AeroVironment and eMotorWerks Combine Forces To Provide Smart Charging Solutions

MAR 28 2017 BY STAFF 6

It seems like eMotorWerks has rapidly transformed itself into a leading smart charging solution provider.

Not long ago we saw the company pair up the California utility, Sonoma Clean Power to provide a thousand free smart charging stations in the county, now it will reach out even further by teaming up with AeroVironment, maker of several OEM charging stations (8 by our last count – and most recently with the Chevy Bolt EV), to bring smart metering to the masses.

Smart metering your car charging has cost and informational advantages

Specifically, eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet platform, which offers cloud-connected and intelligent grid charging solutions, including green-charging for renewables, gets paired up with AeroVironment’s lineup up of personal EV chargers.

“AeroVironment is a recognized industry pioneer and leader in EV charging solutions,” said Valery Miftakhov, founder and CEO of eMotorWerks. “Drivers and car manufacturers will get the best of both worlds through integrating our cloud solutions with AeroVironment’s broad range of safe, proven, EV charging solutions. Together we will offer the best products to our customers to power the continued adoption of EVs.”

We spoke to eMotorWerks founder, and he reminded us of the value of have a “smart” EVSE, specifically (and unsurprisingly) his JuiceNet Smart-Grid Charging Platform, he also gave out the following bullet-point advantages:

  • Provides the ability to aggregate fleets of charging EVs and to modulate energy demand on the grid.

  • Allows shifting of EV loads to times when renewable resources are more abundant and or energy rates are lower.

  • In certain California geographies customers can earn rewards dollars for using this feature, which will be expanding in the future to locations outside of California.

  • Offers the capability to increase the relative percentage of renewable energy used to charge a driver’s EV by setting the “Green Charging” feature.

One can check out and/or order eMotorWerks’AV EVSE-RS JuiceNet® Edition here.

Our goal is to help our customers succeed by providing them with valuable capabilities, and our new relationship with eMotorWerks helps us achieve that goal,said Ken Karklin, vice president and general manager, Efficient Energy Systems for AeroVironment. “Like AeroVironment, eMotorWerks is an innovative company, and working together we look forward to helping EV drivers and utilities proceed with certainty.”

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV and Aerovironment become partners

More details via eMotorWerks/AeroVironment:

AeroVironment and eMotorWerks Team Up to Offer Smart Advanced Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions for EV Customers and Utilities

MONROVIA, Calif. and SAN CARLOS, Calif. March 28, 2017  – Both customers and electric utilities across the US are set to gain more options and control over electric vehicle charging through the collaboration of AeroVironment, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVAV), a leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging and the preferred electric vehicle charging solution supplier for eight global automakers, and eMotorWerks, a leading provider of intelligent and cloud-connected smart-grid charging solutions.

2016 Volvo XC90 T8 And First Standard Equipment 240v/120v Portable Charging Cord Set From AeroVironment

By integrating eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet smart-grid EV charging platform into AeroVironment’s line of consumer and OEM EV charging solutions, both companies aim to provide increased charging capabilities to customers and electric demand load aggregation for utilities.  

AeroVironment charging solutions with integrated eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet will enable EV drivers to gain benefits that include smartphone, web and Amazon Alexa voice control over charging, real time and historic energy usage for cars, notifications of charging status, load balancing two or more EVSEs on the same electrical circuit to share the load while avoiding tripping breakers, and setting charging schedules that correspond to lower utility rates, saving customers money on charging.

For electric utilities, the JuiceNet integration, via open APIs and industry standards such as OpenADR, makes it possible to aggregate fleets of charging EVs. Such a high level of control over EV charging load allows utilities to modulate energy demand on the grid, and to shift and spread out EV charging loads to times when renewable resources are more abundant or energy rates are lower.

The integration of eMotorWerks’ market-leading solutions for smart-grid charging enables EV drivers to control their charging via smartphone applications, and in certain geographies, earn frequent charging rewards through eMotorWerks’ exclusive platform and utility partnerships. Drivers can also optimize the mix of renewable energy used when charging their vehicles. JuiceNet has the capability to increase the relative percentage of renewable energy used to charge a driver’s EV by setting the “Green Charging” feature. Charge times are automatically optimized to match the periods of highest renewable energy generation on the grid. In certain California geographies customers can earn rewards dollars for using this feature, which will be expanding in the future to locations outside of California.

eMotorWerks’ AV EVSE-RS JuiceNet® Edition details/ordering landing page here, AeroVironment’s family of charging solutions can be found here.

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Good to see. Smart is the way charging should go.

Just pick your option: clean or cheap. In the end it would be both.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Smart charging sounds great. I actually seriously looked in to getting a Juice Box. After calling on 3 separate days to order one and just getting a voicemail I looked more on-line and discovered their customer service and warranty claims process was a nightmare.

They have a nice product but with no customer service all the way would never buy anything from them.

Who knows, maybe them licensing their product to an actual company that has people you can call and speak to is what they need…

Thanks DJ for your feedback. We are improving every day. I will take a look at your case myself. For others here – to get a statistically significant view on our quality and service ratings, consult our 5-star Amazon ratings (average of ~400 reviews) that incorporate all aspects of the product features, quality, and service. We will make sure your experience is as good as that average suggests. Thank you for your support.


eMotorWerks is also using this product to enable the California Sub-Metering Pilot Phase 2. Their Wattbox solution that was used for Phase 1 of the Pilot was not approved for Phase 2. Now EMW has a solution so that they can participate in Phase 2.

So AV is using another company to sort of try and emulate what ChargePoint has been doing for a long time? ChargePoint’s already leading in the smart app/wifi enabled EVSE.