Boring Company Releases Map Of Its Tunnels Under LA




The Boring Company’s proposed Los Angeles area tunnel map (Image Credit: The Boring Company)

Now, we can see exactly where Tesla CEO Elon Musk plans to dig in Los Angeles with The Boring Company.

The Boring Company’s website now includes a map of the greater Los Angeles area, complete with a proposed tunneling route. The route is broken into two separate legs, which are set to be a “Phase 1” and “Phase 2.” The first phase is the one that’s currently underway, beginning near SpaceX and progressing about 6.5 miles to Culver City. The second phase will branch out to other key areas throughout Los Angeles proper and beyond.


Photo of the initial tunnel under LA

The map shows the initial part of “Phase 1” indicated in RED. This is the portion that the company recently submitted permits for. Musk explained:

“First route will go roughly parallel to the 405 from LAX to 101, with on/offramps every mile or so. It will work like a fast freeway, where electric skates carrying vehicles and people on pods on the main artery travel at up to 150mph, and the skates switch to side tunnels to exit and enter.”

This tunnel is simply s proof-of-concept, and won’t be used for public transportation, at least not at first. The tunnel will be built and then have to undergo a multitude of testing before being up for government approval. The Boring Company shares (via Teslarati):

“The Boring Company has filed an excavation permit application. Phase 1 would include the construction of a 6.5-mile proof-of-concept tunnel through Los Angeles and Culver City.

Phase 1 would not be utilized for public transportation until the proof-of-concept tunnel is deemed successful by County government, City government, and The Boring Company.”

The tunneling venture will be used as a pilot project so that The Boring Company can figure out details surrounding the construction process, and exactly how the eventual transportation system will operate. Not only will the company need to endure the lengthy process of actually boring the tunnel, reinforcing it, setting up tracks, lighting, etc., but also the car elevators, pods, and line switching apparatus, among other things, will all need to be constructed, installed, and tested.

We can only imagine that it will be years before anything can come to fruition, at least in terms of public use. However, the fact that the company is making regular progress, despite widespread doubt about Musk’s lofty vision, is encouraging.

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Source: Teslarati

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I Dig It! (Wait! They don’t have that Slogan Yet?)

Will the tunnel have emergency exits?

Volt#671 + BoltEV

“This tunnel is simply s proof-of-concept, and won’t be used for public transportation”

I read this as, it’s a “spoof”. 🙂

Py sounds like the bamnef Mystery troll now.

While I love the idea, I’m greatly concerned about safety as it’s a huge security risk…So I wonder if every vehicle will need to be scanned/x-rayed and if they’re able to do so quickly?

Doesn’t make any sense to me. I don’t recall seeing any reports of terrorists targeting high-density traffic tunnels. Why would they target low density ones?

Subways are a much more attractive target for terrorists, as they have already demonstrated.

I hope people will stop suggesting that we should bring an end to Thinking Big on engineering projects because of the mostly irrational fear of terrorists. Just because the news media plays up those very, very rare attacks doesn’t mean we should alter our lives or our behavior because of them!

Outside conflict zones, lightning kills far more people every year than terrorists. If you’re not worried about being injured or killed by lightning, then you shouldn’t suggest anybody should worry about terrorists either.

Is it possible to accept that not all of Elon Musk’s ideas are good ideas? This particular one is an extreme hare-brained scheme. This one is just plain ridiculous.

However demonstrating a boring machine is not. Having a machine that can cost effectively bore holes in the ground and under cities is very useful. I also l can see subterranean express freeway bypasses being very useful in LA. Basically relieve surface congestion by sending all the traffic that is just trying to pass through LA underground.

Elevators and electric skateboard dollies whisking cars away at high speed? Seriously Elon, too many roof top campfires I suspect.

Rails allow for higher speed and central control.
Higher speed increases volume.

It’s the elevator that’s the problem.

No elevator if you have ramps.

But Elon’s Boring Co. concept, absurdly, shows elevators being used to carry automobiles from street level into and out of the tunnel system, one at a time.

Yes, entrance and exit ramps make a lot more sense, in every possible way from cost to throughput to not wasting very valuable real estate in city centers. Sadly, “sense” appears to be rather short supply in the Boring Co. concept.

It also shows elevators at the side of city streets which would be a traffic mess. I figure the ramps would be in a parking lot.


It is industry standard second hand Herrenknecht boring machine, repainted.

I heard Chinese had some used ones left from infrastructure expansion, so it is was possible to get these quite cheap. You can have it too :/ The problem with digging is that you don’t know what you will find. It may go all well and fast until you get into some rock. Rocks don’t give up easily just because of some “10x disruptive” bluff and hype.

LMFAO, zzzz as a shill for fool cells wants it both ways.

You know, just because H2 is governed by the unchanging laws of physics doesn’t mean fool cell shills like you don’t give up falsely promoting it as a viable transportation fuel.

Even though it is vastly inefficient to make, transport, compress and cool and all this with very low energy content.

So much so that even your buddies at Coyota is starting to bail out on it.

DaveH8or can’t see the forest for the trees.

The entire idea behind the Boring Company is to be able to drill faster and cheaper then everyone before.

This is largely predicated on much smaller tunnels that are basically one lane wide AND using these to run the electric dollies which would not need the massive amounts of venting that conventional auto tunnels need.

When you suggest much more massive conventional tunnels that effectively rules out all the advantages of what the Boring Company thinks it can do.

Now, will it all work out?

All I know is I wouldn’t bet against Musk based on his history of stunning success and disruption of long-time, conventional industries that thought they couldn’t do things any better.

How is this different than a train? They are small and move on rails. BTW They carry cars if you didn’t know. It is impossible to build a wall in your backyard in California. There is no way they can build this below peoples homes.

Dav8or’s post was full of a lot of good points, and IMHO contains no Tesla bashing — for once.

He’s right to label the Boring Co. concept a “hare-brained scheme”, and he’s also right to point out that it would be of great benefit if someone could invent a way to dig traffic tunnels under cities much faster and cheaper than we can currently do so.

Get Real, please dial back your counterattacks against Tesla bashers just a bit. Counterattacking them even when they are making a useful contribution to the discussion is counter-productive.

I didn’t call Dave a troll on this post.

I simply pointed out that the Boring Company’s stated plan is to make (smaller) boring tunnels much cheaper and faster with less excavating and then automated with their electric sleds and this will require less venting and other systems.

In other news, all the Tesla threads are starting to get heavily trolled by new usernames and I don’t think this is a coincidence by any means.

Tesla/Musk poses an existential threat to some of the most powerful/richest industries and individuals in the world.

Like I said, will it work? Well we won’t know until it is tried and Musk does have a track record of accomplishing these kinds of impossible/difficult challenges.

“This is largely predicated on much smaller tunnels that are basically one lane wide AND using these to run the electric dollies which would not need the massive amounts of venting that conventional auto tunnels need. “When you suggest much more massive conventional tunnels that effectively rules out all the advantages of what the Boring Company thinks it can do.” Small tunnels would still need some amount of ventilation, to prevent the buildup of underground gasses. Small traffic tunnels also have a poor cost/benefit advantage compared to large traffic tunnels. Sure, it costs more per foot to dig large tunnels, but a single large tunnel can carry far more throughput of traffic than several small tunnels, at a lower overall cost. When you consider the cost per passenger, subway systems or even Hyperloop are far more cost-effective than the very low traffic density, very high cost Boring Co. concept transportation system would be. Elon’s Boring Co. concept is a rich man’s fantasy of an expensive VIP transportation system which would be far too expensive for the “unwashed masses” to use. It’s wholly unrealistic to suggest it will ever become reality. * * * * * Quoting from “The Dangers of… Read more »

Here’s to hoping this boondoggle isn’t ever funded by the taxpayer…

You may hope, but ask yourself a question: Which of Musk companies is not funded by taxpayer and don’t use every possible excuse, lobbying and workaround to leach more subsidies for whatever boondoggles?

It is interesting that you bring that up. Because every other company that proposes test loops go straight to the gov’t and ask for funding for their test loops. The Boring Company is paying to build their own test loop.

This is actually completely unheard of. The savings in construction may actually revolutionize how mass transit is built and funded. The Boston Big Dig cost $25 Billion dollars because it will take until 2038 to pay it off, so there was no choice but to get public funding. But if The Boring Company’s cost projections come true, construction costs suddenly come down to the level where a private company can fund construction up front themselves, then recoup their money from operations.

I’m betting you have some problem with that too, even though it means it wouldn’t require public funding. Because there is no making folks like you happy.

I would have no problem with them paying to put it in themselves and then charge riders a fee as long as they pay property owners a fair value to tunnel beneath them and insure any damage to their property, which just so happened during the subway tunneling in that area.

But hey, that doesn’t fit your narrative that anyone who doesn’t kiss Elon’s ass every chance they get is a shorter or a hater right!!

It is your choice as to whether you want to post like a troll or not. Own your own choices.

He will never own up to his serial anti-Tesla trolling and he will always keep moving the goalposts to match his repetitive, whiney FUD.

“…every other company that proposes test loops go straight to the gov’t and ask for funding for their test loops. The Boring Company is paying to build their own test loop.”

Hey, thanks for bringing that up, Nix.

I had assumed that The Boring Co’s new Maryland project would be at least partially taxpayer-funded, but I see that is not true:

Such a project would cost billions of dollars, the Baltimore Sun noted, adding “The state does not plan to contribute to the cost of the project.” (source below)

Hey, if Elon wants to waste spend his own money on this super-rich man’s folly, then nobody should be trying to stop him! It’s his money, after all.


You mean like the Space X launches of reusable rockets to resupply the International Space Station?

Get a grip DJ, not saying it will work out but if we never try we will never know will we?

Elon, can you please come talk to WA DOT and the Sound Transit team? ST3 has billions in funding they need to spend.

Could be paid for by lining the tunnel with LED screens and selling ads.

Only an idiot will believe this.

The fantasy:

The reality:

Sorry, but I don’t get the whole concept. With autonomous cars, it is so easy to either

a) be picked up by a small bus that drives you and others point to point to your destination. Musk has also brought this up in his Master Plan (not that you still hear anything about it but whatever)

b) have the car drive you to the next subway station, where you take the train into the city and get the rest of the way with autonomous taxis or mini-busses.

How is this not more efficient and way cheaper?