Electric Car Sales In UK Doubled In January 2019: PHEVs Disappoint


British market continues to grow despite the PHEV sales decrease.

In January, the overall plug-in electric market in the UK increased by 8.5% to 3,602 new registrations at a market share of over 2.2%. Total registrations decreased by 1.6% to 161,013.

The single-digit growth was basically the result of a superb increase of all-electric cars, by 110% – the highest growth rate for several years, while the plug-in hybrids drag the plug-in segment down.

  • 1,334 BEVs (up 110% year-over-year)
  • 2,268 PHEVs (down 15.5% year-over-year)

As it turns out, the alternatively fuelled vehicles increased by 26.3%, which is far better than 8.5% for plug-ins – could the clients see more potential in hybrids? On the other hand, gasoline cars increased by 7.3%, while diesel decreased by 20.3% year-over-year.

Plug-in Electric Car Registrations in the UK – January 2019

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4 Comments on "Electric Car Sales In UK Doubled In January 2019: PHEVs Disappoint"

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You seem to have forgotten that the ‘subsidy’ for PHEV’s was removed entirely late last year and the one for EV reduced.
It would also be nice to know what the number for each model was.

My EV won’t figure until April at the earliest.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

PHEVs don’t have any price subsidies, BEVs still have a substantial one, and from April 2020 the Benefit-In-Kind tax is going to be a lot more generous for BEVs than for the current crop of PHEVs.

I am glade that PHEVs are becoming less of a stop gap. Buying two cars in one does not sit well with my sense of conservation.

Even with the drop in subsidies, this fits with the overall trend of accelerating BEV sales while PHEV lose momentum. Looks like the time for stopgap measures is over.