Boring Company Hopes To Build High-Speed Loop In Chicago



Chicago needs an express train to deliver passengers from O’Hare to downtown in 20 minutes or less, and Elon Musk’s Boring Company will submit a bid.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the city is looking for interested companies to “fund, build, operate” a high-speed O’Hare airport train. The article explains:

“The city and the trust will consider ‘potential corridors above or below surface level’ to deliver express service ‘at least every 15 minutes for the majority of the day’ for fares ‘less than’ the cost of a taxicab or Uber ride to O’Hare.

The goal is to deliver express service that would whisk travelers between downtown and O’Hare in ’20 minutes or less,’ cutting travel times in half.

‘A taxi ride from downtown to O’Hare could be $60. Ubers run around $40. There’s a lot of room between the price of the CTA or parking to price a service in a way that you can make a lot of revenue,’ said Deputy Mayor Bob Rivkin.”

Note the part about above or below surface level. Of course, Tesla and Boring Company CEO, Elon Musk, jumped on the opportunity to announce plans for a bid. Initial details on Twitter didn’t divulge much. However, the Tweet attracted some interest from commenters and some more initial details were revealed.

Musk was careful not to say that the venture will be a “hyperloop,” but instead it will be a “high-speed loop.” He didn’t specify whether or not the project would be underground or above ground. Musk did share that it would be something related to the Boring Company’s electric skate concept with pods. Though he said there may or may not be rails.

Musk and company will have to get the plan together by January 24 to submit a bid for the future project.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, Twitter

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All Subway projects of just about any kind need a minimum of 3 Parallel paths: The Skate design might reduce the need to 2, based on safety, but having a 3rd path with frequent crossover points, privides greater redundancy, flexibility, an options for heavy directional traffic flows. Morning might need 2X 1 direction, Evening 2X other direction, for example.

Yet better, is 2 Dual Tracks, each able to do crossovers to the other same direction run at frequent points, plus ability to connect with opposing traffic side at multiple points.

Let’s see what The Boring Company comes up with!

They’ve already got the blue line and sure it takes longer than 20 minutes (it takes roughly 40 mins) but it does it’s job just fine if you ask me. Can people really not be bothered to spend an extra 20 minutes when they have to go to the airport? Seems like an awful lot of $$ spent to save a little.

Cutting off 20 minutes for the ride between a city’s major airport and its downtown loop would be very important for the business and convention crowd. That would make a lot of difference in how many conventions and business conferences the city could attract.

There are a lot of complaints about the time/distance it takes between Kansas City’s major airport and the downtown area/ convention center. And that’s only a 24 minute ride, according to Google Maps… but perhaps that’s only when traffic is light.