BMW 330e Plug-In Hybrid Gets EPA Rated Electric Range Of 14 Miles


BMW 330e

BMW 330e

The newest entry to a quickly growing list of plug-in hybrids available in the U.S. has received its EPA ratings.

The plug-in hybrid 2016 BMW 330e returns just 14 miles of electric range, according to the EPA. The breakdown shows that the 330e gets just 13.65 miles of electric range in the city and 15.27 on the highway. The 14-mile rating is the lowest (tied with several other plug-in hybrids) combined electric range rating for any 2016 Model Year PHEV.

In the PHEV composite MPG category, the 330e fairs slightly better with 35 MPG in the city, 44 MPG on the highway and 38 MPG combined.

BMW 330e EPA Ratings

BMW 330e EPA Ratings – Click To Enlarge

Some four months ago, BMW announced a $43,700 MSRP ($44,695 after deducting $995 destination & handling) for its new 330e plug-in hybrid. At the time, BMW estimated its electric range to be 22 miles, a figure we thought seemed out of line with its battery size. We wrote:

“The range of 22 miles on the 7.6 kWh battery doesn’t seem right, as the BMW X5 xDrive40e received a 13-mile EPA rating on 9 kWh pack.”

“We expect that the EPA will rate the 330e much lower than 22 miles, perhaps more like ~15-17 miles.”

Well, 14 miles is even a bit lower than our prediction and it’s disappointing for sure.

The 2016 330e was scheduled to arrive the first of this month, and although we have yet to see any sales registered as of time of press (March 17th), cars have started to arrive this week at dealers.  So if interested contact your local BMW dealer for more details.

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Sad trombone…

“Needs more kWH”

I saw that. Pretty Funny!

And then this car will sit in EV parking / charging stations when it does not need to.
Eric needs to also add Metric measurements to his reporting.

That’s pretty disappointing. BMW has the engineering and financial clout to ensure that it gets at least 30 miles AER in its PHEVs. Anything less is mere greenwashing.

Green “Tinting”, maybe… But even that may be an exaggeration.

At least you still get that legendary BMW reliability.

Only 2014

14 miles?!? HA! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! … oh boy! Not funny at all… and this thing will be called an EV of some kind… The incredible shrinking AER as years go by… Marketing ploy. Anti-Green designs.

The “e” is not for a cleaner world, just for passing the European rules.

14 miles electric range, why bother. I’ll stick with my Volt.

me too. The Volt wipes the floor with this BMW

I suppose it would feel like a lot further than 14 miles creeping and grunting around with that 65kW/88hp motor pushing around almost 4000 lbs.


A parenthetical sigh. The absolute zero of sighs. Basically a sigh of resignation.
I feel your (sigh).

Anybody know if there are plans to come out with a phev wagon aka 3 series “touring”? With 14 miles, I would only need to go into gas mode about 5-7 times a year. The range doesn’t bother me, but I’ve been holding out for any manufacturer who would come out with a wagon formfactor(large goofy dogs, kids, and all that)

That is what I am waiting for as well. The X1 is supposed to be coming in a PHEV. Volvo has a PHEV wagon in other markets. Closest we have is the Cmax Energi, but there is no trunk space in the plug in model.

Batteries this small usually mean gas mode comes whenever, get on a highway, etc. The 14 probably assumes a timid style of driving.

Wagon! Wagon! Wagon!

MINI may build a PHEV Clubman based on the 225 Active Tourer.

There is the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV due (maybe) in the Fall. Not exactly a wagon, but not exactly a behemoth either. There is also the Pacifica Hybrid (yes, it does have the plug despite its name) minivan if you don’t mind going with a minivan.

I too prefer the tourer. I’m in the UK and was told there would be no touring model , as the main market was the USA (land of cheap gas … Honest still about 5 time the cost of here) and the USA did not buy tourers . wrong on so many counts.

The whole “Americans dont buy wagons” meme has turned into a self fulfilling prophecy.

Audi A3 e-tron. Got one in January, averaging 20 EV miles in sunny winter here in SoCal.

Lol. Did you see the “Doberhuahua” superbowl commercial?

I actually have an A4 avant at the moment. I tried to get my 100+lb dog into the back of an A3 e-tron and failed! I might need something just a tad bigger.

A wagon would be at least as heavy as this 330e which weighs in at 4,000 lbs. with only 88 hp to push it around in in EV mode.

It’s doubtful with this tech you would only need to switch to gas only 5-7 times a year unless you don’t mind people constantly honking at you from behind for going too slow. Merging onto the freeway would be downright dangerous without gas assist.

If it can consistently get 14 miles per charge, then the answer is yes. The wewight is neither here nor there. I live in the Boston area. I probably get on an interstate once a year, if that. I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t other similar low mileage, all-city-mileage drivers in Boston.

If they came out with the touring model this year with 30 miles range, I would of stretched and bought my first new car. The 328 touring is not a large car…and the technology is there do do 30 miles easy. Oh well , will wait for the Volvo v90.

Stupid – just stupid. In three years this car will be the stupidest thing on the lot.
Where is the i5 – All electric drive, 300 mile range?

Why would you expect the i5 to be a BEV specifically (or even a BEV+REx)? There have been numerous rumors about it, including PHEV and FCEV, but one I have seen is BEV.

should be “haven’t yet seen”, of course.
[grumble]non-editable comments[/grumble] why doesn’t InsideEVs move to a real Forum system… The current comments really doesn’t cut it…

It is coming in 2020 with everything else that has not showed up yet.

And to think you’ll get 1/2, if not less than 1/2, the 18 mi in colder climates. There were a lot of people on Audi for only offering 18 miles with the A3 e-tron.
Just have to wait and see if the BMW lovers out there buy enough to keep it in the lineup.

This car is a bit more in line with what they did with the ActiveHybrid3. Basically, it is still a quick sports sedan, but now offers much improved fuel economy overall. It is not an “electric driving” play, but a performance + mpg play. Its most interesting competition is the Audi A3 E-tron which also tries to walk the fun/sporty/eco line. The Audi, however, has less room, is FWD, and is slower (it is cheaper though). It does have a couple more miles on battery, but, honestly, 14 vs. 16 is mostly irrelevant. The 0-60 time for the Volt is 7.8 secs (per C&D), and about 7.5 secs for the Audi. The BMW trounces that at 5.9 seconds. Yes, the latter are with the engine running, but I’m not sure that will matter much to the buyers willing to consider this. Heck, even the 2016 ELR has the engine assist when in Sports Mode to deliver its 6.5 second 0-60 numbers. In short, for buyers looking for a solid sports sedan with more room that the Volt or A3 this could be a decent choice. Indeed,I do hope to be able to test drive one. Having said all of that,… Read more »

At least the ActiveHybrid 3 has 335hp? This thing only has 250hp. I was so ready to buy this car but now I might have to reconsider an Active Hybrid instead. 🙁

Ok, so stop & go traffic will also be much smoother / quieter, to its credit.

Crap, Inwas set to buy this over an upgrade to my 2014 Ford Fusion Energi that is rated 20-21 miles but I usually get 26. Does not justify $50K 🙁

For $50K you could probably pick up a Cadillac ELR and get 40 miles of electric range.

More like $58K!

I did a quick check on Autotrader and there’s a 2014 ELR with 1500 miles for sale. Dealer is only asking $37,482.

Haha, that is only $3k more than the Houston Chevy dealer wants for their new 2014 Volt (which has been on the lot for almost 3 years).

Said they can’t do a lease (bank won’t approve) and wouldn’t offer a lower price. Did falsely offer the expired $2500 Texas state credit. Pretty sure that one is going to rot before it is sold.

This is the first time I have seen “PHEV Composite MPG”. Did I miss this on Volt 2.0?

If so, how did it fare for comparison?

As an aside, they have started to hit dealers. There are 27 listed on Autotrader across the country, and at least a subset of those have actual pics (i.e. not “in transit”). Here is an example of a loaded one with the M-sport package, etc:

I’m glad BMW continues to move forward with electrification. Hopefully, the 14 mile electric range will appeal to European consumers.
At $45K (only qualifying for partial tax credit), the green value vs. the price doesn’t seem competitive in the U.S. market.

for european driving patterns it probably will make quite a difference. in addition, this range is probably enough to exempt the car from annual co2 taxes (which should be implented in the US) that people in europe have to pay on vehicles.

Lame. And yet like the plug-in Prius which also gets awful all-electric range, it’ll probably get cleared for carpool lane stickers in California.

No more stickers as of now and a long queue of already waiting required before these would get considered. One less reason to buy one.

No more stickers. Plus it’s not eligible since it’s not TZEV.

It’s like they are not even trying…

And this is why I’m getting a Model 3


It is almost like BMW is purposefully trying as hard as they can to try and prove that there is no market for EV’s in the US, by selling intentionally crippled products.

Sorry BMW fans (and I’ve owned 5 myself in the US and EU), but this is more like a Prius PHEV in range than like a real PHEV. And that did so well that Toyota killed it….

I use to own 5 BMW’s as well then switched to the 2014 Ford Fusion Energi but now my lease is over and I wanted this BMW 330e but 14 miles ev would be a lot less than the 20-26 my Fusion Energi gets me for $38K.

What do you drive now?

Uh, the i3 is an awesome car and was the 4th best selling plug-in in the US in 2015. And they’re apparently boosting battery capacity this year by 25%. Just because the people on this site want the most electrified powertrains possible doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for slightly electrified powertrains with improved fuel economy. This thing will beat any non-plug-in hybrid hands down in terms of overall fuel economy, even if it doesn’t offer a huge all-electric range.

When it comes to plug-in hybrids, there really is no beating the Volt. Now if only GM would build this thing…

Unless you consider the i3 a plug-in hybrid… In which case the i3 is better for some people, and the Volt is better for others… and both are better than pretty much any other 10-20 mile AER option.

Better than nothing but still weak sauce.

I expect that when Tesla starts taking serious market share away from BMW then they will get serious.

To put the battery size of this car in perspective my Zero SR electric motorcycle has a 15.9 kWh battery pack. As others have said here, why bother. Just another compliance car.

European Compliance car.

It is a conventional hybrid that happens to have a plug.

On the bright side; this will be half the typical gas use of a 3-series owner. Small steps unfortunately, but I would rather have BMW sell these than diesels.

If I come across one of those consuming a public EV charging station when no others are available, I may have to consider keying it…

Please don’t waste a public EV charger unless there are plenty of others available when you have minimal range like this!

I am underwhelmed. I think this shows how difficult it is to reverse engineer an ICE car into a reasonable PHEV. Ford really had to compromise truck space for the Fusion. It looks like BMW chose to compromise range.

I wonder what resale value of these kinds of cars will be? With low gas prices and some really nice BEVs on the horizon, will this car be any more appealing than GMs mild hybrids?


I’d guess it was designed to fit the Chinese rules for a New Energy Vehicle, where it isn’t expected to be plugged in anyway.

That would mean that added battery capacity would be a waste of money in its intended market.

Un pedazo de mierda!

I believe Ford Fusion Plugin has 7.6 KWh battery and has 22 mile range. BMW 330e is a smaller car and even though it has fast pickup, it should still have around 20 mile range.

Is the EPA mileage ratings really correct. Let some people buy this and say.

Horrible! It’s just alll for show these plug in hybrids…

On the fueleconomy website, the EPA just posted the 330e ratings. Two things to note.

First, while on all-electric mode it consumes some gasoline, so the actual range is rated between 0 to 14 miles.

Second, the energy consumption equivalent is 72 MPG-e, and the gasoline only combined fuel economy is 31 MPG.

Check here

I have one.. 19 miles is what is on the dash after a full charge. 8 speed transmission vs CVT of volt or ELR. I love my 330e. My drive to work is only 12 miles round trip, but I love the 2.0T kick with electric, so I use the gas motor. Drove a volt for 39 months, but this is much better.

All for show ? Sorry, This is perfect for me.. better than 320i and slightly under the 340 torque , plus I have the option to use just electric or just gas or both.

Plug in at work is also a plus.