BMW i7 Electric With Range Of Nearly 400 Miles In The Works

FEB 7 2019 BY MARK KANE 28

i7 to be the fourth next-generation BEV from BMW?

One of the new all-electric models in BMW‘s pipeline is the BMW i7. That’s according to BMWBlog’s sources in Munich.

There is no official announcement about the i7. However, at least the trademarks from i1 up to i9 were registered in 2012 and then renewed in 2018.

BMW currently offers the i3 and i8, with i4 (based on 4-Series) under development.

It’s expected that the i7 could be an all-electric version of the next generation 7-Series. Furthermore, it’s believed that it will get an electric range of up to 600 km (373 miles).

Market launch in 2022 sounds reasonable. Especially if we take into consideration the life cycle of the 7-Series and already busy timetable for new plug-in models from BMW.


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Less talkie, more build-ee.

“Just around the corner”

The EV revolution is scheduled to happen 4 years from now – it’s repeated year after year.

Depends on where you live.. here it’s started a few years ago. I believe 60% plug in vehicles this year, and probably 70% next year. . in 2021 I estimate about 80% or more.
For this to happen we need BMW, VW group, Tesla, PSA group and potentially some new (or Chinese) brands to continue like now. More cars, more choises. . and we need to keep incentives for at least a few more years.

60% of 81 million cars sold last year is 52.8 million EVs. It will take at least 2 decades to reach that point since last year just under 2 million EVs where sold

I started with: depends on where you live.. we’ve reached 50% plug in cars now (here in Norway). I don’t know anybody that bought a new car that was not at least a PHEV. Massive taxes on fuel and (ICE) vehicles makes EVs a better choise for more and more people. With more models, choises and car types, there are fewer reasons not to buy an EV. They can still not compete in the cheapest vehicle category, and there are a lot of car types that does not come in an EV version. Sometimes they sacrifice the materials used on the interior, to make the car cheaper . . and stuff like that. In a market with relatively cheap fuel, and cheap cars – it will take significantly longer time to reach a high market share. When EVs fall more in price, the market share will rise everywhere. Rules and regulations can also help to speed up the change. Still, the way regular cars and fuel are taxed in Norway is by far not good for everybody. For people earning less then average, the cost for transportation (expensive cars, fuel, toll roads and expensive maintenance and parts) is high, and… Read more »

Its true it depends where you live…The US and EU are leading in the aoption of EV while we have zero EVs here in Africa.

60% plug in vehicles this year compared to ICE? You do realize it’s currently 3% or so in the US? Do you mean Norway?

Yes, I meant Norway

It is already here and has been here for years. The thing is that people don’t appreciate the sales doubling ever year or every other year when the percentage is small.
But when it is starting to rise from 5% to 10% to 20% etc. people start to notice even though it is just a natural part of the increase…

Locally it has been rising from 3% to 6% to 12%…hoping for a 20+% month this year. Same growth though…

When it comes to “the corner”, that has to be among one of the largest foot dragging, can kicking corners that I have EVer seen!

Since when have you known about the Model Y?

Where’s that rendering from? Damn nice looking car.

They hired the same people that work for VW.

Exactly. This is the i4 project they cancelled. Brought back from the dead as the i7 and years away. At least that beautiful car will “someday” get built.

Wrong. The rendering is the i4 concept. The i4 is confirmed for 2021 and already seen out on roads being tested (yes, BMW tests their vehicles properly unlike certain other brands…)

Exactly. i cannot imagine Toyota tested the Mirai…

The i4 in this picture is not the “i4” that’s coming out.
You probably know that.

It’s true, some brands don’t have been selling tons of harmful diesel cars where they can earn big profit from and so, have the financial situation and all the time of the word to test electric cars properly (read: to drag their feet as long as possible).
In fact BMW is testing full electric drive trains for years now..with the i3, and it will take them…8 years of testing to figure out another full electric car to be sold…
At this game, Porsche seems to be better, even without having sold any full electric car until now…and Audi. Maybe, what BMW is lacking is…a dieselgate…

The rendering looks good, but there are room for improvements with the way the logo (kidney grill) looks in the front. Maybe I’m not used to it – and maybe it’s only minor changes that have to be done. Wonder how far they have come in the production process on this vehicle. When I saw the i3 for the first time, it looked really weird, but where I live there are just so many of them that is looks normal. Then I got one as a company car, and just loved it. It’s not a beauty like the Rimac of course, but it works very well. I just love the fact that there will be more EVs to choose from. More EVs require more development, cost will be lower and technology will be better. 2019 will be a great year for a company I do some work for, that deliver equipment that is a crucial part of factory automation. It is just very interesting, and to see the factory simulations being done – before they have even set a foot in the factory building is impressive. Industy 4.0 with extreme level of automation, the level of flexibility and how CPS,… Read more »

Vapour car.

what are they waiting for? it’s not like gas and dieselcars is an anuence in any way

IF BMW does produce this car AS described I think it could be a welcome addition to the high end EV market.
WRT looks- I think it looks good…for a BMW.

Has a lot of Japanese design influence on the front, European on the sides, side windows are interesting but unfortunately another so what car.

400 miles according to the 2022 NBDC New Bavarian Driving Cycle.

See now this COULD be a Tesla competitor (nothing is a killer). We’ll have to see how BMW prices it and if Tesla responds with a better/more interior options.

The 600km range in 2022ish is nothing woth a headline.
IF they indeed make it with this spec, the 600km surely is WLTP. And in WLTP the Tesla 3AWD gets 560km. And we know that the 3RWD will beat this, when it is reintroduced (I guess in April, when the new Panasonic lines are online in GF1.)

400 miles is quiet a good range that beats most ICE cars.. I wonder how big is the size of the battery!!