BYD Sells 600 Electric Vehicles in 1 Day in Beijing (w/video)


BYD e6

BYD e6

The news we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived.

BYD Qin Is One of the Automaker's Plug-In Vehicles

BYD Qin Is One of the Automaker’s Plug-In Vehicles

Since allowing BYD to sell its vehicles in Beijing, the automaker has prospered.

It’s being reported that on the first full day of unrestricted sales in Beijing, BYD sold 600 plug-in vehicles.

Yes, that’s 600 in just one day.

As CNTV reports:

“The sale of green vehicles has suddenly become a hot item as the government strengthens measures to curb China’s choking pollution. Beijing and Shanghai late last month released a list of new energy vehicle brands that can be sold in the cities, breaking territory protection for the first time.”

“Shenzhen-based carmaker BYD sold 600 electric cars on the first day it entered the Beijing market. In addition, about 1,400 people have won the right to buy electric cars in China’s first lottery for purchasing the environmentally friendly vehicles. Experts say 2014 might be the beginning of an e-car era in China.”

Let the electric vehicle era begin in China.  Once it begins, there’s no stopping it.

Source: CNTV

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Pretty soon we will be able to purchase a BYD vehicle here in the states.

Direct sales will be allowed.

Just visit a WalMart or Harbor freight near you.

All kidding aside, seeling 600 IN ONE DAY is a good thing. We need China to have many EVs (and way less coal fired electrical generating stations)

Actually, coal-fired electricity generating stations would not be so bad if more people had access to electricity and evs and if the standards for said stations were higher and enforced.

This would replace millions of dirty coal-burning stoves and millions of dirty gasoline-burning ices in cities with much cleaner coal-burning large and regulated stations.

But optimally, no more fossil fuels.

It seems like the issue in China isn’t so much the quantity of coal plants (well ok, it is) but also that those plants do not have anywhere near the emissions control systems that comparable plants in the US have.

I may be way off on this though. If they do have all the latest emissions tech to scrub the outputs at the stack, please correct me.

Good one! +1

George, can you flip the device upon which you typed these funny comments?

Look for the sticker saying “Made in…”

Where was the device made? I have a wild guess…

Yes Assaf,
I’m definitely a hypocrite.
I’m typing on my Chinese key board and I’ve got a tri copter with complete ECU 29$ + carbo fiber frame of course Hobby King shipped directly from china.

It could be a Moto X. 🙂

Anyways, the best way win a race to the bottom is not to play.

Hey, don’t knock Harbor Freight! Not everything is made in China there.

Plenty of tools are made in India, Taiwa and Vietnam that are sold in Harbor Freight…

This is a great thing. The Qin will sell over 1 million this year if the trend is going the way it is.

We need BYD to Start Selling in Australia !!!

If any country needs EVs, it’s China and the city of Beijing. So the $9,800 incentive could not come quick enough to help with EV adoption.

For Beijing it’s really not just cheaper to run, but necessary for the city’s immediate smog/health crisis.

This ‘need’ for EVs in China will help pay for wanted EVs in other countries.


It’s funny how the Chinese auto promotion is where it was in the US, say, in the 1960s — with scantily-clad girls caressing the fenders.

Yeah, we’re WAY past that era now, into leggy models with tight dresses adorning the fenders…


I like the second one.
If she bent back, you could see all the way to the New Year……:)

Looks like misogyny is alive and well even in amoung the educated of the developed world…

Scantily-clad is not all the same.
These girls are not wrapped up in baggy cover-alls, but they are tastfully dressed.

The 1960’s us pictures were all about sex, these girls are dressed to display their beauty.
A totally different approach.

This girl in the second picture is better looking than in the first one. But the first is also ok.

With models that look like that, it’s an easy deal to close….

(me thinks the editors just like blogging about BYD for the pictures)

I don’t think you understand the sacrifice we go through to bring you the BYD news

And yes, we’ll be making the trip to China for the biannual Beijing Auto Show this month on reader’s behalfs – it is truly is hellacious. Hit play if you dare.

Half of the asian models (like in the first third of the video) have expressions on their faces like its the worst day of their lives.

If China starts putting out massive numbers of EV’s on the road by say a few hundred thousand a year it could have massive shifts on global oil demand. Not to mention I think some of China’s cities should outright ban gas powered cars do to the hideous pollution.

Oil demand is already on the decline. HURRAY !! THE DEATH OF OIL HAS BEGUN 🙂

Nobody commented on the exact replica of Toyota Camry’s grille and headlights yet?

There’s a drop of Subie in there too, if I’m not mistakem ( lower grille intake ).

Anybody old enough to remember when it was Japan that copycatted everything?

James quote:
“Nobody commented on the exact replica of Toyota Camry’s grille and headlights yet?”


I was looking at the hot BYD chicks!

Jay can I go with you on the next trip??

China is replacing oil consumption with more coal consumption. Just what they need to do to clean up their cities.


lets see the receipt

Good Job BYD!!! The Qin is honestly a nice car. It is reported to be a sub-6 second peppy car (about the same 0-60 speeds as what Tesla rates their 60kw version of the Model S). It doesn’t lose the center seat to the battery like the Volt, and yet is supposed to get Volt-like battery only range using a slightly smaller battery.

I hope this is the direction the next generation of Volt is going.

China is on the right track, going green.