BYD Launches New Yuan EV535 Electric SUV

JAN 18 2019 BY GASGOO 13

Lots more electric range than the previous Yuan.

BYD formally released a set of photos of the new BYD Yuan EV535 all-electric SUV a few days ago, which will be available for presale in the middle of January.

According to published photos, the BYD Yuan EV535 looks basically same as the existing model. Featuring BYD’s latest iconic “Dragon Face” design, the new model has a very stylish front face which carries a grille resembling a mouth agape that is flanked by slim headlights.

BYD Yuan EV535, BYD new NEV model, China automotive news

The side of the new all-electric SUV features a pair of character lines of which the upper one stretches from the front wheel to the rear end, visually lengthening the car body to some degree. Meanwhile, lines located above the wheel arch can change shape depending on the viewing angle.

BYD Yuan EV535, BYD new NEV model, China automotive news

As to the interior, the Yuan EV535 is greatly different from the outgoing model. The interior looking similar to that of the all-new BYD Tang enable a rather clean look. Besides, a large-sized display at the center console flanked by circular air conditioners creates both futuristic sense and sports essence.

Overall, the BYD Yuan EV535 measures 4,350mm long, 1,785mm wide and 2,535mm tall with a wheelbase that spans 2,535mm. Powering the vehicle is an electric motor that generates up to 163hp and a Ni-Co lithium manganate battery pack. Based on the previous naming convention, the “535” indicates that the new BEV’s range at constant speed will be 535km.

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Bring it to the states . I am sure it is capabale of giving hardtime to the likes of rav4 and CRVs.

I believe it is CH-R size, a bit taller

The specs say it is 3535 mm tal. that’s 100 inches (over 8 ft.) which is obviously wrong. I’d take this article with MANY grains of salt.

You’re sure? I’d be surprised if it can be homologated. I don’t really know, but I don’t think Chinese cars are yet being engineered to pass western world crash tests.

They tried introducing the e6 in the US years ago… And AFAIK they actually sold a tiny number to some fleet customers.

Unlikely. The price is pretty good in China; but as an import, it would cost *at least* as much as comparable offerings from global makers, while quality is likely still behind.

2535 mm tall ? That’s well over 8 feet, gonna be pretty unstable !

1680 mm is how tall it really is…

typo? I looked up another site, it says EV535 is 1680mm tall

Or about 180 miles range EPA? 🙂

Great! A Chinese Bolt. Sure can’t wait until we ditch the fake ICE grilles for more efficient grille-less designs…

They call this frontal design, “iconic”! L😃L Looks pretty generic to me.

All kidding aside, the interior looks sharp, and I hope they sell millions of these things.

NEDC range about 410 km, so yeah, about 190 mile EPA

I don’t think fake grilles are actually that much of a problem in itself — the issue is more with the general shape and proportions of the hood, which is inherited from the combustion models…

I wonder when BYD decides to create a dedicated BEV platform?

Tang EV600 is coming soon!