BMW i3 Sales Now Over 1,000 Units In UK – 60% REx Version

BMW i3 in the UK


BMW i8 in UK

BMW i8 in UK

Awhile back, BMW confirmed that worldwide sales of the i3 crested 10,000 units since its launch in Germany last November.

Now, BMW is stating that just over 1,000 of those 10,000 units were sold in the UK.

Furthermore, BMW adds that 60% of i3 buyers in the UK have opted for the range-extended REx version – – roughly on par with the US splits.

On the i8 front, BMW says it delivered 200 to UK buyers, but that the backlog is now over 400 units.  With production of the i8 at such a low level, it’ll take BMW over a year to deliver those 400 outstanding units.

If you order an i8 in the UK today, you’d receive it near the end of 2015, according to BMW.

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So.. Is that 1,000 cumulative sales in the UK? That doesn’t sound like much being that it sells over 1,000 per month in the USA.

With a fifth of the population of the US, its a fair few out of 10,000 world total.

You also have to remember that the US market is larger than the whole European market combined.

how much is the i3 bev base model now? Cash price?

The prices are the same as the day they were launched.
In the US, there is now $1000 cash on the hood for a REX and $2000 cash on the hood for a BEV. They have also increased the residuals by 7%.

This means more affordable monthly payments than previously.

The European version of the i3 with range extender looks decent. The American version doesn’t.

Stupid CARB.

Whats the difference?

In the US, the REx doesn’t come on until the state of charge gets down to 6.5% to satisfy CARB. This causes problems if you need to go uphill after the REx kicks in. But with a little research and the proper software, you can “code” the i3 and allow the REx to come on when the state of charge is up to 75% so you have plenty of energy to climb any hills in your path. More information can be found here: