2018 Nissan LEAF Configurator Comes Online, Build Yours Now


2018 Nissan LEAF Configurator Online Now

Some six months ago, we reported on 2018 Nissan LEAF pricing in the U.S., but now it all becomes officially official with the new LEAF configurator coming online.

As it has in the past, the LEAF will come in S, SV, and SL trim levels, with the price tags reading $29,990, $32,490, and $36,200 respectively.

2018 Nissan LEAF Configurator

Features for each version differ slightly, though battery capacity, horsepower and the other bits/figures remain the same across the lineup. Range is still an estimated figure at 150 miles.

2018 Nissan LEAF

Nissan’s site lists expected charge times for the new LEAF in fancy visual form:

2018 Nissan LEAF Charging

From bottom to top, here’s a look at the key features on each version of the new 2018 LEAF:

2018 Nissan LEAF S

2018 LEAF SV

2018 LEAF SL

Just for fun we went in and spec’d out a top-of-the-line 2018 LEAF SL with every option/accessory available, of which there’s actually only one, the Technology Package for $650. Here’s our maxed out LEAF:

LEAF SL Loaded

Interested in building your own 2018 Nissan LEAF? If so, click here to be whisked away to Nissan’s configurator page.

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One year later, and my Bolt is much faster, has more space, battery will last longer with thermal management, and aside from ProPilot, every other feature is matched.

Except the Bolt has the most uncomfortable Seats in the segment.

@tech_guy the Bolt definitely does *not* have more space. Its seats-up cargo space is rated at 16.9 cf, vs. 23.6 cf for the Leaf.

I’ll grant you that the Bolt back seat is less annoying (although slightly narrower) without that Leaf bump in the middle. But per the most standard definition of space, it’s a cakewalk for the Leaf, which in fact belongs to a different size class.

Regarding demand… we’ll wait and see. Nissan NA claims 13k pre-orders, but Nissan NA hasn’t been a fount of unvarnished truth.

The only spec the Leaf has more of is front seat headroom ~1 inch (the Bolt as plenty) and a larger trunk. If anything it shows the Bolt is packaged a lot better. The Leafs wheelbase is 3 inches longer but all it has is more trunk space. That’s the difference between a purpose built EV and a car that sits on a modified Versa platform. The Bolt might be on a Sonic based platform, but it was maximized for EV use.

Early LEAF mules were built on Versas and Cubes which are B0 platform. LEAF is built on the EV platform.

Solid response and range is the most important attribute. Although interior comfort and fit/finish will be superior to the Bolt. Also on an MSRP front SL is about 6k cheaper than a loaded Bolt Premier.

Worthy of a lease, not a purchase. I’ve read issues in hot climates impacting the 30kw Leafs prematurely.

In one more year the battery issues should be over since they are ditching AESC (NEC) batteries and going with LG Chem.

Bolt “has more space”? That’s news to me. Where are you getting this?

Also, Your comment is extremely silly to suggest that just because a vehicle is released 1 year later that it should be better in every department, specially when considering that one has a 20% lower MSRP.

The leaf is more comfortable, and a better price point.
If you’re worried about battery longevity, then lease it, and wait for the next generation 3 years from now.

Nice car but the sticker price is too high for the range. Needs to drop about $5k.

Once they balance supply/demand there will be heavy discounts, particularly close to the 60kw release.

I wonder how Nissan will manage the 40-to-60 pack transition and the expiration of the US federal tax incentive. My wife and I are still trying to figure out how to replace my 2013 Leaf, and one of the most interesting and difficult parts is attempting to predict Nissan’s actions.

For example: Will they offer lease buyouts on 2018 Leafs as they did with some earlier models? (I got a whopping $8k from Nissan to buy my Leaf at lease end.) By the time 2018s are coming off lease, we’ll be two full years into Leafs with 60 kWh packs, and I doubt Nissan will want all those cars coming back.


You don’t get Apple carplay or Android auto in the base model that’s kind of lame.

Wow. Even a base stripper Chevy Spark LS comes with Android Auto/Carplay by default.

At least Nissan isn’t charging $80/year for Carplay like BMW is gonna!

That was my thought exactly…the base it really is lacking some basic functions. Too bad…

Crazy not to get the SV. ProPilot and DCFC standard.

Do we know whether it’ll come with a heat pump, at least in the EU?

No, it has been the same configurator for the last four months.

The whole page has been the same as well. The only change was that they took out the reservation link and to put the wording “available early 2018”.




Compared to the outgoing Leaf, this is great. Compared to the current competition, it’s a tough sell. I expect Nissan to offer great lease deals in order to maintain sales.

We know Nissan spent the least amount of money to get the Gen 2 Leaf out (why they are using the same exact platform). So you’d hope they could at least offer aggressive pricing for a lipsticked pig.

Yup. Nissan is pushing towards profitability with the Leaf. They will probably get there before GM or Tesla.

As much as I love my Bolt, GM did not design it to be a high volume, profitable car. This is evident from the fact that they outsourced most of the EV-specific work to LG Chem. The result is one heck of a value to the customer, though!

Considering Range/Value Proposition, the GM Bolt is still hands down ahead of the PACK (60+kWh). How much longer it will stay out in front, is a question that only Tesla Model 3 “production hell” can answer. The 2H of 2018 should be an interesting 60kWh footrace for all EV deliveries.

Here we disagree Brian – I Don’t see the BOLT ev as being excessively farmed out.

It has always been amazing to me how LITTLE of the typical american car lately is actually made by GM, FORD or Chrysler, which isn’t even American any longer.

The figure that is a head-scratcher is the Bolt in good weather can get 32 miles/hour of L2 charge, whereas the Leaf is only 22? I know the charger is a bit smaller, but that is a HUGE deficiency.

My point was more that GM did not design the Bolt to be a high-volume car. You’re right of course that more and more “American” cars are mostly made from non-american components. But by giving so much of the design to LG, GM will have to pay fees to them for each Bolt built, plus for each new model if they choose to reuse the platform.

The Bolt ev is as popular as anything if you are talking battery electrics. If the Buick version sells better than the current Chevy version, I don’t know where you draw the line at ‘low volume’.

The BOLT ALMOST outsold Cadillac’s ENTIRE line of passenger cars combined. Seems like they’re moving well enough to me.

Worldwide, the Leaf is the clear winner for BEVs, although the Model S is closing fast. The Bolt is way behind (not just cumulative sales, but monthly sales). No, I don’t consider it high volume, even if it stays in the 3-4k/month range

Keep in mind the car itself was engineered and designed by Daewoo (now called GM Korea). Drivetrain was done with a LG EVC + GM partnership. So you have pretty good “guts” packaged into a body built by a group with a legacy of building complete crap cars.

I’m not so much worried about the drivetrain. It’s the rest of the car I’m worried about.

Looking at the Volt, your fears are unfounded.

The “Ghetto…Bolt” (AKA 2018 Leaf), just got an updated “Lipsticked Pig” makeover from IEVs resident Leaf Lover, Bro1999.

e-stalk much?

I just ate lunch. Add that to your e-stalker file.

Plus, bro eats lunch before noon. Noted 😉

time zone….

I don’t think so. He posted this at 11:51am EST. So it was before noon anywhere in North America.

Interestingly the S comes with “quick charge” optioin included in Canada for about the same price. How can you sell an EV in 2018 without an HVDC charger even if your high speed charging rate is quite slow?

The “Maple” LEAF also comes with the 110V/240V portable charger and LED lights.

I couldn’t find the option for the LTMS, too bad it’s almost a complete package. I have to agree with others, this is a lease only vehicle.

Yes, in warmer climates, without active battery cooling (TMS), it is still Leaf Lease / Bolt Buy!

This car is inferior to the Bolt in almost every single technical aspect, aside from Pro Pilot assist. Less range, slower L2 charging, slower fast charging, worse performance, STILL no battery TMS.

It’s like the ghetto version of the Bolt.

I think the Bolt is better too. Not by that much, if you consider price, while they both the Bolt & the Leaf get spanked like a red-headed step child by the Model 3.

The Tesla Model Y will not only give the Bolt and the New “Ghetto Leaf”, the RH Stepchild treatment, also it will take the ICE OEMs EV compliance hatchbacks, out to the “Woodshed”, for some “quick learnin”.

The issue with the Model Y is when will it come out? And I guarantee Buicks CUV will be out at least a year before the Model Y.

Buick may have 50K CUVs EVs delivered in 2019-2020, but will Tesla Model Y production eclipse Buick EV production numbers, when it ramps up Model Y production in 2021?

Buick Brand is 35k 50k.I sont see a 60K BEV from GM unless its a suv

It’s completely ridiculous to compare a car that not only has not been launched, hasn’t even been announced. Absolutely nothing is known about it, incl. not price or size class, which will determine what it’s cross-shopped with. It’s extremely unlikely the general public will be able to buy one until 2 years from now at least. There will likely be at least an half dozen other new 200mi+ BEV models by then.

The Tesla Model Y will not only give the Bolt and the New “Ghetto Leaf”, the RH Stepchild treatment, also it will take the ICE OEMs EV compliance hatchbacks, out to the “Woodshed”, for some “quick learnin”

….honestly William…TESLA hasn’t been able to produce more than 4/5k M3 so far out of some 500k reservations…so you really believe you’ll be able to put your hands on a Model Y on the next 3 to 4 years???… don’t get me wrong I love Tesla and I would gladly be the first Model Y owner, but when it comes out it will compete with the LEAF 3.0,NISSAN BEV CUV, BOLT 2.0,HYUNDAY/KIA BEV CUV 2.0, PORSHE MACAN BEV, JAGUAR I PACE 2.O, AUDI BEV CUV, BMW X3 BEV, VW ID Cross…

The New 2018 Leaf is Now “The Ghetto..Bolt”, according to Bro1999. I wonder what other kind of Leaf shade Bro1999 will start slinging, when the 2019 Leaf (60kWh) starts its online configurator around this time next year. The Leaf is far from ideal, but Nissan is still “Innovation That Excites”, EVen in da’ Hood!

It is also about $6k less expensive for 20 kwh less battery. The Leaf will sell well as far as low volume EV sales are concerned.

It’s got the best price point in the EV segment, and a lot of value.

Wow you whiny byatches about $6K more for 50% more battery kWh for the bolt vs Leaf 2.0. How much more is Tesla charging for the Extended M3 $9000 and it’s not anywhere close to 50% more kWh. So GM is offering better value. Nissan fans. lol and yes it’s a recycled 2009 Leaf platform.

Bro, you wanna bet this will sell better than the Bolt?
You got your GM blinders on and you don’t see the $6k msrp difference which is the biggest deal, then you have the exterior design and bigger interior space in Leaf’s favor. The lease will probably get better in time too.

I never said the new Leaf wouldn’t sell well. Nissan will surely unleash aggressive subsidized lease offers once the early adopters have made their purchases. Especially with the 60 kWh version on the horizon. If the new Leaf with significantly lower price entry point does not outsell the Bolt this year, that will be pretty sad for Nissan.

I don’t see a ton of potential Bolt customers being peeled away by the Leaf. I can definitely see numbers of Model 3 reservation holders being converted though.

Price & range aside, you’re both forgetting a significant factor: The Leaf is a global car, made in 3 regional factories, and sold pretty much in all market. There is a RHD version straight off the bat.
The Bolt was never a global car, GM not being a global brand, and after the unfortunate (timing-wise) abandonment of Europe, will be North America+Korea car only. S
ignificantly, it won’t be sold in Japan, and, AFAICT, in China either (at least, GM hasn’t mentioned it despite the fact they lots of other China-related EV plans). The old leaf had a Chinese version (Venucia e30) & the new Leaf has already launched in China, although granted, it’s not likely to beat all the local models sales-wise.

And lower price point. I don’t understand why this is ignored when making comparisons.


It’s possible to more fully configure the Leaf SL than the article example did.
Choose the Two-tone Pearl White/Super Black exterior color and you can reach $39,695.

$2500 more for the SV? Yes. DCFC is a requirement.

Another $38oo more for the SL? I don’t think so. 240V cable is a requirement, but you can get them for $300 street.

You can add QC to the S for $1650. But for only $850 more to get into an SV, why bother? I bet very few will be configured like this (S + charge package)

Looks like the $32,490 SV is closest to base $35K Model 3. That’s not a big discount for economy class hatchback design, 70 miles less range and lacklustre performance and “quick charge”(define quick…) rates.

So lets talk money on the hood, because that’s what sells Model 3 competitors (Bolt is an other example)with MSRP similar to Model 3 but only a fraction of the appeal.

Why bring up the more expensive SV, when the S is $30,000. Tesla isn’t even going to make it to the end of the year before tax credits are phased out (and hopefully people with reservations get Base 3’s before credit phase out), so now you’re comparing $35,000 to $22,500.

S has no quick charge and no navigation so SV is at least somewhat closer if not in design, range and performance. Tax credits aren’t going to last forever for Nissan either, but for a while it might have an edge there. It’s going to need it.

S has the same range as SV. Most people don’t care to pay for navigation. DCFC isn’t valuable to most either.

Just compare Base to Base in price. If someone doesn’t find value in upgrading their Model 3, they probably won’t find value in upgrading their Leaf either.

Guess in a world in which people are completely indifferent to things like navigation, quick charging, street cred, performance, design, range, autonomous driving upgradability and what not (even battery longevity is an issue with no active cooling for Leaf) Leaf is quite competitively priced compared to Model 3.

Meanwhile in the real world it’s going to be cash on the hood, mark my words.

Look Tesla Fanboy, I’m not arguing for or against the Leaf. I don’t care if they discount or not. I don’t own one nor am I any way vested in Nissan.

But there is a price disparity that most consumers do consider. $5000. It has always enough for people to choose an Accord over a base BMW.

In the real world, people don’t hang out in the parking lot leaning on their car hoping for “street cred” nor are they even knowledgeable about the technology in their vehicles. They look to see what is within their budget and shop accordingly.

No, in the real world Tesla has 500K reservations for its Model 3 because it offers compelling value and more traditional competitors like Nissan will have to pile that money on the hood to match it for what I suspect will only be a fraction of the sales.

to clarify: it’s not that I think that cars like Leaf and Bolt have no merit because they are not Tesla’s or some such nonsense, it’s just that I see one fatal flaw: they don’t look like their price tag. Worse: they have MSRPs that are close or similar to car that does look like its price tag: Tesla’s Model 3.

My theory is that that has got to have serious ramifications for their sales potential and I’m watching with great interest how things unfold this year. Pretty sure it’s going to take some hefty incentives to restore value parity which of course benefits the consumer, if not so much their maker’s bottom lines.

ICE fanatics must be laughing at how petty EV fans can be, that they spend so much time bashing each other when there are so few cars that even exist.

Pure EV’s still make up only 1% of car sales, only a few models exist and so much time spent saying how bad certain models are. I want them all to succeed, reinvest and evolve.

Naw, ICE fans are too busy bashing themselves over whether Ford or Chevy makes the better truck. Of course, we all know that Dodge is the best because HEMI!

FORD = Frequent Off Ramp Decoration

FORD = Found Off Road, Dead.

That said, I love my Ford CMax, and hope this taunt doesn’t prove true!

Fix Or Repair Daily. Yeah, Ford is way back in the pack. Without the F-150 they would out of business. The Silverado is eating into those sales too.
Ford just went all GM on us claiming they will have 20 electrified vehicles in 5 years, 16 of them full electric, which is complete BS.

You forgot “F***** over Road Disaster” – interesting to me that none of Ford’s competitors are interested in making a completely aluminum truck, substituting high-strength steel in places to save weight.

First On Race Day

Another Euro point of view


I have sat in the new Leaf and its interior space and room is much nicer then my Bolt.

If they discount these a lot like they did with the first generation then I think they will outsell or out lease the bolt 4 or 5 to one.

Here in the UK the leaf has won its second award in just one month gaining the Green car of the year and also What Cars electric car of the year award! \o/ bring it on Nissan!

2 days ago when I checked in Nissanusa.com, it showed the older model, today it shows the latest. So they are getting closer to launch. Waiting anxiously to see it.

Still EPA has not given the mileage figures.

Bolt and Leaf are entirely different vehicles in terms of size, price and range. It depends on what you need.

I hope both vehicles sell well.

+! And both the Bolt and the Leaf are amazing machines. Sexy beasts.

Best selling EV in 2018 is coming. How many sales will GM lose, now that the King is back?

The 2018 EV sales leader Crown will go to which ICE OEM King? Leaf over the Bolt?

Worldwide? Leaf hands down. As I said above, the Leaf was designed to be profitably mass-produced. The Bolt? Not so much.

Bolt has more passenger room.

Bolt passenger room = 95 cu ft
Leaf passenger room = 92 cu ft

The Leaf is just a smaller car, esp. the back seat.

Man, the snippiness on this site is really escalating lately.

Can we all PLEASE try to remember that we’re on the same side, and we’re still in a part of this electrification process where any EV sale is a very good thing for everyone? Or am I asking too much of the assembled crowd…?

Way to much, car guys are generally tribal jerks with limited mind sets. They are also very competitive. As we transition from early adopters to main stream I expect we’ll all morph into little mini Clarkson’s.

BTW I don’t have the choice of leaf or bolt as I live in Australia but if I did i’d Probably go with Leaf as it is 20% cheaper.