BYD Video: Makers Of The Highest Quality Electric Cars In The World


BYD Water Tight Test

BYD Water Tight Test

BYD of Brazil presents this video in which the automaker touts the quality of its plug-in electric cars.

Now, there’s little doubt that BYD is the maker the highest quality electric cars to come from a Chinese-owned/located factory, but is BYD really the highest quality plug-in car manufacturer in the world?

The automaker sure wants us to think this is true, but until we get our hands on some BYD plug-ins here in the U.S., we’ll have to hold off on agreeing or disagreeing with BYD’s bold claims.

Regardless, the video is impressively done and shows how BYD really pays attention to all the details. We suspect most every automaker runs similar tests, but this video makes it obvious that BYD takes pride in the products it puts out.

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@5:22 even their workers have to pass the Gobi desert road test, thats real dedication!


All do like BYD if not more. Take the Germans, they will kill themselves if they fail on quality. The real question is When will they make a fully electric car that will have similar specs to the Model 3 or S 70D? And how much will it be?


You are confusing The JAPANESE with the Germans . The JAPANESE have killed themselves over PRIDE in the QUALITY of their work. The Germans have other priorities.,0verpricing Cars , Parts & service… I’ve never heard of such a thing except for the Japs , Which is a pretty foolish thing to do or even think about, if you ask anyone!…


I am sorry I was using it metaphorically! And you are right about the Japaneses.

At any rate this clip is nice but what counts is making a full electric car like the model 3. Let us hope they come with some soon.


When I was a little boy, Made in Japan meant crap. Not so long ago, Made in China meant crap.. Not anymore like any other country making our crap with cheap labor, they evolve and eventually surpass us…
Bring on the full electric cars to the masses, I don’t care from where they come.


There is not 1 single home in the world that does not have something from China!


BYD..For one thing, they make great videos . Iron phosphate Batteries ? sound out dated ? But with warren buffet Behind them , They will succeed . Buffet can take a piece Sh*t & turn it into Gold. Buffet is Seldom Wrong because he’s connected & always gets the right information from the right people, & 0h., He’s very Smart ! ..If 0nly we would have followed his lead…ie: Bought silver below $2…sold it in the $40 plus range ..Last check Berkshire Hathaway was $150.000.00 + Per Share ! Pretty Fascinating!


Well made video except for showcasing the ICE … so 20th century!


The video IS well made.
But, the car? It’s just a drab sedan, not as good looking as a Corolla.

Quality? I’ll check back in 5 years.

Boring looks, but at least it’s not Toyota Prius Ugly.


I’ve driven the BYD electric sports utility vehicle (the e6) on a test track in the USA. It is roomy, the dashboard layout was extremely confusing, it had problems going 40mph, the sensor read-out was flickering with the numbers and on the far side of the car from me all the way over by the mirror, the drive mode control was non-intuitive (the park button was completely occluded by the directional lever and not marked), the stitching on the leather seats was loose enough to have wrinkles and quirks, and the exterior had an unexplained structural pipe about 8″ long in the front left wheel well that nobody understood. The charge port was an unpolished cut-out in the plastic body panel, held on by a loop of flexible plastic and a friction clip. I am quite sure that it was not weather sealed.

My BYD experience will forever set the bar for quality and design. The low bar.


The e6 is 8 years old. The Chinese technical savoir-faire is on an exponential curve.
Now if you wish to keep the same opinion forever and never put it into question or update your informations… You would be like basing your appreciation of all Hondas based on the first crappy ones from the 70’s
Reality is a moving target.

Will Davis

the E6 is a terrible vehicle and it can’t even climb hills, but let’s worry more about their latest offerings…



Thank you very much for that report! Now I understand why BYD isn’t attempting to sell large numbers of the e6 in the USA.

To those of you who say that this is like the early days of Japan selling cars in the USA: You’re ignoring one very important difference: That was when American made cars had fallen to a low point in quality, so Japanese auto makers like Toyota and Honda and Nissan didn’t have to try that hard to compete.

But these days, American cars in general are much better made; much more reliable. So Chinese make cars have a much higher bar to meet for market entry. They have yet to show that this is a bar they can overcome. Now, it’s not realistic to think they never will be able to. But they need to demonstrate they actually can, and so far they have not.


“BYD Best Quality Wold Electric Cars”

Unfortunately, Chinese quality control is about as good as the proofreading for that caption… 😉


It’s Eric. He doesn’t believe in proofreading his articles.

Jay Cole

As PP was pointing out, the proofreading error is in the title of the BYD-produced movie, Eric has no control over that issue.


I remember a few years ago when BYD wanted to bring the e6 here, and one of the people that was involved in testing the car in California said that the frame was all rusted out. There car was never introduced here is a telling sign. I also remember reading that they had quality control problems in manufacturing their batteries leading to later problems.

I’ve always been excited for Chinese competition but after hearing that they can’t even produce an anti-corrosion frame, makes me leery of anything they produce.


Wow, just finished watching. What an amazing beautiful commercial. Hopefully it’s not just marketing and they have improved to that point.


@RexxSee I test drove the BYD all electric in 2014. My opinion and experience is less than 2 years old. RIP Datsun.


Datsun = Nissan


Nice! Great commercial! At this rate, BYD might become the next Subaru or Toyota.


Not so fast…:

BYD E6 quality review 2012; Not nearly as bad as Vex’s expert opinion:

Vex’s expert opinion quotes, “2014”…

JD Power and Associates 2015 review on other BYD models:

It is called the learning curve. It’s where efficiency and effectiveness essentially double in repetitive production environments over time. As stated by another poster, we wary of using the past as a heuristic for the present and future.

With BYD’s 6000+ pure EV buses world wide, that has logged over 100MM miles of revenue service, I think we would have heard/seen about significant problems by now too. They are doing a lot right and are going to be one of the major market participants.


Hey, I’m just an EV driver, I am not an expert at reviewing cars! It was the consensus of everyone who went. The test track had about 8 or 9 vehicles for us to try out. The Smart EV was actually really fun to drive on that track and cute. It had more personality than the Golf EV, in part because some of us were able to get the little fella to drift!
Take my opinion or leave it, but unlike most Americans, I’ve driven one.
The one conclusion we had in their favor was that the vehicle we were driving was probably a prototype because the organizers said it wasn’t for sale yet. Which made me go look at the BYD site, and I am reasonably convinced it was a prototype Tang all-electric, which apparently never made it to production as an all-electric. The e6 was too small.


BYD has achieved notable success in selling EV buses worldwide. Clearly they have no problem with quality there.

Also, very clearly, BYD has failed to sell significant numbers of its cars in any first-world country, despite test marketing its e6 to fleets in the USA.

Vexar has given us a very plausible and apparently fact-based reason for BYD’s failure to market cars in countries where they have to compete on quality. If you want to convince us Vexar is wrong, Sandler, then you need to offer an alternative reason for BYD’s continuing failure to enter truly competitive markets for highway-capable automobiles… either gasmobiles or EVs.

Rick James

I thought I was gonna get rick-rolled at the end.. 🙂