Cadillac ELR Gets Priced at $75,995


Cadillac ELR

Cadillac ELR


Cadillac ELR Price

Cadillac ELR Price – Note: Destination Charge of $995 Not Included in This Price Announcement

Today, General Motors announced pricing for the 2014 Cadillac ELR.

Awhile back we reported that the ELR was a limited-production vehicle and that it would be priced accordingly?

Accordingly here means that the 2014 ELR gets a base MSRP of $75,995 (before the $7,500 federal tax credit).

That’s quite the mark up for what amounts to a decked-out, performance-tuned, upgraded Chevrolet Volt, but with less electric range.

The ELR is rated at 207 horsepower (154 kW) and 295 lb-ft of torque, while weighing in at 4,070 lbs.   The ELR makes use of the same 1.4-liter gasoline engine as the Volt as a range-extender, as well as the same 16.5 kWh lithium battery.  Total electric-only range for the ELR is estimated at 35 miles.

Sales of the 2014 Cadillac ELR begin in January.

Cadillac ELR

Cadillac ELR

Per General Motors:

“Initial sales of the 2014 Cadillac ELR electrified luxury coupe will begin in January in all major U.S. metropolitan areas featuring provocative design and extended range electric vehicle technology.”

“Designed for a new generation of technology-driven luxury buyers, the 2014 ELR has a starting price of $75,995, including a $995 destination charge but excluding tax, title, license and dealer fees. Upon IRS certification of an anticipated federal tax credit, purchasers may be eligible for a tax credit from $0 to $7,500 depending on individual tax liability.  Net pricing after tax credits could be as low as $68,495, including $995 destination.”

Bob Ferguson, senior vice president global Cadillac, states:

“The ELR is a unique blend of dramatic design with electric vehicle technology capable of total range in excess of 300 miles.  ELR is also unique in that it will be offered nationwide within a luxury customer experience, with proven benefits and care extending from the shopping process all the way through the ownership experience.”

GM’s Cadillac ELR pricing press release contains this additional info:

Cadillac Elr

Cadillac Elr

As with all Cadillac models, the ELR comes standard with Cadillac Shield, a comprehensive suite of owner benefits including Remote Vehicle Diagnostics, a Premium Care Maintenance program and 24/7 roadside assistance. For added peace of mind, the ELR also comes with an extended battery and propulsion warranty of eight years or100,000 miles, whichever comes first, and a four-year or 50,000-mile, whichever comes first, bumper-to-bumper limited warranty.

The ELR comes equipped with standard advanced technology features such as Cadillac CUE with Navigation accessible through a large, eight-inch, full-color capacitive-touch screen, light-emitting diode, or  LED, front and rear exterior lighting, Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Alert, the Safety Alert Seat and the exclusive Regen on Demand™ feature, allowing the driver to temporarily regenerate energy from the vehicle’s momentum via steering-wheel paddles.

The ELR interior features handcrafted leather complemented by authentic wood grain and chrome trim.

Powering the ELR is a combination of pure electric drive and an efficient, range-extending 1.4L gasoline-powered electric generator. A T-shaped, 16.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack is located along the centerline of the vehicle, between the front and rear wheels to make the most of weight distribution. The pack supplies energy to an advanced electric drive unit to propel the vehicle.

ELR is capable of a total driving range in excess of 300 miles. Using only the energy stored in the battery, ELR’s initial range is about 35 highway miles, or 82 MPGe, of electric driving, depending on terrain, driving techniques and ambient temperature. Official EPA estimates are not yet available.  

The ELR also offers unique driving features, including four driving modes – default Tour mode, the more-responsive Sport mode, a Mountain mode that maintains charge in hilly terrain and Hold mode, which allows drivers to select when to use battery power or the gas-powered generator.


Full ELR Specs Posted Below video of the Cadillac ELR at a preview event held last month (video by Jeff U’Ren):


Model:2014 Cadillac ELR
Body style / driveline:front-wheel-drive, two-door coupe extended-range electric vehicle
Construction:single body-frame-integral (unibody) with front and rear crumple zones; galvanized steel front fenders; roof, door panels; aluminum hood; one-piece bodyside outer panel; thermal plastic olefin (TPO) bumper fascias
EPA vehicle class:compact car
Manufacturing location:Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly, Hamtramck, Mich.
Battery manufacturing location:Brownstown Township , Mich.


Battery system

Type:rechargeable energy storage system comprising multiple linked modules
Size/case:5.5-foot-long T-shaped; glass-filled polyester structural composite with aluminum thermal radiation shield and steel tray
Mass (lb / kg):435 / 198
Battery chemistry:lithium-ion
Thermal system:liquid active thermal control
Cells:288 prismatic
Combined electric/extended driving range (miles / km):More than300 / 480
Warranty:eight years / 100,000 miles


Onboard gas-powered electric generator

Type:1.4L DOHC I-4
Displacement (cu in / cc):85.3 / 1398
Bore & stroke (in / mm):2.89 x 3.25 / 73.4 x 82.6
Block material:cast iron
Cylinder head material:cast aluminum
Valvetrain:overhead camshafts; four valves per cylinder, continuously variable intake and exhaust cam phaser
Ignition system:Individual coil-on-plug – cassette type
Fuel delivery:sequential multi-port fuel injectors with electronic throttle control
Compression ratio:10.5:1
Output (kW / hp @ rpm):63 / 84 @ 4800
Max engine speed (rpm):4800
Emissions controls:close-coupled catalytic converters; 58x ignition system; returnless fuel rail; fast light-off O2 sensor
Fuel type:premium required
EPA-estimated fuel economy:TBD


Electric drive

Type:electric, two-wheel, front-drive
Motors (two);drive motor, 117-135 kW; generator motor, 55 kW
Transaxle:Voltec electric drive system
Power (kW / hp):154 / 207 (total system power)
Torque: (lb-ft / Nm):295 / 400


Charging times

120 V (travel charger):about 12hours (actual charge times may vary)
240 V (charging station):about 4.5 hours (actual charge times may vary)



0-60 mph:TBA
Top speed (mph):100
EV range (combined city/hwy):about 35 miles (56 km)
EV / Extended range:More than 300 miles / 480 km, including EV on fully charged battery and full tank of fuel (est.)


Chassis /Suspension

Front:HiPer Strut with continuously variable real-time damping and driver-selectable modes, specially tuned coil springs with side load compensation, direct-acting hollow stabilizer bar, hydraulic ride bushings
Rear:specially adapted compound crank (torsion beam) with Watts link; double-walled, U-shaped profile at the rear; specifically tuned coil springs, hydraulic bushings; shocks with continuously variable real-time damping and driver-selectable modes
Chassis control:four-channel ABS; all-speed traction control; StabiliTrak; drag control
Steering type:rack-mounted electric power steering with ZF steering gear
Steering wheel turns, lock-to-lock:2.5
Turning circle, curb-to-curb (ft / m):38.4 / 11.7
Steering ratio:15.36



Type:power four-wheel vented disc with ABS; electro-hydraulic; fully regenerative to maximize energy capture; dynamic rear brake proportioning
Brake rotor diameter front (in / mm):12.6 / 321; vented, single 60mm front / rear piston w/ steel body caliper
Brake rotor diameter rear (in / mm):12 / 292; solid; steel body caliper with single 38mm piston
Total swept area (cu cm):front: 523rear: 325


Wheels / Tires

Wheel size and type:20 x 8.5-inch cast aluminum
Tires:245/40R20 all-season


Dimensions – Exterior

Wheelbase (in / mm):106.1 / 2695
Overall length (in / mm):186 / 4724
Overall width (in / mm):72.7 / 1847
Track width front (in / mm):62.1 / 1578
Track width rear (in / mm):62.4 / 1585
Height (in / mm):55.9 / 1420


Dimensions – Interior

Seating capacity (front / rear):2 / 2
Headroom (in / mm):front: 36.9 / 938rear: 34.7 / 882
Shoulder room (in / mm):front: 55.2 / 1403rear: 49.9 / 1268
Hip room (in / mm):front: 52.9 / 1344rear: 48.6 / 1234
Legroom (in / mm):front: 42.2 / 1071rear: 33.6 / 853
Cargo volume (cu ft / L):9 / 255 (est.)



Curb weight (lb / kg);4070 / 1846
Generator cooling (qt / L):7.7 / 7.3
Battery pack cooling (qt / L):6.2 / 5.8
Power electronics cooling (qt / L):3 / 2.8
Fuel tank (gal / L):9.3 / 35.2
Engine oil w/ filter (qt / L):3.7 / 3.5
Drive unit fluid (qt / L):8.93 / 8.45

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Oh dear…

Wow.. i was off .. just a bit, LOL

LOL is all that could be said! Cadillac would be pretty dependant on the fact that the ELR is exceptionally Cadillac and nothing else it can hold above the heads of its competitors.

On one hand, I think, yikes, that’s way too pricey.

On the other hand, I don’t like that it’s simply called a “decked out Chevrolet Volt”

Who calls a BMW 6-series a decked out 3-series? In non-alternative vehicle segments, people recognize that just because two vehicles share a drivetrain concept, it doesn’t make them the same vehicle. In the EV market, we have people comparing Teslas to MiEV’s, and Prius’s to Volts like it’s apples to apples. It’s not!

Bingo. It’s disgusting seeing people who absolutely love the Volt call the ELR a ripoff.

A BMW 6-series is not a decked out 3-series. They are completely unique series using different platforms engines and transmissions whereas the ELR uses the Volt platform and engine/battery set up, albeit with a few tweaks, but with a unique body shell on the Volt platform.

So what are you trying to say – a car similar to only one other automobile that exists has less elasticity in price than a car that is similar/same to most any car that exists? Sure – a 6 series BMW is bigger than a 3 series, so what justifies its elevated price differential? Size? Options made standard? Image?

Compared to the ELR, a BMW 6 series is old school.

As Dale points out, a 6 series is a completely different car from the 3 series in every way. You also curious why a Corvette costs more than a Camero?

But anyhow, there’s nothing complex or mysterious about the ELR pricing. We all know how GM operates. Obviously the pricing is based on one and only one thing: Cadillac wants to convince you that this is equal to the Model S. Good luck with that, guys!

Yes, for the price of a Model S 60, you can own a Model S 60 with less space, less horsepower, and more fossil fuel!

A lot less space,
a lot less horsepower
a lot more fossil fuel.

It isn’t even close. Its embarrassing. And the worst part, I’m sure they’ll sell a few.

Don’t forget: less Fire.

Don’t you mean a lot more Fire?

Not to mention free super charging for the life of the car which means free fuel on the road for the Tesla.

GM you really stumbled on this one as far as pricing gos you should have gone for $50,000. But now you are in Tesla’s fish tank now.

17 gas powered cars burn in this country every HOUR. Four (4) people are KILLED every WEEK in fuel carrying car fires.

In the last year, there has been EXACTLY one (1) electric car fire during driving (the recent Model S fire in Washington state), and nobody was even hurt and the fire contained outside the passenger shell.

Don’t let facts get in the way of incendiary comments.

LOL, incendiary comments..

What a shame. GM/Cadillac are really missing the boat on this one.

At surface level, an Escalade is just a dressed-up Chevy Tahoe for a $25K premium, yet they sell well in their market niche. Caddi platforms and drive trains have almost always had Chevy roots. Cadillac buyers don’t see it that way, though. The power and handling performance tweaks, the upscale interior and exterior appointments, etc. make it a different “driving experience” and give it a “luxurious feel”. I’ll reserve judgment on the market viability of the ELR at this price point until I see some independent test-drive reviews by auto industry pros and prospective buyers. Maybe GM will turn some ELR’s loose for test drives at the LA Auto Show.

If you look at the Tesla “Superstation” US network map, even in 2015 there will be huge holes where a Tesla S dares-not-go without an alternative (slow) plan for re-charging. This is where the ELR will shine – there NO holes on an ELR “superstation” map.

+1 Lots of Cadillac shoppers have never experienced the luxury feel of the Volt’s driveline. The Caddy buyers are most likely older, wealthier status shoppers, who may not “conquest” off the range. Just driving through a Caddy lot and seeing some of the prices makes the albeit high price seem more reasonable.

The Cadi isn’t cross-shopped with any other GM Brand. Most of the people who look at this car won’t be looking for a plug in hybrid. However, they will BUY for the EXPERIENCE it gives. This will be one of GM’s most loved cars for the lucky few that get one, I promise you that!

I think (hope) Cadillac learned their lesson in the 80’s with the Cimarron.

+4. See my post above.

+5. I think you guys get it. The ELR will appeal to the kind of buyer whose definition of luxury is not clouded by thoughts of getting Brodered someday.

Yep. If you want economic transportation, get a Leaf or a Volt or C-Max Energi.

An Escalade Platinum Premium MSRP is $84k. People on this board will say that is a rip off, because it is the same seating capacity and mpg as a Chevy Tahoe.

Cadillac is a different buyer. They wouldn’t be caught dead in something that looked like a Leaf or a C-Max, and maybe not a Volt. We don’t understand them, they don’t understand us. However, only some us (like you) comprehend that.

Well “said”, leaf SL. I agree completely.

I just hope GM can make the ICE less obtrusive. It’s quite loud in the Volt and rather embarrassing when it decides to stay rev’ed up at slow speeds.

I agree, one of the volts lesser desired qualities.

Fine, that is okay for us. But for those price range, wouldn’t Mercedez CLS550 coupe, Jaguar F-type, Mercedez C63 AMG, Cadillac’s own CTS-V or Porsche Cayman make far “bigger statement” of “I got so much money and I don’t care”?

Also, if you insist on being “green”, wouldn’t the Tesla Model S with 60KWh makes equal statement?

I sure hope that GM got “rap stars” lined up to buy this thing and putting it in their “rap” music video…..

Looks like I was spot on….

“Who cares if the ELR can’t match a Model S in speed. When it comes to luxury, the ELR is superior in many details. The ELR’s paddle-controlled variable regen is a big deal – it’ll greatly increase the fun factor when driving on rolling, curvy roads, besides giving the right foot a break from dancing back and forth between go and stop pedals.

The Model S is a great car overall, but the ELR looks to be a cutting edge vehicle in its own right. Mid $70′s is my guess and worth every penny.”

I stand by my comments.

Ummm … had to check the calendar again to make sure this wasn’t April 1st.

Nobody believed us when we stated it would be crazy expensive…Now they have to believe us.

Some guesses on that last post i linked to above are in the upper $40k range.

Limited production implies crazy high price. Total ELR production will likely be in the 1,000 to 2,000 range.

So, if you want this exclusive plug-in, you better be willing to pay for it.

I had predicted around $62K. Now its pretty much in the territory of “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it”.

I hope there a lot of Jay Leno’s out there

W/the limited production, they will probably still sell every one.

2 volts or a model s, your choice

Good one GM! Way to go! How big a committee did it take to come up with that.

I’m not really up on the economics of manufacturing cars, so can someone explain to me why GM would bother to make the ELR? If they are only making 1-2k of these, I would think that with the design changes from the Volt they would ultimately break even on this endeavor at best. The ELR would seem to make much more sense if it wasn’t limited edition and was much cheaper.

Makes no sense. Waste of precious time and money. GM doesn’t know how and doesn’t want to really make a BEV.

Another bad part, GM will sell a few but not all. Won’t be long before they do rebates and cut the price $5k then $10k, then all sorts of talk about price reduction. All just wasting time instead of making a useful real car.


Where I pick up my prize of winning the Internets?

“…led us to expect a price of more than $70,000 before incentives”

GM Re-Confirms Elite Status…
-August 28, 2013

Why ELR? For one thing, most Chevy dealers just sell Chevy. Many Cadillac dealers also sell Buicks and GMC products. This could be a way to get these dealers phasing into the whole EV business – get their sales and service staff starting up the EV on-ramp and prepared for when GM starts rolling out Buick Electras and GMC trucks, vans, and SUV’s with Voltec technologies.

I’m also sure the Cadi dealers are screaming for a luxury GM EV-like product to offer to their regular, loyal, wealthy green customers who are now being “lured” to the Tesla phenomenon by the reviews, the luxury, green feel, and the HOV lane access. With the ELR, Caddi can also offer all that too, without limited long-range driving opportunities

Finally, Caddi dealers are highly-dependent on repeat customers. Once one’s lost to Elon’s siren call, it’d be hard to get them back. They really want the ELR in their show rooms, especially in the Bay Area, LA, Scottsdale, and other places where Teslas are hot sellers.

Again, I’m reserving judgment until we all really get to see/drive the final product.

So, price is announced but 0-60 is NOT announced? Hmmmm.

Really like the looks of this car from all angles, especially the side. Love the interior too.

I can remember back in 2009 or so on Lyles forum we would constantly have the discussion about whether the Volt should be a Chevy or a Cadillac. In retrospect it should have been a Buick. The poor Volt is a sleeper. It is really a nice car but it is in sheep’s clothing and gets no recognition. People just think it is a Cruze.

If ELR sells it tells me even more that the Volt should have been a more upper class model like a Buick.

Maybe they had a typo and the price is really $65,995 before Federal Tax credit of $7,500.


How do you help Elon Musk sell more 60 kWh, 208 mile range, bare bone Model S that’s Supercharger Enabled priced at $73,070 before $7,500 Federal Tax credit?

Answer: 🙂 LOL, Price the Cadillac ELR at $75,995 before $7,500 Federal Tax credit.


You’re right! GM does have Tesla shaking in their boots! Elon is pondering right now, “How the heck are we gonna be able to fulfill all these extra orders from disappointed ELR buyers?”

Look on the bright side. It makes the Volt look like an even better deal.
It may even spur Volt sales.
Maybe that is what GM has in mind.

Maybe it is essentially a marketing pitch, build a very limited production, price it really high and only build enough of them to meet the demand for the car at that price. You then make the argument that “Hey, look at what a great deal you are getting, it’s nearly have the price for the same technology” If so I have a few thoughts.

1. It’s a little odd to be making this argument when coming out with the Cadillac second.

2. It could end up being somewhat effective, assuming the Volt can stay cost competitive with any direct competition.

3. Much as the XTS is a stopgap vehicle until Cadillac can build a true flagship, the ELR could be a stopgap vehicle until GM can develop a true Tesla fighter.

Precisely, GeorgeS…. pricing the ELR high helps to reset in people’s minds a higher value to GM’s EREVs – present and future. I was one of those long ago who felt the Volt should have been a Cadillac. Still do…

Don’t act surprised!
We all knew it’s going to be low volume. That translates to high cost.
They built this so Jay Leno can collect one…….or two. 😛


Looking at this price, I have to wonder what the electron rate (% of miles driven on electricity vs. gasoline) will be for ELRs vs. Volts. I’m guessing far lower, considering who buys Cadillacs.

Oh dear. Think they really missed the mark by a long way here.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Oh good grief. This thing is at least $20k overpriced if not more like $25k. Less practical, less range, crappy 0-60 for a 2-seater. If this is what GM thinks is competition against Tesla, they’re f–king screwed…

It may have the opposite effect.
There is some truth to the saying:
“If it doesn’t sell raise the price”
It works for most Doctors I know.

Here is my prediction.:

ELR sells better than all you naysayers are predicting.
ELR boosts sales of the Volt.
GM markets a Volt Super Sport edition with the ELR power train and 6.9 second 0-60 time.

The ELR powertrain is exactly the same as the Volt. The slight performance gain is due to software tweeking as told by the ELR head engineer.

Looks like another Cimmaron. Still it’s nice GM is serious about the Volt technology. I do applaud them for this. At 75,000 bucks, though, why not just give it 120 mile electric range, flatten the battery pack, larger engine, give it great suspension and a higher torque motor, free home 240volt charger with install, drop dead great road service, a 95,000 price tag, Grand Theft Auto street package and let ‘er rip.

What I really mean is don’t be so staid and timid with electric cars. Electric has powerful advantages, use them and show them off, brag about how great electric is by making a rootin’ tootin’ bad ass cool chic product!

sshhhh…. they don’t really want to make electric cars. Volt/ELR is still a gasser. Spark is only sold in CA max 100/month.

Because thats hard to do and GM doesn’t know how to do it. But putting lipstick on a Volt, thats hard too… takes them years of thinking about it and a $40k price increase.
Woa. That was hard work… for GM.

PS: Actually it looks grrrreat! Not at all like a Cimmaron.

Wow, what a shocker!!!

I think most people will just buy a Volt instead. The ELR is a “Real collector’s item”!

GM, Bring on Volt 2.0!!!

Meh its looks are overrated, its good looking from some perspectives but overall its not a clean/solid design. and way overpriced you’d be a fool to spend this much and not get a model s in terms of electric

For $75K, I can buy a Volt AND a $40K luxury car for my choosing.

How about a Volt and a CTS or ATS? How about a brand new 2014 Corvette Stingray with $25K cash left over? How about a spanking new CTS-V with $10K cash left over and stunning performance? How about a BMW i3 and a Passat TDI? How about a BMW X3 and a LEAF? Would you like a Mercedez CLS 550 coupe instead or C63 AMG coupe? or a Jaguar F-Type?

If you insist on being electric, how about a Model S with 60KWh? or a BMW i3 with money left over for a sports car or another BMW or Cadillac’s own ATS or CTS?

That price is just silly.

I guess it will be really a “limited” edition car.

GM appoints a “Tesla Team”. The team thinks Tesla is selling well because it is high priced …

That marketing model works for China….

Looks like the ELR is going after very wealthy buyers that are not budget or value orientated. Just think, if $75k is pennies for you, and if the only reason you want an extended range EV is for the super quiet and smooth electric drive feel, and want to use electricity rather than gas. An ELR could be an option for you.
Personally, I wish the ELR were priced at $50k. At $75k for an ELR? I will keep my Chevy Volt.

I was a possible ELR candidate, but they’re going to have to seriously discount the price before I’d consider it. I said before the styling needs one more go around before I’d consider it. I’m not used to the new “Soap Box Derby” styling of the Cadillacs of the past 10 years anyway. Silly things like LED headlights do not save any noticeable amounts of power or even give you as much as an additional mile of range, therefore including them does not make this a $75k vehicle. Cadillacs, Lincolns, and Imperials were downsized to make way for lower gas (CAFE) mileage standards. Since EV’s don’t have a gas mileage problem (My volt currently is at 218 miles/gallon, and that’s only because I recently drove to NYC and back and am driving to Indiana and back next week), therefore true luxury vehicles may be upsized again ONLY IF THEY ARE EV’S since they’ll meet the CAFE standards. (GASOLINE powered vehicles CANNOT meet the standards). People always legitimately complain the VOLT isn’t big enough for them. Here’s Chrysler’s chance to bring back the IMPERIAL (a Boat sized car with room for 4 people in the back seat comfortably),, (except this time… Read more »


Thanks for making me feel better about not investing in your stock. You have taken what was an excellent concept and tremendous engineering in Voltec and have thus far mostly squandered the opportunity it afforded you.

Squandered what? GM gave away the “excellent concept” opportunity in branding it a Chevrolet instead of a Cadillac. So now people like you who have zero concept of its worth end up crying like babies. Boo-hoo.

You think LEAF lovers and GM haters who carry you opinion are going to voice the same complaints if Nissan prices their promised Infiniti EV at similar levels? They’ll figure out some rationalization to appease their egos.

By the way, where is Nissan with coming up with an EV beyond the LEAF?

By the way, when is GM going to come up with a BEV sold beyond California? GM isn’t even in the game.

Koz +1
David +1

You mean sold California or Oregon:)

Gen I efforts are like training camp or preseason. The more interesting game is to see who can deliver us a 200 mile EV at a reasonable price, in mass numbers. Post season is who can do this same tasks best, and with that reasonable price being accomplished w/out credits.

The regular season hasn’t even started yet. Its not time to buy, just lease btw.

“People like me” own a Volt and a Tesla. Have a GM credit card for 27 years. Bought 4 GM cars new. Have engineering degrees. Commented for range extenders and scalable batteries on Tesla’s website long before the Volt concept was a glint in Lutz’s and Laukner’s eye. Commented in early 2007on Tesla’s blog, just after the Volt concept reveal, that it won’t cost close to $30k and should be a Cadillac. Still believe it should have been a Cadillac first but absolutely not for $75k and 1-2k 2-door units per year. That is a frickin waste of time as far as EV development is concerned and I would have wasted little time commenting on a website about it’s development other to argue for a more meaningful offering. What makes this even worse is that it is trailing the initial Volt rollout by 3 years and concept car by 6 years, while using essentially the same drivetrain. GM has done very little to improve or proliferate the Volt even though they said they were well on their with GEN II and vast improvements even before the Volt was released. The marketing and advertising has been mostly abysmal or absent, except… Read more »

I apologise if I was personally insulting, Koz. GM deserves more credit for their part in furthering the EV cause, and this is just another time when all the thoughtless GM haters seize the opportunity to smear their mud around.

Fact is, it’s too early to cremate the ELR as being unworthy. Haters need to back off — the ELR is poised bring into the EV market wealthy people who otherwise would have avoided a plug-in, not wanting to undertake the ‘adventure’ factor all BEVs including Tesla give their owners.

It won’t be long before Car & Driver, Motor Trend, and other media and online sources test the ELR and file their reports. I’m thinking testers will be impressed with it as being easy to live with, well balanced in its luxury and performance (the regen paddles will stand out) and being a substantially finer example of EREV architecture when compared with the Volt.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

No worries. GM does deserve and has gotten a lot of praise from me for what it did in developing Voltec (and the Volt). I just see their actions since, including the pricing and projected volumes for the ELR, as half hearted at best. They need a push and a change in management philosophy, IMO.

Notice the absent acceleration time.
It’s the lame Volt drivetrain and the ELR is quite a bit heavier than the Volt.. bad combo.

They screwed the pooch. They pooped in their hands and held it up proudly.

Thanks Dan. Breakfast will be delayed until I get that image out of my head.

lol 🙂

I was actually NOT buying a Volt and wincing at the idea of a Model S waiting for the pricing date of the ELR. Now I’m absolutely NOT buying an ELR and back on the fence for a Model S because GMs pricing of the ELR makes Tesla look like a bargain. But I can’t fathom spending >$50k on a car. Maybe it’s time to take another look at the Volt. Then again, Ford has some nice looking high efficiency cars in their lineup now too.

Sounds like Volt, Model S, and i3 could be options for you. The Volt is an excellent value at the current price levels for what it is but so is the Model S. I don’t have enough exposure to the i3 to comment on it but it does look promising. I recommend test driving all three and prioritizing your desired features/functions.

To all the posters stating that the ELR is a reflection of GM’s Tesla’s task force, I ask you, how is the ELR, a vehicle designed BEFORE the task force was ever formed, a reflection of that task force? Hmmm?

No, what GM has planned to compete with Tesla, may be revealed in the upcoming months (GM hinted at “something big” at the LA auto show). As for fanboi allegiances, perhaps the mocking tone on both sides should be turned down.

After all, if GM puts forth a Tesla competitor, it will no doubt be a substantial one and the winner will be the consumer.

GM has had plenty of chances to “put forth a Tesla competitor”. This is it. This is the best they could come up with. They had the choice to make whatever product they wanted. They produced an ELR for more money than a Tesla Model S. It took them 3 years to dream this up. It will take them even longer to figure out some other new car. In the mean time they’ll be chasing the Tesla gen III.

Luxury car market wise the Tesla Model S is the IT car. It’s bar.
It’s the status symbol for the rich.

I’m sure the ELR is a fine car. Maybe a great car, I’ll have to drive it.
But it ain’t all that.
It’s a very nice looking Cadillac with a Volt drivetrain that is tweak up a bit. A minimum effort.

I was hoping to move up from my Volt and wiggle into it at around $50Kish. But forget it.

So now I hope they come out with a better Volt at a reasonable price. OR I’ll be looking.

The word of mouth is so strong with the Tesla Model S with the luxury car market folks that I don’t think this car at this price will get any traction. So very sad.

All I hear now is: “I’m waiting for the Model X.”


Maybe Cadillac will be able to sell all of their ELR’s and prevent a few people from buying Tesla and hopefully limit their losses.
Or they could have spent the time , money and effort on next-gen Voltec and put something in the market that would make them the market leader.

We’ll never know the reasoning behind the choices made by GM management but I’m quite certain they don’t care at all about what is being typed/commented here.