Toyota Patents Electric Skateboard

Onboard motors let riders lean to control where the skateboard goes. Toyota now has a patent for a high-tech hoverboard, not one that would levitate off the ground but instead the popular electric-powered people movers. The Japanese automaker’s idea is a bit more like skateboard, though. Riders would stand sideways…

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Toyota Mirai Will Launch In Canada This Year

Toyota presents its hydrogen fuel cell flagship at the 2018 Montréal International Auto Show, announcing at the same time Mirai sales will begin in Canada. The Mirai will soon be available for purchase, starting in Québec. The Japanese manufacturer sees Canada as well suite for Mirai due mostly to the…

1 week ago by Mark Kane 77

Toyota Alone In Bed With Hydrogen As EVs Take Control

Toyota is more and more alone in the hydrogen fuel cell camp, as other manufacturers turn towards battery electric vehicles. The Japanese automaker spent tons of cash and time (since the early 1990s) on the research and development of FCVs.  Today, it must continue to decide whether to invest even…

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January 2018 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

Positive news for the EV segment as usual. January proves sales just keep getting better and better. January marks 28th month of consecutive year-over-year sales gains* for plug-in vehicles. This was yet another impressive run, albeit close. Though many models were down in sales, the month turned out to pull ahead of last…

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Toyota Mirai Sales Eclipse 3,000 In California

Toyota announced that 3,000 Mirai hydrogen fuel cell cars have been sold in California since the vehicle’s introduction in late 2015. The Japanese flagship currently accounts for more than 80% of all hydrogen fuel cell cars in the U.S., which means that there are no more than 3,750 of them in…

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Toyota e-Palette Concept Bows At CES

Amazon, DiDi, Mazda, Pizza Hut, and Uber have already signed on as partners in the project. The future of automobiles might not be very pretty – at least aesthetically – if Toyota gets its way. At this year’s CES, the automotive giant has unveiled the boxy e-Palette Concept as the…

1 month ago by Chris Bruce 9