BYD Back On Top! New Record Of 11,000 Electric Vehicles Sold In June!

JUL 18 2017 BY MARK KANE 20

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – June 2017


In June, BYD improved sales of its plug-in cars in China (year-over-year), after a long six months of decreases between December 2016 through May 2017 thanks to governmental red tape that took the air out of EV sales in the country for a time.


The Chinese manufacture managed the feat via the introduction of the new Song plug-in hybrid.

The Song PHEV set a new personal best result of 4,552 sales!

Also, the e5 all-electric car reached its highest sales ever as confidence return to the Chines EV buying public – 3,206 were moved during the month.

Overall, June was a new all-time record month for BYD, with some 11,009 sales.

BYD sales breakdown:

  • Song PHEV – 4,552  (6,838 YTD)
  • e5 – 3,206 (10,826 YTD)
  • Tang 1,573 (7,502 YTD)
  • 6 – 723 (3,455 YTD)
  • Qin EV300 – 593 (4,117 YTD)
  • Qin – 362 (1,654 YTD)

Because of the Song PHEV’s surge, BYD once again sold more plug-in hybrid vehicles than all-electric (see graph down below), something of a rarity in China these days (see overall plug-in sales results for China here).

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – June 2017

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – June 2017

source: ChooseAuto and EV Sales Blog

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So, PHEV still dominate BYD’s sales mix…


“BYD once again sold more plug-in hybrid vehicles than all-electric”

They also sell about 400k petrol cars per year.

Yes they sell lots of ICE but to their credit they also sell 1,000s of EV buses, forklifts, grabage trucks and other heavy duty trucks which displace way more CO2 than BEV cars…
Hopefuly one day they will switch to BEVs only…
It wouldnt suprise me if they were the first legacy auto maker to do so as Volvos recent anoucement was largely for show as they will still make and design new cars after 2019 without plugins…

Unfortunately BYD sounds like they prefer PHEVs to BEVs from some article I have read…
The Chinese buyers largely seem to prefer the BEVs and even BYDs Qin PHEV sales seem to show this where the Qin PHEV sales have catered and they are now selling more BEV versions of the Qin and 1,000s of the decontented Qin otherwise known as the e5…
Their new strong selling Song PHEV also now has a BEV version that just barley started sales last month…
Assuming they are equaly stocked that will largely tell which are prefered more although the PHEVs have a huge performance advantage over BYDs same model BEVs…

BYD Rocks…

ur a Tesla supporter??:) Sad

So BYD has managed 34K total sales this year… if we assume they replicate the 11K from June for every one of the remaining 6 months of the year, they’ll hit 100K for the year…

So unless Tesla screws something up, Tesla should easily beat BYD to take the global EV crown.

With the second half of sales being much stronger in China BYD could probably do 120k this year.

With 100k Model S/X plus 20k Model 3 they will probably end up pretty close to each other.

It looks like it is advantage Tesla but it might be tight.

And if you are counting plugin vehicles then BYD wins considering the busses, trucks, vans etc. that we would have to add to the total. But I am assuming you meant cars.

Right now BYD is Third worldwide, behind BMW and Tesla, all three should surpass the 100k by year end, it will all depend on production ramp up, but i bet if BYD can launch the Song BEV, Yuan BEV and Yuan PHEV without delays until year end, they will manage to be ahead of Tesla.

BEV fundamentalists continue to discount BMW’s efforts and consider them a minor player. The sales figures would appear to support a different conclusion.

I am an EV fundamentalist. I am convinced that BMW would really much prefer it if EVs went away so they wouldn’t have to bother completely re-jigging their entire business model to make and sell EVs – perhaps understandably. But the problem is, what BMW and all the other major auto-makers make and sell is quietly killing us all, one way or another. SO it has to stop. There is an alternative and the alternative is even better then what has gone before. So why don’t they just accept it and get on with it instead of just messing about with 0.5 of an EV and a couple of half-arrissed PIHs? They could do what Tesla has taken 10 years to achieve in only one or 2 years. On top of all that, if anyone thinks BMW have not been up to the same high-jinks with emissions that VW (and all the others) then they living in la-la land.

So, yes, I resent BMW.

BMW has spent significant sums on the factory for the i3 and i8. So, it’s not management, it’s the BMW customer base. Not a lot of innovators in that crowd. Less than 5% uptake on even the i8???

BMW created the ‘i’ sub brand, but they didn’t sell it to the base. And the base doesn’t buy innovation.

Most of this money was spent on developing the carbon fiber tech for the i3 and i8. They wasted a lot of resources on overengineering their cars which that turned out to be pointless. Tesla destroyed the myth that EVs will need to be very light to work well and it showed that conventional car manufacturers don’t understand EVs.

The problem is the lousy range PHEVs. How should we valuate them?

They don’t have much fuel reductions compared to their non-plugin counterpart. So the sales of those have to be divided in a minimum two or more likely three to get a fair value.
Then the number is not so impressive anymore.

Hopefully this september will show an all electric 3-series BMW. Making a regular looking BMW BEV of their top selling series would give them a lot of credit.

It’s nice to see that BYD is selling higher Numbers of Plug-In vehicles again.

Next year will be an important year with regard to Plug-In vehicle sales in China. I have understood that the Chinese government has imposed a 8% Plug-In vehicle sales quota on each car manufacturer. Interesting times with regard to Plug-In vehicles.

Very interesting in China as both Mercedes and VW have created new JVs to meet the mandates…
I have to wonder what all the other companies are scrambling to do as the mandates start next year…
I also wonder how this will affect BYD when everyone is making and selling BEVs next year…
Although BYD will have no battery shortages for themselves…

FYI you missed one as the BEV version of the Song EV300 had 189 sales last month acording to another site…

Congrats BYD to be back on track.
That’s the advantage of being a big company and also backed by a billionaire like Warren Buffet. Hope they increase their pure electric offerings soon.

BYD Song PHEV has 70 km (44 mile) range which is much higher than many plugins.

BYD makes some nice cars. It is good to see they are being rewarded with good sales.