BMW i4 Rendered As 435-Mile Electric Sedan


The next-generation of BMW’s EVs could start with the mass-market i4.

The BMW i3 hatchback and handsome i8 sports car will soon be joined by a third vehicle in the growing “i” range. Previewed by the i Vision Dynamics Concept, which had a range of 373 miles (600 kilometers), the i4 promises to be the first mass-market, mainstream EV from the Bavarian brand. Though we don’t know exactly what the final product will resemble, this new rendering gives us an idea of what to expect.

This is what the BMW i4 could look like if (or when) it finally reaches production. Most of the same styling cues from the i Vision Dynamics Concept carry over, admittedly, but it’s a far more realized, and more production-ready vehicle than its concept counterpart.

For one, the front fascia has been revamped; the kidney grille now gets a more iconic look, opposed to the dramatic styling on the concept. The headlights, too, have been slightly reworked, with larger housings located underneath the dramatic LED accents. The rest of the body remains familiar to the concept, with a dramatically angled roofline, a unique four-door setup; only the wheels look more in line with the rest of the BMW range.

If and when we see the new i4 in the sheet metal – reports suggest we may have to wait until at least 2020 – BMW promises its range will be much improved over the current generation of i cars. A whopping 435 miles (700 kilometers) on a single charge could be a real possibility, says BMW, and the vehicle would be much more “cost-competitive,” too.

Until then, BMW buyers will have to make do with the current range of i vehicles, the i3 and i8. Both cars recently underwent refreshes, with the i3 gaining a sporty “S” trim level with upwards of 184 horsepower (137 kilowatts) and 199 pound-feet (269 Newton-meters), and the i8 dropping its top with the Roadster trim.

BMW i Vision Dynamics
15 photos
BMW i Vision Dynamics concept. The production version will launch in 2022. Will this be the last pure BMW i car? BMW iVision Dynamics BMW i Vision Dynamics BMW i Vision Dynamics BMW i Vision Dynamics BMW i Vision Dynamics - Image Credit: InsideEVs / Tom Moloughney BMW i Vision Dynamics - Image Credit: InsideEVs / Tom Moloughney BMW i Vision Dynamics - Image Credit: InsideEVs / Tom Moloughney Skoda Vision E BMW i Vision Dynamics Concept

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Look at the second last picture, the interior it says Skoda!

That’s a Skoda Vision-e image, that apparently was added to the bmw pictures. (As the filenam clearly states)

How do you render 435 miles in a computer animation?

You don’t render a range, that is where you use engineering and CAD/simulations.. . 🙂
I’m sure they have some data on the range of their i3, i8 and mules to use in their calculations. I’m also sure they have 50% of all EVs on the market, in their lab – in pieces..

Design software is btw fantastic now. I feel I’m allways learning new features. To design a product, choose the materials, size of parts, and then do a lot of stress testing, simulate heat in motors, and circuits – change one parameter, and see how it affects everything.
Get part lists, a price, possible to see estimated tooling costs, total weight, weight of each part, check the possibility of using existing part design in the product . .

As an Aircraft Assembler since 1987, minus about 4.5 years in various layoffs, this tool you use: can it model access by hands and tools in them, as required to actually do the assembly?

So many great CAD designing Engineers forget that real people have to actually build the product, and design great products that fail the “Design For Build” reality!

Yeah, just look at how hard it is to access some car parts too. Easy to make at the factory, but hard to reach after a knit is installed in the car.
Now complete factories car be simulated, to see and test with VR how it is to assemble, how it will work related to healty and safety. . . And so on.

Wow. Not a fan of the appearance.

Day dreaming is like day rendering. Where will they get the batteries from?

The first model will be the electric X3, which is already shown in public.

Both the i4 and the iX3 will be available in 2021 (as soon as the next gen Samsung SDI batteries are available)

Well, I believe it got a V12 under the bonnet – just look at it – the risings starting from kidney grille are needed to hide the top valves on the two cylinder rows…..

Forward concept, engaging form, taut proportions. The designers at BMW manage to encapsulate the feeling of tech without becoming overwrought. Sharp machine.

Looks great…

Why are there SKODA logos on the interior shots? Did you get your pics mixed up?

It’s funny that when Tesla was selling actual cars in the range of 265-294 miles, everyone else’s marketing announcements described cars with 300+ miles of range.

Now that Tesla sells a real car with 335 miles of range, and another with 310 miles of range. everyone else’s marketing announcements now talk about cars with 400+ miles of range.

LOL, there are no i4 interior shots. Don’t know why they added that pic to the image roll…

I’m finding it very difficult which BMW concept car to drive each morning, this will give me another option.

You need more hands?
Or a “Split Personality?”

If the i4 ever sees the light of day it will likely be available some time around 2030.

Meanwhile, you can always drive 13-15 electric miles in an i8..

Or use an i3 to get you where you need . .

With a European Rex, maybe! In the mountains in America (USA & Canada), the Rex is too late starting, at too low a SOC!

That’s a 2013 problem, everyone is coding the car now. Turning on the REX in the mountains at 75% state of charge. This is Not An Issue.

15 minutes with the BimmerApp or E-sys and you can fix that….

It will be available in 2021. BMW deliver on time, they’r not like Tesla my friend 🙂

The problem with BMW is the service prices for repair and parts are to expensive

EV means no more oil from terrorists

and cheaper service price but this is something people do not get from german car makers!
no cheap german bev!

Make the kidney grill smaller, and rounder.. like it is on other models.
Make the design a tiny bit more production ready (read: a bit softer shapes), and it’s all good by me. The over all design is good.
. . not that my views matter for BMW, as I’m not going to buy one.
I need a cheap tiny EV and an electric minibus of some kind.. it I can afford it.

Per “cheap tiny EV”, see: Used iMiEV!
Per “electric minibus”, the VW Buely was a reasonable player, but is not arriving in any form yet soon!

Yeah, I have checked the Mitsubishi out, but I got a BMW i3 as a work car, and that makes the difference between them too large.
On the other hand.. if I have to pay for it- I can choose the cheapest solutions. .
The VW is too small for my needs.. have to wait for the VW Crafter or the Mercedes Sprinter..

The overall concept looks excellent.
But, if it’s a pure i4, in the i brand, can we expect carbon-fiber body.
That would give it faster acceleration, and more range, along with no possibility of body rust. But, this thing looks so good, I know I won’t be able to afford it, like the Tesla Model S.

Yes, and that fake grill needs to go.
Put in the grill, but do not let any edge protrude from the bumper, to preserve the purity of the aerodynamics.

It looks like they hired one of Chris Bangle’s kids directly out of grade-school….

Sorry, not a fan of odd just to be odd. There is no functionality in the design features. Some of the design elements seem to be there just to increase drag, with no real purpose.

Looks pretty but not practical. Rides too low and the front hood is too long and wasted! Where is my trunk space?!

It seems like they are trying to compensate for the i3 having such a short stubby one.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

The rate of battery improvement in capacity vs. price has been improving at 14% historically. In other words, battery capacity has been increasing while battery prices have been decreasing. The two changes together add up to a 14% improvement in price for battery capacity.

The range they are talking about for the i4 is not that far off a 14% yearly improvement between the 2017 ~300 mile Model 3, and the 2020 ~435 mile i4. So it is entirely possible for them to hit that target in that timeframe.

When it comes down to it, the range is what matters, not the looks.

Even if it doesn’t eventually look this cool (which it won’t for practical purposes), it’s definitely a step in the right direction, instead of going the dorky-hatchback-with-a-bashed-in-nose route.

” mass-market, mainstream”

This is a joke right. BMW doesn’t even make cars that actually satisfy these adjectives. This certainly won’t count, with its price-tag surely around 100k USD.