gas

So that’s who has “LOL GAS” in BC! I applied for that and “GAS LOL” but both were taken. In round two of applications I managed to snag “L8R GAS” for my Bolt EV. I get a lot of positive feedback on that one. There are probably some haters out there but I haven’t heard from them yet hahah.

I saw where Tesla is working on a pickup truck. If I ever get my hands on one I will call it Dodge Zapper….

Don’t they know that all parts of the car right down to the battery comes from a petroleum product.