BYD Receives Order For 27 Electric Buses From Denmark

NOV 16 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

Denmark’s capital will get 27 BYD buses next year.

BYD, the biggest player in the electric bus segment in Europe, received this year its first order from Denmark, which becomes the second new country for BYD after Portugal.

The Danish bus company Anchersen ordered 27 electric buses for its fleet in Copenhagen (the company operates on 19 of Movia’s routes). It’s great to see that Anchersen decided on EVs – its first ever.

The buses will be typical for BYD – long-range, that can be used for the whole day on a single charge (overnight charging to be done at the Anchersen bus terminal in Avedore Holme).

The buses are planned to start operation at the end of 2019 – running from the north to the south of Copenhagen, between Emdrup Torv and Lergravsparken

Søren Englund, COO at Anchersen:

“Our company is showing that we are ready for the latest developments. We are now at the forefront of the transformation of the public transportation environment to zero emission electric power. Our goal is to have the same reliability with the new electric buses as with our current diesel buses. We have entered into an agreement with BYD because thorough investigation has shown us that BYD can meet the demands we and Movia have for the bus of the future.”

Isbrand Ho, Managing Director at BYD Europe:

“We are pleased to enter the Danish market and participate in the first phase of the transition towards better green public transport. With the deployment of our electric buses, the first step has been taken in replacing the diesel buses in Copenhagen. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation with Anchersen A/S, which will be our first partner in Denmark.”

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10 Comments on "BYD Receives Order For 27 Electric Buses From Denmark"

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Did you see this? Albuquerque had to return 15 BYD buses due to low quality. Link

Clean diesel? *lol*…the people in charge in Albuquerque seems to be the ones of low quality.

The BYD factory in the US has serious quality problems. The range issue is completely BYDs fault, they should have said, that 275miles is unrealistic.

There is NO byd factory in America. There is an ASSEMBLY plant that puts together the garbage that BYD ships here.
The QA issue is 100% BYDs, NOT American workers.

In fact, you will find the same issues in other BYD products and locations.

As to your 275 MPC, proterra has no issues hitting it:
E2 series gets 151-390 MPC.

And AC is not the killer. It is the aerodynamics combined with inefficient motor.

The BYD EV buses that Los Angeles ordered are also plagued with problems: stalls, stops, and breakdowns.

…and Mercedes-Benz has delivered its first “Production Run” eCitaro in Hamburg yesterday. I think that this is an even more important signal to decision makers, and citizens in Europe. The party for the producers of urban buses with Diesel- or CNG-Engine will be over soon.

Even Proterra’s long range bus, the E2, has an operating range of just 151 to 390 miles, so in the summer Albuquerque is going to have a hard time getting any Electric Bus to have 275 miles of range. AC is going to drain the pack pretty quickly.
In the short term, E Buses may be best suited to routes where they can be charger overnight for shorter routes and re-charged at mid-day for longer routes.

Oh, you fools. You will come to regret ordering BYD.

Oh man, saw the headline and thought wtf – BYD in Denmark – it has to be an editorial error. Read the article and thought “ok, maybe BYD actually has reached an decent quality level”. Read the comments, and is still crying….
Live in Copenhagen….

NYC also tested/trialed BYD EV buses, but they failed. They had the same problems like in Los Angeles and Albuquerque. Now NYC is testing/trailing New Flyer and Proterra EV buses.