ABB Charges Up Bulgaria With Network Of Fast Chargers

JAN 10 2018 BY MARK KANE 5

eMobility International (a company that creates, maintains and operates charging infrastructure) is expanding its nationwide fast charging network in Bulgaria using 50 kW multi-standard fast chargers supplied by ABB.

ABB delivers Bulgaria’s nationwide fast charging network

According to the infographic, 15 Terra 53 CJG are already installed and a further 15 are to be installed by the end of Q1 2018, offering basic nationwide coverage.

Terra 53 CJG is equipped with CHAdeMO, CCS Combo and AC Type 2 plugs.

eMobility International, which operates across south-eastern Europe under the brands Eldive (charging) and Spark (car sharing), have their own fleet of over 110 EVs – the largest in Bulgaria.

“Working in close collaboration with the Terra53 integration partner and customer, eMobility International, ABB’s Terra53 fast chargers now cover the international routes from Sofia to the Greek border, with installations in key locations including Sofia, Varna, Veliko Turnovo, Blagoevgrad, Sandanski, Rakovski, Stara Zagora, Liubumetz and Bourgas.

eMobility International is developing and managing an infrastructure of fast charging stations, operating under the brand Eldrive. It is supporting users in their understanding of electric mobility and enabling them to easily navigate to the nearest charging station or e-car rental station.”

Stefan Spassov, CEO of eMobility International said:

“We chose ABB to build our fast-charging network across Bulgaria because they’re highly reliable and offer remote support, which is crucial for our business.”

Frank Muehlon, Head of ABB’s global business for EV Charging Infrastructure said:

“ABB plays a vital role in the development of sustainable mobility by providing innovative and efficient technologies for EV charging infrastructure. Various projects across the world show that ABB is a global player in fast-charging technologies and is taking the lead in the creation of a nationwide charging network in Bulgaria.”

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“ELDIVE” is for future electric sub marines 😉

(There is/was a typo)

Submarines have been hybrids for decades.
Massive batteries. Expensive..
We used diesel engines to charge the batteries, and then we went electric. We could then stay still, and listen to the cooling pump on nuclear subs, if they passed close to us.
At the base we could charge the batteries with cables too, and have a plug in hybrid experience 🙂

Oh, look, more multi-protocol chargers.

Interestingly, some of the most traveled routes are not well covered yet. Knowing how hard it can be to secure the land leases and sites, the company will have a good headstart to the competition. Wishing them best of luck, EVs are not as popular in that part of the world so better infrastructure will help. Glad to see more coverage here of some other countries besides the States, China and a few Nordic countries.

Oh, they are popular alright, most people simply cannot afford them, drive 15-year old diesels. As used plugins trickle in from the west and cheaper once make their way from the Koreans and Chinese there will be more EVs. There are also the very few well-to-dos that drive Teslas and whatnot, they are the current users of the infrastructure.