BMW Recalls Electric Car Chargers For Risk of Shock, Fire

BMW TurboCord


The recall centers on the capacitors within the TurboCord Portable Chargers that may fail.

Usually, we see BMWs being recalled for the Takata airbag issue or certain, smaller and not so impactful potential issues. In most cases, owners will get to take their BMW’s to the nearest authorized service center, where the technicians will correct the factory brought upon the issue in a few hours. However, with the advent of plug in hybrids and electric vehicles, BMW seems to be entering a completely new recall world.

According to the information revealed by the NHTSA, the most recent BMW recall is due to the possible failure of the capacitors within the TurboCord Portable Chargers which could result in a shock hazard or a fire. BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) is recalling certain 2018 BMW 330e iPerformance, i3 Rex, i3 Sport Rex, X5 xDrive40e, i3 BEV, i3 Sport BEV and MINI Cooper Countryman SE All4 PHEV vehicles, 2019 i8 and i8 Roadster vehicles and 2018-2019 530e iPerformance, 530e xDrive iPerformance and 740Le xDrive iPerformance vehicles.

In the following weeks, BMW will call and notify owners to bring their vehicles for inspections. Authorized dealers and their service staff will inspect the problematic charging cable, and, if necessary, replace it free of charge. The recall is expected to begin November 12, 2018. Owners may contact BMW customer service at 1-800-525-7417 or Mini customer service at 1-866-825-1525 for more information.

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

This one is for the Jerkoff Nitwitss that always says…

“I would never buy one of these if it’s not UL llisted/tested or from the manufacturer…..blah blah blah……yak yak yak”

Right. A lot of morons out there.

And you are saying that 1 in a million model failures vs 1 in < 500 none UL listed/tested is bad?
If so, then you are not paying attention to history or to what is going on with Chinese products.

I will take the UL listing/Tested, though being manufacturer made does not mean that much, esp when coming from China.

Who says it wasn’t UL Tested?

Regardless nothing to laugh about.

Well.. when I think of BMW recalls I usually think of the million vehicles being recalled due to their potential to catch on fire, which many did, burning down homes, in the process.

And then?


yeah, but not just BMW. A neighbors house caught on fire due to suburban catching on fire. She was in-house daycare. 5 kids died. Sad.

This isn’t a BMW recall per se but an Aerovironment recall since the dual-voltage EVSE that BMW includes with some of its PEV’s is supplied by Aerovironment. This recall includes all Aerovironment Turbocords, not just the units included by BMW.

I’m much less enthralled with Aerovironment’s products (this charging cord looks just like a rebranded AV Turbocord) ever since finding the majority of their “30 amp ROUNDS” would not work with a Tesla Roadster due to an unstable 5 volt supply in the AV.

If the unit has a solid ground (what Europeans call ‘Earthed’) connection, plus the fact that the thing is plastic – I don’t see where the shock hazard is – unless the UNIT HAS TWO SIMULTANEOUS PROBLEMS:

1). Chintzy ground connection that has broken off….
2). Coupling via ‘shorted capacitors’ of MAINS commercial power to the car frame, such that you are in danger of electrocution when touching the metal car.

Now I super glad I never bought one.

I really hate that design, and the weight of it in a 120V outlet just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Dual 120 and 240!

Lowest 220 charging.

It say on the box…

I purchased this from someone , ( not the car), will I still be able to use the recall fix , without any charge ?

Not unless AeroVironment does a CPSC recall, I’d imagine.

Yay, lets blame BMW for something they have supplied to them and have minimal control over other than a requirement spec, just like the whole Takata incident.


However, the cheap comes out expensive. BMW should’ve manufactured their own.

So should have AeroEnvironment.
They obviously moved manufacturing to China.

I called Webasto about the recall and they said my TurboCord Dual is not part of the recall.

Obviously, China made Capacitor.
HORRIBLE quality.

Yeah, China unfortunately is NOTORIOUS for selling defective capacitors in everything.. Expensive MARATHON ELECTRIC 2-pole compressor duty (NOT Including the really expensive 4 pole half speed motors still made outside of china) have HORRIBLE reliability due to shorted capacitors burning out the windings before the overload protector can operate. I’m sure people have many stories of small SEARS drill presses where the PSC (permanent-Split-Capacitor) motor dies after only 1 month of use…. I had a ‘junk box’ full of ancient metal capacitors which I pressed into service when my Dad told me his drill press would only ‘hum’. Reason: Junk Chinese Capacitor. Having said that, I’m REALLY SATISFIED with my DUOSIDA charging cord that has an old-fashioned Changeable Plug at the end of a very heavy RUBBER cord, (effectively #13 AWG) that does not weigh down the receptacle it is plugged into (if temporarily mounted on a wall, which I do so that I can remove it when I need a portable cord but otherwise it is more or less permanent), and the heavy, 800 volt rating of the 25 foot cord going to the car, as well as a very substantial COLD running J1772 connector at the car. In… Read more »

For anyone who have similar problems with their cars, but haven’t been recalled by the car manufacturers, I think I have just read a nice information about lemon law at Hope this helps.