Chill Mode Tested In Tesla Model X P90DL – Video

Tesla Model X Chill Mode


Check out Tesla’s new Chill Mode in action on Optimus Prime (Bjørn Nyland’s Tesla Model X P90DL).

Wow, Bjørn is really on a roll in this one. If you could care less about Chill Mode, watch it all the way through just for the laughs. This is one of Nyland’s best performances yet. He actually compares the new feature to a turbodiesel! Not to mention that he says it’s your own fault if you let your kids watch his videos, due to word choice.

Tesla Model X Chill Mode

Tesla’s Chill Mode seems to help alleviate tire spin, especially when going uphill.

Anyhow, Nyland doesn’t really understand why anyone would use Chill Mode or turn off Ludicrous Mode if you have it. It’s like having a powerful V8 and bragging to people that you only use four cylinders.

Although, he does think the feature makes sense with Autopilot engaged, and if range is an issue for you, it will assure you some extra miles. There’s also the perk of less wear and tear on your car, but we already know that that’s not a concern for Bjørn.

A YouTube commenter questions about whether this feature may be good for those driving in ice or snow, since it may lead to less chance of over-accelerating and spinning or slipping.

While Tesla hasn’t specifically mentioned that purpose, and the vehicle’s all-wheel drive and traction control should hypothetically take care of that issue regardless of this new mode, Nyland admits that it definitely limits spinning the tires.

Video Description via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

A demo of the new Chill Mode which changes the throttle response and limits the maximum power output. I have mixed feelings about this feature. It makes sense when using ACC/Autopilot. But it’s cumbersome to switch it on and off. An option to have Chill Mode on when ACC is on would be nice.

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Chill Mode is a feature you turn on when the teenager has to drive the car.

I guess they couldn’t call the this duumbed down weaker mode “Prius Mode”……LMAO

SUPER CHILL MODE coming but even that won’t be as slow as a Prius.

Chill Mode as it was -2

I think they need something half-way in between the two extremes,call it a “Baked” mode.

Model 3 interior (space) compared to Model S.

>> If you could care less about Chill Mode <<

If you couldn't care less?

When you don’t care enough to determine if you could care more or less.

You’re not from these here parts, I reckon.

(But yes, it still grates to me, even after 10 years on the west side of the big, blue wobbly thing).

Why not “Dial a Chill”?

Where the owner can set the acceleration by themselves.

For one driver 0-60 in 5 seconds, for the other driver, make it 8.

Hey Elon, are you listening?

Even better, a slider that goes from Chill to Thrill…

Hey Elon, are you listening?

Agree on the need for a super chill mode. Or even better a slider option.
What’s wrong with “turbodiesel” performance for a family car? 😀
I mean if I consider the MoX a family car, then for me 8 sec 0-60 is just fine. It really does not need to accelerate like a Ferrari (or actually, we need to now say like a Tesla, haha). Better for the kids not to choke on their juice in the backseat, too.

Now for me the real question is: how much range would that add?
a) chill mode (4 sec 0-60 by the looks of the video)
b) super chill mode (e.g. 8 sec 0-60).

What were actually the restriction in Valet mode again? Would that be enough for “normal” (read: family) driving conditions on highways etc?
and c) what does valet mode mean for range?