ABB Installs First DC Fast Charger In Egypt

NOV 22 2018 BY MARK KANE 7

National Petroleum Company in Egypt has decided to install some chargers for EVs

Egypt finally received its first DC fast charger this September as ABB, the Arab Consulting Office and Revolta Egypt entered into a $500,000 deal to install a number of Terra 53 multi-standard chargers in the country.

Interestingly, the chargers are to be installed at NPCO (National Petroleum Company) gas stations throughout Egypt’s national road network, at car dealerships and in busy urban areas.

“During the first week of September, the first EV DC fast charger was installed at an NPCO gas station located at the beginning of Cairo-Sokhna road, with the remainder due for deployment and commissioning by the end of 2018.The Terra 53 multi-standard DC charging station is a configurable single, dual or triple outlet 50 kW fast charging station, operational through a range of temperatures from – 35 to + 55 degrees Celsius. The charging stations are ideally suited to highway rest stops since they have the capacity to recharge a vehicle within 15 to 40 minutes depending on the battery capacity.”

Since 2010, ABB installed across 68 countries around the world some 8,000 DC fast chargers.

Naji Jreijiri, Managing Director ABB in Egypt, North & Central Africa said:

“Working towards sustainable development, Egypt aims to increase the use of renewable energy by 22 percent in 2020, and we are proud to be part of this endeavor providing outstanding sustainable mobility solutions in Egypt,”

“ABB is the first company to offer EV DC fast chargers in Egypt and we hope this will be the first step towards the wider use of electric vehicles and reductions in local emissions to help improve community life in the near future,”

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Does anyone know what EVs are already sold in Egypt that could use this charger?
AFAIK the only one might be the BMW i3. The Zoe may be sold there, but versions with DC port are only beginning to come out soon, according to this site.

The BMW i3 is the only BEV available.

I see huuuuge opportunities for carmakers from all over the world for this untapped opportunity, not only Egypt, but all countries who have not adopted EV in large scale. GM, are you listening?

You might want to look up the salaries in Egypt… Hint: While the population is large, very little of it is middle class and savings rates are very low. Also, gasoline is quite cheap.

I would assume though that those few who can actually afford new cars at all, can afford EVs just as much as in other parts of the world?…

There are a couple of Tesla owners but I never saw any i3 or Zoe there. Fuel and Electricity in Egypt are subsidized by the government but they’re slowly removing them, so people would only start to think about Electric cars after they’re fully removed.

I can imagine how dangerous it is to drive one there, one will stand out like an eye sore.