BYD Introduces New Electric Tow Tractor Models

OCT 17 2018 BY MARK KANE 3

It offers towing capacity of up to 25-ton

BYD once again expands its heavy-duty lineup in North America by introducing at the 2018 International Airport GSE Expo two new tow tractor models, or tugs – the T250 rear cabin tug, and the T250F forward cabin tug.

These types of vehicles are used as airport ground support equipment (GSE) for both luggage transport and towing of regional jets. With towing capacity of 25-ton, a run-time of 16 hours and fast charging ability in two hours, it could be the workhorse that companies are looking for.

“BYD tugs offer greater energy and productivity efficiencies as well as lower operating costs and easier maintenance, as compared to its diesel, gas or lead acid battery counterparts.”

The press release doesn’t contain specs with battery capacity, but you know, it’s BYD and batteries are LiFePO4, so the pack is expected to be rather big – in three digit range (kWh).

Source: Green Car Congress

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Fantastic. Great idea.

BYD may have finally found a good niche product.
BYD has horrible quality (good for china, but lousy compared to the west). As such, trusting a car, a bus, a large commercial truck is foolish and taking your life in your own hands.
BUT, a tug can have lousy quality and still perform decently. In this case, it is simply battery, drive train, frame and a seat.
Easy to make, and easy to sell.

BYD is not the only company active in the field of electric tow tractors but may galvanize the market uptake. Electrification of existing tractors as a way of “upcycling” is also underway in several places around the globe, as far as I know.