$329 Per Month Nationwide Lease Offered For Chevrolet Bolt, As Deep Inventory Arrives!



Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet Bolt EV At LA Auto Show – Image Credit: InsideEVs / Tom Moloughney

The Chevrolet Bolt is currently only available in some states. We have shared stories of dealers picking Bolts up from other states.  But, what if you could lease a Bolt now, no matter where you live?

Chevrolet Bolt

Inside the Chevrolet Bolt

Well, according to General Motors, you can. Chevrolet has just released details on the first nationwide lease offering for the long-range all-electric crossover.

The lease on the Chevrolet Bolt LT started April 1st, and will cost you $329 per month for 36 months with $3,809 due at signing – by far the cheapest monthly option to drive a long range EV today. Somewhat surprisingly, the offer is also a 15,000 mile per year lease, which is increasingly rare, especially for EVs.

We should also note that the deal comes at a time when a flood of new Bolt EV inventory is finding dealers in the US market, proving that GM has no intention to limit sales volumes in the US. National inventories have moved from only about 1,000 units on hand at the start of this month, to almost 4,000 just two weeks in.

Hot tip:  Place a friendly wager with your friends (or haters) on what EV will be the “surprise sales hit” for April in the US with GM’s 238 mile EV

This new national deal is not much different than the lease offers currently available in California and Oregon. Other states with Bolt availability have also already offered this monthly price on a Bolt lease, but now, anyone in the U.S. is eligible.

GM’s current lease deal also includes a higher 15,000 mile yearly allowances, letting one take more advantage of the 238 mile range of the Bolt EV

The only catch is that the down payment for the nationwide program is substantially higher than that of current offerings. In Los Angeles and San Francisco, you can get the same monthly price and term, with only $1,559 due at signing. This is because CARB states receive an additional $2,250 off lease pricing.

If you don’t live in a CARB state, you will have to crunch the numbers and decide if nearly $4,000 down is worth it. Adding the payment in and dividing it over the term shows that you actually have to be willing to shell out $435 per month, to get your hands on the Chevrolet Bolt. If you choose to take the plunge, act soon because the deal expires May 1, 2017.

There is currently no GM loyalty bonus, or any other incentives, aside from what your state might offer. This should all change over time, so waiting may give you an advantage. At least it proves the reality that GM does, in fact, plan to bring these nationwide offers to the table, for the Chevrolet Bolt.

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“…waiting may give you an advantage”
This sums up my thoughts as I was reading the article. Much better deals may happen if sales don’t match expectations. I guess that goes for all cars, though. Spark EV’s were down to <$100/mo. (MSRP $28k)

The deals will likely get better once the M3 is finally revealed with pricing this summer.

Then even better deals once the M3 is being delivered later this year around the same time Leaf 2.0 is revealed.

The deals are already pretty good in Southern California, Bolts are currently leasing for $219 a month at Rydell

Yup. Rydell’s got the best deal this week, with an average monthly cost of $284+tax+lic. They’re the first to break the $300/mo barrier. But I’m pretty sure it’s for one without DCFC. There are three other dealers in So Cal that are at about $305/mo+tax+lic, some with DCFC and one even has a 12K mi/yr limit instead of 10K.

Data is here:

Chevy lease incentive went from $2500 last month to $3500 this month… hopefully they’ll ratchet that up to $7500 soon, effectively passing the entire fed rebate to the consumer.

They are going to need to discount a lot. Here in the Old Dominion, most small dealers have one, and the big dealerships have them in tens! Nissan and BMW dealers here have never had more than a couple EVs at a time…ever.

Just read Electrek’s post about it being a compliance car. Pretty funny. Reminds me of the old Yogi Berra joke about nobody going to that restaurant anymore, because it’s too crowded. 🙂

GM just rolled out a national lease offer, Ampera-E’s are already in Europe, initial allotment sold out in Korea, but they still imply the Bolt is a compliance car. Lol those TSLA fanbois that run the site are something else.

We will see on the insideevs sales chart may 4th 🙂

Hopefully you are right and they are wrong. Not
Holding my breath just yet.

1st quarter sales were what, around 3k. So they just have to sell over 1k, in April to beat that. Not a very high bar.

Still even if they double that number to 2k and continue to sell that many a month, that would be only around 20k by years end. Are those compliance numbers? I think so.

This “Bolt is a compliance car” crap is laughable.

GM only needs to sell ZEVs in CA to satisfy CARB requirements. Why roll out the Bolt nationwide else if it is just a compliance car?

How many CARB credits does GM receive for Canadian sales? South Korea? Norway? Germany?

GM already had a compliance car in the Spark EV it could have kept producing to satisfy CARB ZEV requirements.

The “Bolt is a compliance car” nonsense needs to stop.

Random FYI: Just from early reports, I’d say April Bolt EV sales are on pace to at least double March’s result.

Bolt inventory (at least according to cars.com) exploded the past week or so, and briefly hit 4k yesterday after being in the 2000’s. It’s back down to just under 4k this morning.

A 40% boost in lease incentives helps move the metal. 🙂

Yeah, that is what we are seeing too …not quite that high (a lot of dealer inventory gets listed while in transit/customer orders on the ‘new hotness’), but close to it.

Will be good to see a much stronger number get put on the board for the Bolt EV…there seems to always be some “panic on the water” whenever a new offering comes out and it (invariably) doesn’t sell to its potential out of the gate.

I’m also wondering if the $2000 NY state EV rebate will help move more Bolts. Having the Bolt in NY in March probably didn’t do much good, with a couple exceptions, since I would expect many to know that the rebate was imminently due to come out.

I am still waiting for my 99 a month BOLT lease deal though

Limited numbers of vehicles sold there, South Korea Canada, a pittance really. So what constitutes not a compliance car, do numbers matter at all?
I think they do, and low numbers indicate compliance. Also roll-out in the CARB states first, where most of the cars in the U.S. will be sold, compliance states.

CARB states also happen to be EV friendly states, so as a business, if you knew you had limited inventory at launch, why wouldn’t you focus sales in states where they’ll be grabbed up more quickly? The main reason for a geographically limited rollout is to have greater control over repair/recall if something were to happen in the early days of production.

The Canada numbers are not a pittance. Although they certainly are smaller than the US.

The percentage of EV sales to all Chevrolet sales in the country are pretty good at 3.5% there.

I believe sales of the Bolt(241) and Volt(377) both outsold all other Canadian EVs in March. Don’t discount the Canadian EV drivers, eh? 🙂

People call the Volt a compliance car too… You know, the best selling plug-in of all time, with only Tesla closing in on that.

So when people say these silly things claiming compliance status for Volt, and now Bolt EV, it’s hard not to feel bad for their biases. Bolt EV is nowhere near the bottom of this year’s sales charts, LOL

Maybe EV’s are not a good seller anyway? Let’s face it, around 1% of all car sales is pretty small potatoes in anyone’s book. So stop with the compliance nonsense, if that was the case it would look like the Honda Clarity, 80mi range @ $35k+. Bolt is not compliance car, EV’s just don’t sell in big numbers anyway.

Just because we are rabid EV owners doesn’t make the market bigger. And don’t be disappointed if Model 3 only sells 50k when all the Dreamers realised they really can’t afford it or the spartan interior puts people off. So far every EV model was going to sell 10’s of thousands and only sold 10’s of hundreds. Time will tell.

I don’t think you know what ‘compliance’ means.

Sort of like when Ivanka didn’t know what ‘complicit’ meant.

When they start delivering enough to satisfy the demand, which they would have done with any other popular car, then we can say it is not compliance only.

Seth Weintraub (owner):
“Disclaimer for @electrek readers (And will be posted to the site) I am back into $TSLA”

Technically they have disclaimer in some obscure part of the site, so SEC can’t slap them with criminal charges for deceptive stock pumping like it did against few writers and stock promoters few days ago.

Granted I’m in a special area, but here in Silicon Valley they are moving like hot cakes. Went to test drive one at Capitol Chevy and they had at least 20 on the lot IN FRONT of the dealership and at least another 50 in reserve in the back lot. The salesman was knowledgable and eager to show me all the features and explained the different packages. Both units we test drove were charged adequately to provide useful drives (including highway driving). When asked he said they were moving 50 to 60 a month. I LOVE being in an area when EV’s are embraced enough that dealerships treat them like they SHOULD be treated!

Lots of engineers in Silicon Valley appreciate the Bolt and want one. That may not be the case nation wide.

This is starting to get down close to the ” Twice the Price” of the 2017 30 kWh Nissan Leaf $150.00/Mo. Lease Deals. Double the Battery- Double the Lease Deal.

Hopefully DC fast charge is part of this deal.

Have to keep in mind the national lease offer assumes MSRP pricing. If you can find a dealer that is discounting Bolts on their own $2-3k, that’s $55-85 a month knocked off the lease price.

However, most people will get at least a couple of options, so that wipes out some of the savings. But I think it would be possible to lease a “loaded” LT for the quoted lease deal above, before taxes.

By my math, a barebones Bolt LT lease (36 months/10k miles a year) with a $2k discount in Cali, $0 down, would be around $280/month after factoring in the $2,500 CA state rebate.

It should go way down with time, as more cars are produced.

As for the “cheapest monthly option to drive a long range EV today” now, it is not true in California. Honda Clarity FC EV has longer range and leases cheaper once you account for state incentives, options and fuel/charging cost.
Bolt: $329*35+$3809-$2250=$13,074. Plus $550*3 annual electricity cost according to fueleconomy.gov, $14,724. Even more once you add options to bare bones car.
Clarity: $369*35+$2868-$5000=$10,783. Fuel for 20,000 miles/year and all the options included.

Fuel cell is a dead end though, wouldn’t want to throw money down that rabbit hole

> Michael Will

Yes, for a fanboy of one or another technology it isn’t about money, but about being able to play with his favorite tech toy. Nothing wrong with it.

For practical people, a cheaper and more practical or comfortable option wins and “dead end” name-calling by competing brand fanboys doesn’t change anything. I wouldn’t really say it is “dead end”, rather the opposite :/ At least it works better for some (not all of course) of the consumers. It is always good to have a choice.

If you intend to return the car upon expiration, I would not worry about any tech that will work for that time frame.

Practical people prefer cars that can be refueled anywhere the electric grid exists, most importantly on their own private property. Not just a handful of inconvenient locations.

Bolt lease offer is a great deal. Though two challenges in getting Bolt sold at high volume:

1) Most Chevy franchise dealers don’t know how and don’t care to promote the sale of Bolt. These franchise dealerships from the top ownership down to the floor sales guy/lady are overall negative on EVs. Yes, there are a few exceptions but key word is “few”.

2) Bolt does not have access to a reliable and convenient supercharger network. It’s great that Bolt is affordable and longish range BUT…for example a family driving the Bolt on family vacation from San Diego to Yosemite National Park (~450 miles) would encounter a pain-in-a** effort to charge along the way. The average consumer does not want to buy into a pain-in-a** proposition.

Are there actually any families left in CA, that only have one car, though?

@Hans Worst,
Very few. I’m a 3 car family: 2 ICE & 1 EV. I love my Tesla Model S but if I did not have access to Tesla’s Supercharger Network I’d perhaps “like” rather than “love” my car. Sans access to a supercharger network a Chevy Volt is a more praticle primary car than Bolt or Model S.

We have a Volt and Spark. Soon a Volt and Bolt. It’s kinda the perfect combo to have a PHEV and EV. Two great tastes that go great together. The only time our volt drops below “250 mpg” is when we take a long trip 2 or 3 times a year.

But infrastructure is improving fast. In a few years, the Model 3 will be the likely contender to replace the Volt.

The moment I read your post, a voice in my head screamed, “CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE!”

It is NOT a great lease deal, it is more subsidized than the previous deal…They still do not open up the incentives…In addition to $6K+ lease cash and first payment waived last month, the Volt had $3000 off lease conquest and another $3000 off in bonus tags…Reportedly out the door with expensive CA tax were leasing $41K Volts with ACC for $0 down and $235/mo (again first payment waived)… On your points… 1) There are SoCal dealers promoting them now, doesn’t really help with sales…GM repeatedly says they just need to put the butts in the seats, why not offer a $20 gift card for those who test drive? Have it limited to like the first 25 people per dealership and make the customer complete a survey of their Bolt EV test drive in order to receive the reward…Chevy will earn valuable feedback from the customer’s mouth that it’s too expensive for a Chevy, too ugly and not enough features to justify it; even if it had a 1000 miles of range, folks would just rather drive and be seen in a BMW… 2) So few households are EV exclusive, overwhelming majority of homes have an ICE vehicle in their… Read more »

April is prime time for car buying. We will probably see an uptick in sales, though they have been abysmal, by any measure up till now, even lower than my rather low estimate.

The Leaf, which is sold in all 50 states and is literally half as cheap as a Bolt (which was available in only 7 states in March) sold only 500 more copies than the Bolt in March.

If Bolt sales were “abysmal” in March, what were Leaf sales? Atrocious? Horrifying? “Terrible!”?

I think a lot of EV fans are going to be really disappointed by the end of this year. Tesla will own the $40K and up, performance sedan market, and GM and everybody else will be fighting for the, almost as small (even smaller?), mass $20K-$30K car market.

Should qualify this as in the US. Other parts of the world are still buying sensible sized cars in large numbers.

Chevy is on target for my prediction of 22K in 2017.

IMO it will be a miracle if they can match Prius sales in the US.

Prius or PP

I meant total 2017 sales of BEVs for $35K and below.

Total Prius family sales in the US in 2016 was 58.4K. Total 2016 sales of BEV at $35K and below was considerably less than that. I am assuming that Bolt and Leaf 2.0 sales will destroy sales of most lesser range EVs by the end of this year. If not, it will mean price is still the biggest constraint on EV sales to the mass market. If they do take over the mass market for EVs, they won’t match Prius family sales.

Doubt it will destroy…Many happy Leaf drivers value the highly subsidized/cheaper lease offering and the “no charge to charge” program over max range…

If range was king, only the 335 mile S100D would be for sale today…

Yep, me too. I feel comfortable with that.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

This is a good deal but IMHO, I’d wait a few months for the “Model à trois” release and wait for the Great deal.

“But, what if you could lease a Bolt now, no matter where you live?”

Depending on where you live, better make sure you get the CCS and hope there are DCFC’s on they way back home, then pray they are working.

I’m not sure you’ll see much of a change in Bolt cost when the Model 3 comes out. The supply of Model 3 will be consumed by the fraction of the reservation holders that stick with it so someone “new to the game” will still have to wait along time to get a Model 3 that costs anywhere close to the Bolt, if they cross shop at all.

Well having purchased ours on 12/31/16; I’ve seen the first one in the wild yesterday (besides the other guy from Auburn that got his in Dec.) in downtown Sacramento … which means … the floodgates are about to open. Hopefully it will ordinary to see them on the street just like the Leaf \ Volt \ Model S downtown.

Call me at $0 down, $210/mo, 10k miles/year (Calif.)

I think we’re currently at $280/month, $0 down. That includes the $2,500 CA rebate monies though.

Wake me up at 99 a month 🙂

How about somebody else pays and you drive for free?

I have better deal – you get paid to drive! Just get a job at taxi company 😉

But then it won’t be FREE….many Americans love free stuff lol

3800 down… Wow