BYD Begins Deliveries of 18 Meter Articulated Electric Buses

BYD delivered its first 18-meter articulated electric buses in Europe for Nobina in Oslo, Norway. The first two vehicles are running on route 31 and 31E, Norway’s heaviest duty routes – carrying approximately 15 million customers a year and approximately 50,000 daily travelers. The BYD buses are equipped with large…

2 weeks ago by Mark Kane 21

BYD 6 MWh Energy Storage System In Massachusetts

BYD, like seeming all of the rest of its business, is rapidly expanding sales of it battery storage systems in North America, by providing batteries for the largest ESS project in Massachusetts. The Chinese manufacturer will supply a 3 MW/6 MWh system at Mt. Tom Solar, ordered by Green Charge, an…

3 months ago by Mark Kane 9

BYD To Open Electric Truck Assembly Plant In Canada

BYD says thanks to significant growth from both municipalities and businesses for its electric trucks in Canada, it will open an assembly plant in the province of Ontario. The facility will launch with roughly 40 employees in 2018. Initially parts would be supplied from China, but in the future, more…

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BYD & ENEL Pursuing 90 EV Bus Project In Chile

90 electric buses would be one of the largest tenders ever in South America.   Taking into consideration the region and the scale, it might be a contract that only BYD can fulfill right now. BYD says that “this agreement seeks to make available at least 90 buses to the current operators….

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