CHAdeMO Announces Milestone Of 1,500 Fast Chargers In Europe

FEB 10 2015 BY MARK KANE 3

CHAdeMO plug and inlet

CHAdeMO plug and inlet

The number of CHAdeMO chargers in Europe has finally exceeded the mark of 1,500 thanks to surges in the UK, France and Sweden.

In total, 1,532 units are installed (significant portion are multi-standard with DC Combo or AC plugs).

By the end of the year, another 500 or so multi-standard fast chargers are scheduled for installations through TEN-T projects.  These will shoot CHAdeMO to at least 2,000. Maybe more if other projects surface.

The number of CHAdeMO DC Quick chargers installed up to today is 5259.
— (Japan 2819 Europe 1532 USA 854 Others 54) last update 2015.02.05″

According to CHAdeMO, growth is highest in the US.

Growth of CHAdeMO installations

Growth of CHAdeMO installations

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The initial lag in US can be traced to the EV Project only installing 99 of a planned 300-400 DCFC station locations targeted for Dec 2013.

(see slide#14 of this 2012 briefing)

There are already 250 DCFC locations planed for US in 2015/16. This should bring total DCFC above 1000 by this fall.

While US has high percentage growth, a small numer DCFC are being added each year. The ratio of BEVs to DCFC continues to lag other markets, leading to congestion at charging stations.

For 2014:
Country: Added, Total DCFC
Japan: 852, 2819 … added 3.3x more DCFC vs. US
Europe: 512, 1532 … added 2x more DCFC vs. US
USA: 256, 810

USA has ~2x number of PEVs as each Japan and Europe

I think it is interesting that Chademo type fast DC will be installed in the U.S. given the SAE combo plug as the supposedly preferred choice for both the U.S. And Europe (SAE and IEC).