ChargePoint Stations Deliver Juice To EVs Over 1 Million Times Per Month

FEB 25 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

ChargePoint stats – mid-January 2018

ChargePoint Network reached the milestone of more than one million charging sessions every month with more 33 million sessions total since inception.


The users plug-in into the ChargePoint on average every two seconds, while the total energy dispensed nearly hit 250 GWh at the end of 2017.

Average energy usage from the network already exceeded 8 GWh per month and is expected to reach 12 GWh this year.

“Currently, ChargePoint solutions dispense 8 gigawatt hours (GWh) of energy per month, but that figure will likely reach 12 GWh/month over the next year. Our projections suggest that this trend will accelerate as the EV market expands throughout the country.”

The network consists of nearly 46,000 charging places (including nearly 600 DC fast chargers).

More than 1,000 new charging places are added onto the ChargePoint Network every month. ChargePoint forecasts that by 2020, more than 3 million public charging spots will be installed globally.

“In 2017, the U.S. EV market reached historic milestones: with more than 41 models available on the market, annual sales reached nearly 200,000 units for the first time ever. By 2020, more than one million electric vehicles will have been sold in the U.S. With at least 30 new EV models in nearly every category coming out over the next several years, consumers will have more choice than ever before, encouraging even broader EV adoption. Analyst reports indicate that one in four new cars sold worldwide will be electric by 2030 and more than half by 2040. ChargePoint’s growth in 2017 kept pace with strong EV sales, adding more than 1,000 new places to charge per month year’s end.”

“ChargePoint also set records in 2017, delivering an average of more than one million public charging sessions per month, up from under 700,000 each month the year before. By the end of 2017, the company added an average of more than 1,000 new places to charge each month, an increase of several hundred over the prior year. ChargePoint entered 2018 with approximately 45,000 places to charge on the network, a year-over-year increase of more than 10,000. Today, someone plugs into the ChargePoint network approximately every two seconds, underscoring the massive growth of electric mobility.”

Simon Lonsdale, Chief Strategy Officer, ChargePoint, Inc. said:

“As one of the most pivotal years for mobility in nearly a century, 2017 marks the beginning of the all-electric era. Electrification has emerged as the technology of choice for mobility solutions of the future, and we’re seeing a perfect storm of record customer demand, new EV models hitting showrooms, expanded charging network investment and more policies that incentivize electrification. 2018 will be another landmark year for electric mobility and we remain committed to charging the EVs today and tomorrow.”

Visit the Charging Forward Report page for more information or to download the full report.

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That is less than a single charging session per station and day and approx. 8 kWh per charging session.

That’s not an issue if you look at the market that ChargePoint has focused on with a large number of L2 chargers. I will often pull up to a store, and plug my car in while I shop. Many of my charges are quite small, but I’m also never sitting around waiting for my car to charge and I never drive out of my way to find a charge.

Yep. Agreed. When we are in Palm Springs we essentially never have to charge at home because there are so many free level 2’s in shopping areas or parks or wherever. Many are chargepoint. I wish that Chargepoint would get into level three charging only because they do such a good job at level 2. I don’t think I have ever had a bad experience with chargepoint. Pass the card and charge.

My ChargePoint card is linked to my EVGo account, and I use that whenever I’m on the highway for level 3. Not sure if there is anything special I had to do. When I set up my EVGo, it asked me if I want to use my ChargePoint card or if I needed a new card.

That’s pretty cool Dan. I wonder if I can do that after the fact with my chargepoint card.

Hmm, I tried to lookup how I did it. It looks like it is my ChargeNow (BMW’s program) that links both Chargepoint and EVGo. All my charges on EVGo show up on my Chargepoint account and my EVGO is empty. I wonder if the link between the two break as soon as my 2 years of free Chargenow end.

The main question I have: is ChargePoint profitable in the US, overall or both? After a quick Google search that isn’t clear. Hopefully they are or will be soon.

I would love to see a breakout of the number of sessions for PHEV’s vs BEV’s. I would almost bet that over 3/4 of ChargePoint sessions are used by PHEV’s. When I went from a 24 KWh Leaf to a 30 KWh Leaf – the frequency of my L2 dropped significantly. However – I know a whole lot of Volt or Prime owners that will plugin every time they stop at a place with chargers.

That – unfortunately – in many cases means that those L2 locations cannot be relied upon by BEV’s unless they really have a significant quantity of Chargers. Sure – every electric mile counts – but sure would be nice if those Volts and Primes could at least charge at the 6 KW rate most of those chargers can provide, rather than taking a measly slow 2.4 to 3.6 KW charge.

As a PHEV owner, I do wholeheartedly agree on the last bit there. I think there should be a mix of L2 and DCFC stations to be useful. Let PHEV’s use the L2’s and BEV’s use DCFC. Or worst case add even more L2’s to cover the need. I know my regularly visited public EVSE (Chargepoint) does this. 2x DCFC spots and 2x L2. Ironically as you mentioned the most use I see personally other than my own is other PHEV’s on the L2’s. I rarely see anyone in the DCFC spots. Another issue I find is the horribly planned parking spots around the charging stations. A number I have seen have no provisions for good EV etiquette, ie: 2x parking spots per charger receptacle. So if I can’t reliably move my car, at least someone could come along and unplug mine and plug theirs in at the other parking spot. Rather most you can only do one spot per. Rant mode warning below, not directly aimed at you: Personally I get really frustrated with the ‘EV Purists’ who claim PHEV’s have no right to use public charging stations and think it is a load of BS. Though I can… Read more »

Maybe it is the climate I’m in and these ChargePoint things just are not substantial enough, but for such a simple device (basically an overgrown light switch) to have so many problems with its card reader, or its docking latches (both of which are semi ridiculous at the free wallboxes anyway) or its customer service is pretty appalling in view of the RENT ChargePoint charges businesses for its network rental.

And the new wallboxes (the one that play a cartoon) are of even more horrid reliability , and unbelievably have LESS info than the old-school models.

At 8 gwh Chargepoint should have eliminated 218,580 gallons of gasoline a month or 2,622,960 gallons a year in 2018.
For 2019 if Chargepoint uses 12 gwh it will eliminate the use of 327,868 a month or 3,934,416 for the year.