2019 VW e-Golf Price Increase Comes As A Surprise

JAN 21 2019 BY MARK KANE 99

MSRP went up, but it’s now better equipped

The order guides for the 2019 Volkswagen e-Golf in the U.S. indicate upcoming changes in prices and standard equipment. According to CarsDirect, the base price will go up by $1,400.

Here are the details:

Base SE trim:

  • 2018 – $31,390 ($30,495 MSRP + $895 D&H)
  • 2019 – $32,790 ($31,895 MSRP + $895 D&H) – $1,400 more
    DC fast charging inlet now standard (previously $995)
    Driver Assistance Package (automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, a blind spot monitor and adaptive cruise control with stop & go capability) option now available for $650 (previously not available)

SEL Premium trim:

  • 2018 – $38,240 ($37,345 MSRP + $895 D&H)
  • 2019 – $39,790 ($38,895 MSRP + $895 D&H) – $1,550 more
    Driver Assistance Package (with more features than in SE version: parking assistance feature and automatic high beams) now standard (previously $1,075)

We don’t know for sure why Volkswagen decided to increase the prices of base version, as we would expect to see a gradual decrease.

Maybe it’s simply the effect of simplifying offers to cut costs, which in general decreased the number of options and actually increases prices. As automakers seek savings, we will probably see such practice often in the next couple of years.

CarsDirect points out that the competitive position of e-Golf, both in case of purchase and leasing, isn’t too good anymore.

“This month, VW is offering 2.9% financing for up to 60 months, plus a dealer cash incentive worth up to $3,000. In terms of leases, the 2019 e-Golf SE is listed at $319 for 36 months with $2,999 at signing, which equates to an effective cost of $402/month.

Based on our analysis, that makes the SE $72/month more expensive than a 2019 Nissan LEAF S here in Los Angeles ($330). At that price, shoppers may find the 2019 Chevy Bolt LT to be more appealing ($421) for an extra $19/month but a range of up to 238 miles.”

Besides this, the supply of e-Golf in the U.S. is constrained anyways and only 1,354 were sold in 2018 – down from 3,534 in 2017 and 3,937 in 2016 and 4,232 in 2015.

Source: CarsDirect.com

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This is just a demand lever. I think they pushed when they should have pulled, though.

My current gas car was 14k as new..

I’m sure it’s a piece of junk…

Ok peeps….school me…what are these NEW cars in US under $14k that are not junk?

Yes but your Dino juice car costs more than double to fuel n maintain than this bev. Of course the payback for an egolf over gas sipper would likely be many years even with govt incentives.

Exactly. Brand new EV is not something you buy to save money. You buy a new EV because you have too much money or you are willing to spend more money than you need to.

Median price of a brand new ICE cars in the US is between $30-35K. What you said pretty much covers the typical ICE car sale too.

$30-35k median for cars is urban legend that stems from monthly KBB reports. It is for trucks, SUVs and cars. Not for Golf class cars anyway.


It is $37,577 now but it is just average of all segment averages. VW Golf is in “compact car” segment, $20,453 average before consumer incentives. You can have new Hyundai Accent for $14k or VW Golf for $19k or 58 mpg Ioniq Blue for $21k.

And the top Golf is at $40k+….no, not the ev.

You’re not from US, aren’t you? It seems like each year we have a few crazy ridiculous ev lease deals. At one point the 500e was at $50 per month, the Bolt was at $140 per month, i got my eGolf at $116…i could go on but why bother…your mind is set anyway. Go with a gasser and have 2 monthly payments…i went with pv + ev and couldn’t be happier.

Most of these deals are in California, paid by taxpayers because of CARB and other regulations. It is good for you, but hardly relevant for the rest of the world.

Judging by the evs sold i say it’s very relevant for US what happens in CA since half sales happen there. Lol….don’t tell me….you are suddenly an advocate for the CA taxpayers?

No, he is simply an advocate for fool cells/the H2 hoax and trying to spin everything here against Tesla and EVs.

That we know…

Get Real,

No I’m not some Musk cult zealot attacking “infidels” around, and don’t want anything to do with them.

Half the sales happen in CA because they get an additional $2500 tax credit, get to use the HOV lanes, gas prices are higher than the rest of the nation, and their power companies give discount electricity rates to EVs for overnight charging.

Dense traffic may also have something to do with it, as EVs are more efficient in stop and go traffic.

Also, if CA is getting deals like Mark.ca mentioned, then that would be one heck of a selling point. I’ve never seen deals anywhere close to that in Michigan.

Let’s not forget that CA has the largest population, is very liberal, and has a high density of wealthier individuals that can afford the extra up-front cost of an EV.

They also have one of the greenest energy grids in the nation, making it much more carbon emission friendly to use electricity than in many other parts of the US where fossil fuel is still burned.

Good points…but don’t forget that other states have similar rebates…see TX at $2500 or even bigger…see CO at $5k. Yes, there are alot of rich people but you really don’t have to be rich to afford the leases i mentioned. I’m not sure where liberalism comes into play…maybe to steer people into greener choices…which really should not be a political thing.

Unfortunately greener choices is a political thing, conservatives see a BEV on the road and automatically stereotype the driver as a communist liberal socialist Al Gore lover lol


You have been told by multiple people already and still don’t get it that these superdeal California leases are subsidized by CARB credits and various other mandates, automakers dumping cars at fraction of the cost to meet mandates and sales targets. They are mostly California only. It is silly to assume that money grows on trees just because you got some handout.

Yes, you get some extra handout in addition to federal $7500 but only in some other states. But it is far from enough anyway to make some $50/month lease on a $40k car. Most often you won’t get any privileged road access either, nor privileged electric rate, nor practical options to take longer road trip.

Sometimes you can’t even escape road/gas taxes. E.g. Georgia now charges $200+/year for plugin, about the same amount average gas car pays in gas taxes at pump per year. Gas at pump is below $2 in US South East now, not overtaxed & overregulated to above $3 as in California.

Oh, i get CARB role in all of this, i just don’t get what most other states are doing. Believe me, you don’t have to explain me how the system works…it’s something I have been part of for the past 3 years. CA is not the only one with the great deals but it’s true that the other states are also CARB or have ZEV mandates.
CA has a road tax for evs coming in 2020…they will all have them.
Where gas is cheap electricity is even cheaper…and if anyone really wants to control their situation then they can install pv….but let’s look for excuses, it’s easier.


I don’t give a damn about CA taxpayers. I’m just pointing out that California is not center of the world. There is life outside. Sometimes it is good to get outside and see the world.
The fact that half of the US EVs are sold in California is related to CA regulations, not other way around. Another half of the US EV buyers and most of the world don’t see any these “deals” you take as granted, nobody pays for it outside CA.

CA certainly is the ev center of US.
The fact that you don’t know great deals are available outside of CA doesn’t surprise me, most people don’t. You pay for being ignorant. Case in point, i got a Clarity phev for my wife this month for $8200 for 3 year lease. The previous month there were multiple East Coast states that had deals that were 1-2k better than mine. The Volt had similar deals in multiple states last year mirroring the one in CA.

$40k for the top trim?! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
I was at a VW stealership earlier this month looking at the ‘19 eGolf…nice car with many more options compared to my ‘16 model…msrp on base was $33.4k with the delivery and some other minor crap dealer addons. They wanted $22k for a 3 year lease…lol!

Don’t worry. When they realize they can’t move the car at that price, it will come down.

Believe it or not there are idiots taking this deal making it difficult for me to get my deal. They had all 4 cars in stock just for a few days because they sold out the previous batch.
The $22k and the $7500 fed credit they keep plus the 12758 residual means they sell this $33.5k car at $42k+. We put bank robbers in prisons….

Based on your story it would appear that VW knows what it’s doing w.r.t. pricing. The very fact that they can’t keep them on the lot appears to be incontrovertible evidence as such.

Lol…keep them on the lot?! How hard can it be when you only order a handful at a time? This is SoCal, man…not some deserted corner of US. Out of millions of people in LA are of course you will find buyers at any price for 4 cars. They said the last one they sold after 3 months on the lot….like hot cakes!…lol
But yes, they know what they are doing…and that is do everything possible to not sell them.

If not keeping any on the lot is their great sales tactic, it is an utter failure. 1,354 units sold in the US in the entire year of 2018. It is a rounding error on the 360,000 plugin’s sold in the US, and their sales are nearly meaningless.

No, when they realize they can’t move the car at this price, they will buy more ZEV credits from the open market and call it a day done.

Right now the price of ZEV credits is tumbling in the secondary market because Tesla is producing so many excess credits that there is a huge pool of unused ZEV credits.

If anyone is confused about the Golf EV being anything but a compliance car in the US, they are deluding themselves. 1,354 total sales in 2018. Their best months barely broke 200 units a month. That is a few hours of Tesla EV production.

And the VW is still 10 times the quality of the Tesla kit car.

You should try stand up comedy….you would suck at it but at least your “talent” would not go to waste.

Don’t be silly… Everyone loves Tesla’s. There is no alternative in many people’s eyes. And this is VW and everyone loves to hate VW don’t they… 🙂 🙂

I wonder why so many heaters when all they did was create smart software to help their cars become “cleaner” and delay ev development as much as they could. It’s not fair, I tell you!

LMAO….because it is always better to not have a liquid-cooled TMS on a BEV like the E-Golf to protect the single most expensive part on the car!

After 2.5 years of SoCal driving my eGolf has no noticeable range loss…so count me on the camp that say maybe TMS importance is overblown especially if you don’t fast charge.

If ZEV credit is so cheap, why are they even bothering with bringing compliance car? eGolf sales are low, because they are not that desirable. It’s slower and less range than Leaf, the ass end of EV, while costing similar.

Just idiots drive and support this Cheater

No mention in the article of the still substandard 125 mile range. Tis a shame VW doesn’t equip all golfs, all new vws with those safety features now standard on the sel trim egolf. SAFETY first!

Seems like VW is tapering off egolf production even more in anticipation for their upcoming I.D. bevs….makes sense, VW will acquire many zev credits with those new bevs.

Yes exactly that. I reported that notion last year on a few of my EV Revolution Show episodes. E-golf is basically for compliance and with the shift to VW towards the MEB platform and ID series starting next year, makes little sense for them to be pumping out what really is a loosing margin vehicle for them.

I’m hopeful, yet somewhat sceptical still, that VW will really make do on the ID and electrification plans they have and produce good quality EVs (preferably BEVs) at good prices to help spur EV adoption to the next level.

Volkswagen has stated a $33,000 pricetag for the ID MEB. With their statement published today on Electrek that their entry BEVs will cost too much and this news that a 130 mile EV Golf equipped like a base Model 3 will cost $40 000, it doesn’t seem we shall see that $33,000 ID.

Supposedly, the ID will not be sold in N.America initially. We’ll get the ID Crozz and eventually the ID Crozz built in Chattanooga. Will the Crozz cost $50,000+? This flies in the face of the “affordable VW BEV”.

I am not so hopeful OEMs that are not based in China will survive the transition from ICE to EV. It seems the simple code of building very large numbers to draw down costs may not be achievable by established carmakers.

I’m excited about the MEB cars. My excitement is tempered quite a bit by all these mixed messages. Perhaps Hyundai Group will jump in rather than VW. The ID should be sold in N.America. Like Golf, a sedan version ala Jetta should go for the Civic/Corolla crowd.

Did you ever find out about the LEAF software update at NAIAS?


Thank you!

eGolf worldwide sales had a sharp rise in Q4 2018.

Crazy growth rate….they need to hire one more worker otherwise they may fall behind on orders.

Just pointing out that there’s no evidence of ‘tapering’ but there is evidence that they instead increased production and sales.

It’s a good observation…but since they are supposedly working on the Neo I’m not even sure why they even bother with the eGolf.

Because they sell it in Europe?
They need an EV that is larger then the $21K e-up model. The E-golf still sell more then the most EV models in Europe.
They need an EV they can sell until the ID Neo is ready in Europe, and until they sell their first EV based on the MEB platform a year later.

From a EU perspective than makes sense, in US they may just as well cut it. What they do here is not “selling”.

I guess it is just to have an EV for sale.
I don’t think they sell the small e-up in the US, and not the large e-crafter van either.
They need to offer a product that works OK for some people, until the larger US made EV is ready for sale.
They could probably have offered the e-golf cheaper though. The EVs sold the better.

Why export to the US when they can sell all they produce in Europe, closer to their factory with much lower shipping costs?

CARB credits.

What, a SECOND one? You’re crazy!

What? No elbow room?

It looks like a good portion of the price increase was to make DC fast charging a standard feature. That’s something I can support. I think it is good to have this option on all cars, even if the current buyer doesn’t plan to use it. Otherwise, when the car winds up on the used market later, it will be worth a lot less.

I love the e-golf, but its a compliance car and that’s it for VW. We have to wait for the IDs to roll out to see any quantity and availability from VW. Another couple of years yet.

When other manufacturers are selling an inferior car for more than the 35K tesla model 3, i can’t blame Tesla for not producing it yet.

Exactly, I understand people being upset at Tesla for not delivering the base model….but no else can do it either. GM’s Bolt is pretty close though…it’s pretty good.

Tesla is the only inferior EV being built. I have seen better quality from home built hot rods

Epic fail troll, that explains why Tesla has the highest customer satisfaction scores in the entire car industry.

How are we supposed to believe that VW will deliver a brand new fancy 200+ mile range EV in 2020 for $33K when they can’t seem to hold the costs down on their old 125 mile range EV?

That’s a pretty mixed message.

They are already seiling a $21K model now (e-up), so I would think 33K on a dedicated EV platform would work. . But we’ll see soon enough.

VW = VaporWare…….

Why would anyone buy this over a Bolt or Model 3? I don’t get it.

I am told that they like it because of high quality, impeccable fit-and-finish interior, joyously dynamic drivetrain, etc. They know about its poor range, but have no issue with it cuz they don’t drive 125 miles everyday.

Additionally, in North America it is definitely something different, far more rare than the 3 or even the Bolt. So while I agree with you SZ as far as what has more practical value, the psyche/ego takes into consideration factors beyond that. Perhaps some buyers just want to stand out. And then there are those things that Mr. Singh mentions–which make the decision even easier.

Or they just took advantage of super low leases 2 years ago. At $5200 for 3 years you have to be pretty stupid not to take it.

Fron an eGolf owner:
high quality…..what?!!!
impeccable fit-and-finish interior….lol!!! Viva el plastic!
joyously dynamic drivetrain….that one is true!
etc….I cannot think of anything else…..maybe styling (better than the other ev dorks)

eGolf has best flat “trunk” space. Also “neural” on no regen setting (also on IoniqEV) is a cool feature.

Yes sir! Great hatch space and superb regen….i only drive in B and love it. Wish it was a true one pedal.

I’m the opposite. I wish regen is zero (ie, coast) when pedals are released. One pedal driving wore off the novelty, I just want better efficiency with blended brakes.

You have that when you drive normally. Do a test on your Bolt and see if you see a difference in efficiency…you’ll be surprised.

Best efficiency is reached when regen is zero and only drag is used to slow down. That’s tough when you have to modulate the pedal. On Bolt, there’s regen paddle on steering wheel should I need more regen, so extra regen when not modulating the pedal is just waste.

Of course, I can modulate the pedals, but it’s very hard to keep at zero regen. Yes, I know it’s very minor, but still.

Don’t look at me. Those eGolf owners told me why they bought it. eGolf is very nice, but not for me. It is still a good candidate for some guys.

Yes it is…but let’s not overinflate this doll.

Despite unsubstantiated rumors of VW’s early death, they are a monster of an international company. One that sells about 900,000 Golfs globally every year and 35,000,000 or so since inception. Second only to the Corolla. So millions and millions of people globally feel that the Golf is the best possible choice for their needs. There are really very few cars even at a much higher price that offer the straight up joy of driving one. And orders of magnitude more practical by the measure of tastes in vehicles outside the US. i.e. the US has a strange fixation with cars that have trunks. I take the other stance. Why in the world would one buy a Model 3 when they can get an eGolf? Oh and VW group is running rings around Tesla in PEV sales in Europe. So is BMW. That will likely change in 2019 but this constant nonsense of ‘why would any fool ever buy any vehicle other than a model 3’ is ridiculous. There are hundreds of models of vehicles in the world (thousands?) which is overwhelming evidence that not everyone agrees that brand x should be the choice.

1) Who cares about VW’s ICE sales on an EV website? That’s like bragging about how fat you got stuffing boxes of donuts in your face on a dieting website, like it is a good thing.

2) The Model 3 hasn’t even begun sales in Europe. So it isn’t surprising Tesla hasn’t seen the sales growth in the EU yet that the Model 3 has given them in the US. This story is about US sales anyways, not EU.

Well, I got one just a month ago, after looking at Bolt/Leaf/i3 as well. It’s a 2018 model year, base trim, at $26k, which makes it $16k after CA and federal incentives (plus 0.9% financing). Second car, and I charge it at home about once every 4-5 days. I really wanted to like the Bolt (which is also pretty cheap here in SoCal, the 2018 was going for about $31k, so $21k after gov’t incentives), but the interior/fit/finish just wasn’t good enough IMHO. So no, it’s not for everybody, but I’m sure it would work out as a second car for lots of households. Supply is terrible, though, at some point there was a single e-Golf for sale in the entire San Diego county, I heard it’s gotten a bit better with the 2019 arrivals.

What was the msrp? Congrats on finding a 2018…probably the reason you got a good deal.

Yes, it’s a 2018 before the model year change, so the dealer likely had some generous kickbacks from VW. The base model at $31.5k MSRP (no DC charger), which worked out for me. It’s rather odd that a car that has long waiting lists in Europe and Canada and is severely supply-limited in the US has such feeble demand stateside that dealers still have to cut prices to move it.

It’s not a price cut…msrp is not really the car’s price, just a number the dealers can start torturing their customers from. Even invoice price is not a real price since they get cash allowance from manufacturers on car batches they buy. I got mine at $23.6 (29.5 msrp on the 2016 model) and at that price they “lost” just $1k on the deal. On your supply observation I would say the dealers fully contribute to the pathetic sale numbers, they have very little interest in selling them and tend to deal them after keeping them months on their lots. This way they can say they just won’t sell and not order extra units. It’s also true that people fear what they don’t know and think its range is insufficient even in a multicar household. The dealers are only making the situation worse by flat out misleading their customers. I have heard some of the most ridiculous lies from them and all seem to not know or intentionally not mention the credits the ev buyer can qualify for….which is strange since most dealers have an “ev guy” that sell “these cars”. If that’s all you do how can you not… Read more »

I picked up a 2018 Kia Soul EV for $200 @ month for 36 with a 12k buyout. $38,215 msrp. Nav, heated & cooled leather seats, huge moonroof. It is not real fast (about the same as a gm 3800 car), but i am commuting, not racing. 125 miles on a charge. Excellent fit and finish. I love the car (i had a 2016 soul ev). Best thing i like about it is that it looks like every other soul out there. No stupid looking ev styling.

Sorry man, but how much weirder could they make a car look? The regular Soul is already funky enough…they didn’t need to do anything to the ev.

That “no stupid looking ev styling” point is exactly what will help Hyundai/Kia sell as many of their EVs as they care to make for the US market. People don’t want a car that looks like it fell out of the weird tree and hit every branch on the way down. They want a good car — safe, economical, convenient to use, fun to drive, nice to look at — and will consider EVs as soon as they have real options there.

That ‘s the good thing with competition. More models to choose from. The e-golf is basically good in all categories. It has good seats, good quality, good interior materials and it handles well. It is not exceptional is any ways – but it is a solid well made product with no weird feature that other EVs may have, there are no design flaws. . It’s just an EV that does the job well. For some it’s not the right choise. . With a focus in the world choise.. They can choose another EV with no local pollution. We should be happy for choises. If people can not afford it – buy a cheaper EV. If people need more range – buy an EV with longer range. If people wants worse seat comfort, and love hard plastic interior parts – buy another EV. That is the good thing with choise. Soon we’ll get even more choises. More brands will release EVs they those who do not. As for Model 3 and Bolt. . One is not for sale in Europe yet, and the other was only possible to buy is VERY limited numbers with an Opel badge. The Model 3 will… Read more »

Neither of those (Model 3 or Bolt) are available here so I get it. We have another 5-6 months to wait for the RHD Model 3.

When are people going to finally accept the reality that VW really doesn’t want to sell EV’s in the United States right now, and that they are lobbying the EPA like crazy to try and sell FEWER EV’s, not more?

By that time maybe they will actually start selling something. I have seen crazier things in my life….

I have a fully equipped 2015 eGolf that I absolutely loved, but am returning in February. I put down $4200 for it, and have a $98/month lease. The range for that year was only 83 miles, but back then, there was no bolt, no model 3, no other real low price.options other than a similar range leaf and Ford focus ev… now, I LOVED this car, but at the new price?!? Hell. No. Tesla 3 is the much better option, or maybe the Kona EV for a budget option when it’s out this spring. The Leaf long range version is too expensive… I’d rather get a Tesla 3. Same with the loaded eGolf, and the Bolt? Nope. Nope. Nope. As compared to the eGolf, the Bolt I test drove was like a golf cart. The Tesla 3 is a but bubbly and uglier than it might have been, but the interior is excellent, the look as good or better than most EVs, and it flat out performs. The range is great too… I want one, but am priced out by about 5k. It’s either the VW ID or the Tesla 3 for me… Audi would be great, but I need… Read more »

It sounds like you are in US. I hate to be the one giving you the bad news but the ID will not be sold here…maybe you are thinking of the Cross?

The e-Golf does not sell anyway so it does not matter.

They can do that, because in Germany VaporWare can sell whatever quality car at whatever ridiculous pricetag. The German Joe Sixpack buys whatever has a VW logo on it.


Kind of confused! , Is this an electric car?, if so why all this talk and no mention of range?


Because it’s been the same for a couple of years…that didn’t change.

Shows you the level of interest in this car, doesn’t it?

When you have such limited supply and only in CA what you expect? Even at this price the car would do well if VW cared.

I bet it is the same reason why Hyundai rised their Kona EV prices. They were making no money on them but they want to start making money so they can start ramping up production.

When you sell in low numbers you can’t raise prices high enough to make money….they been in business long enough to know that.

I think that Elon Musk’s $35,000 215 mile range model 3 becomes a reality today, March 1st. and a $39,000 e-Golf SEL with 125 miles of battery range needs to be dismissed as a reasonable price point, due to competition.