2017 Electra Meccanica SOLO Debuts: 100 Miles Range, From $15,500 ($19,888 In Canada)

SEP 9 2016 BY JAY COLE 71

Electra Meccanica SOLO out for a spin!

Electra Meccanica SOLO out for a spin!

Electra Meccanica has chosen the Luxury and Supercar Weekend at the VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to reveal its 3-wheeled, all-electric SOLO.

The SOLO is retails from $19,888 in Canada, with first deliveries getting underway in 2017.  US pricing will be around 15,500 and will start (we assume) shortly thereafter.

The SOLO is powered by a 16.1 kWh battery, which the company says offers 100 miles (160 km) of range – an estimate we find quite reasonably considering the whole vehicle is quite obviously aerodynamic (.24 drag coefficient) and weighs just 992 lbs (450kg).

Charging is pretty standard fair:  Universal Level 1 and 2 connections still apply (J1772), with the company saying a full charge takes about 3 hours via L2.

Electra Meccanica SOLO Color Lineup

Electra Meccanica SOLO Color Lineup

Electra Meccanica SOLO Interior Dash Cluster

Electra Meccanica SOLO Interior Dash Cluster


Some other specs of interest:

  • electric motor puts out 82 hp/140lb ft of torque
  • top speed of 80 mph (130 km/h)
  • single passenger
  • 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in under 8 seconds
  • 15” aluminum alloy wheels
  • cargo space: 10.3 cu ft (285 liters) – equivalent to the Mercedes C300 coupe

The SOLO is 10 feet in length; for some perspective on that, the smart ForTwo ED is about 14 inches shorter, while the Fiat 500e is 19 inches longer.

Wheelbase comes in at 80.5 inches.

Electra Meccanica SOLO with lots of "frunk" storage

Electra Meccanica SOLO with lots of “frunk” storage

“The entire team here at Electra Meccanica is excited to unveil the SOLO at the Luxury and Supercar show,” states Jerry Kroll, CEO of Electra Meccanica. “Most people had a good idea of what the SOLO would become, but they will be impressed by its clever design and meticulous attention to detail. It far exceeded our expectations.”

Further details and fully­ refundable deposits ($250 CAD) for the first 120 SOLOs to be produced (at least at this price) can be placed online here.


Gallery Below: More specs and pictures of the Electra Meccanica SOLO

Electra Meccanica SOLO

Electra Meccanica SOLO

Electra Meccanica SOLO - seating for 1

Electra Meccanica SOLO – seating for 1

Electra Meccanica SOLO charge port

Electra Meccanica SOLO charge port

Electra Meccanica SOLO dimensions

Electra Meccanica SOLO dimensions

Electra Meccanica SOLO Spec Sheet

Electra Meccanica SOLO Spec Sheet (click to enlarge)


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And – Tesla Model S has the same drag coefficient! Amazing.

This is a perfect example of an expensive EV..this is also one of the main reasons EV sales are not taking off…..PRICE!!!!You’re getting very little for your money..

Yeah! So ******* expensive!
For the price of the cheapest Tesla car you can buy only FIVE of these overpriced microcars.

Forgive my sarcasm…

You are forgiven …L M A O….Just though I’d ruffle some features…Ooops !

To people who know about this kind of vehicle, an all composite monocoque built like the most expensive sports, race cars is safe, handles great while cost is a little high to buy, it costs little to run for 2 decades.
And as important, park for the target market.
.Next it is build by race car engineers wanting a new market and they have done an excellent job.
The body,chassis of 1 piece stronger than steel composites allow with it being so light is like a safety
Its extremely low well placed battery weight between the front wheels , low CG, polar moment makes it handle great.
I suggest you give it a try when it comes out to see just what an innovative machine it is instead of showing off what many of you don’t know, plain for everyone
to see.


This looks a lot like what you have been trying to get started for several years. Were you involved in the design?

Keep in mind that the drag coefficient doesn’t take into account frontal area. You can have big cars and small cars with the same Cd, but the smaller car will still have lower overall drag force. I’m just saying that cause it seems like you’re saying Tesla deserves extra cred for making a big sedan with the same Cd as this little thing.

D = 1/2 Rho S V2 Cd

Make that V^2.

It looks cool, but keep in mind you can purchase a barely used Nissan Leaf for far less than this vehicle new.
A used Leaf in my view would be much safer and far more practical as a vehicle.
I do welcome any new EV models to the mix, but seating for 1 is pretty limiting. Not sure I would want to be driving in rain or snow with this vehicle either.

Barely used and been sitting around with its now 5 year old battery and pioneer technology? That’s true then. But I’d still take the SOLO.

Tight metro parking spaces are the one that put the “EM” Solo over the 2 or 3 year old Nissan Leaf Lease return. The fun to drive equation also puts it on par with the smallest compliance EVs.

I took the time and expense to travel to Vancouver to see this attractive little EV first hand. To me this vehicle fills two important niches. 1) a very stylish commuter vehicle that should have international appeal…especially in very crowded metros where motorcycles are the norm. and 2) with the governor removed…a fun little rocket ship with phenomenal performance at a small fraction of the price of something with Ludicrous or Insane mode. It is FUN to drive and to me very reasonably priced.

In most EVs, that governor is there to keep the motor from exploding or otherwise burning out. It’s not there to slow down its 0-60 time.

Have fun insuring that thing.

No way that would hold up in a collision.

But odds are slim since its small

Smart Car way safer but this thing is pretty cool. I’d drive it

What are your reasons for saying the Smart Car would be safer? Consider how much safer this is than a single occupant motorcycle.

What motorcycle 3 wheeler “holds up in a collision”?

William, ones built like F1 and top composite sportscars costing $130k and up.
And it is built by racing car engineers, builders. Try to keep up.

Sure Jerry, post a video of this electric rickshaw in a collision test with a SUV.

Great toy for bicycle friendly cities. Not for USA.

Hmmm… $15,500.

I wonder if it qualifies for the maximum Federal Tax Credit at $7500 – that would bring it down to $8,000.

Then – I live in Colorado, wonder if the full $5,000 tax credit would apply? If so, that would make it $3,000, which would be awfully appealing and tempting!

It’s probably titled/tagged as a motorcycle.
So you’d only be able to apply those incentives.
“You may be eligible for a credit under section 30D(g), if you purchased a 2- or 3-wheeled vehicle that draws energy from a battery with at least 2.5 kilowatt hours and may be recharged from an external source. You must have purchased the vehicle in 2012 or 2013 and begun using it in the year in which you claim the credit. The credit is 10% of the purchase price of the vehicle with a maximum credit of $2,500.”


If it doesnt qualify for the 7500 credit then it is only a couple thousand cheaper than a Smart ED if you pay MSRP…
With zero airbags and no crash standards I would opt for the Smart…
But it does look better even being a funky three wheeler…
I wonder whise batteries they are using??

I wouldn’t think it would qualify for a Rebate so large. There are certain stipulations & criteria that it has to meet, such as seating capacity & so on, 3 wheelers are classified as motorcycles..You’d be lucky to get back $1500 on that..if anything being that it’s a single seater..

I believe it does. 16 kWh is the minimum to qualify for the full rebate. But I’m not sure it applies (if this is registered as a motorcycle).

3 wheels makes it a motorcycle in most states.

I once got rear ended by a garbage truck in my Subaru Legacy. This is kind of what the Subaru looked like after the collision.

That’s Ironically funny. as long as no one was seriously injured of corse..Maybe that’s where they got this design Idea..lol…

I think, these get classified as motorcycles..and that would imply $5000 federal credit instead of the $7500…

That still sounds like a good deal!

Oh, far less than $5k. See above, someone quoted the IRS passage.

Up to $2500 in the US.

Looks like half of a car. Oh, price assumes that!

Everyone on here will rag on this vehicle. The reality is that the Bolt will cost almost twice as much as a Prius C, and barely edges it out for lifetime CO2. If we were serious about reducing our CO2 footprint, we would consider vehicles like this as the sensible size for private individuals. Our 19th century fantasy has become a 21st century nightmare that our grand-kids will have to live through.

I call BS, multiple times.

1. A vehicle that occupies a traffic lane but can only hold 1 passenger, is anything but environmental. Not to mention the manufacturing footprint.

2. We don’t yet really know the Bolt’s footprint, and besides it’s a moving target, moving in BEVs’ favor. The coal fraction in the US electrical grid has dropped from 49% to 33% in 8 years, and will continue to drop.

The key concept is to take demand for oil (and future demand expectations) off the map -> undermining the oil economy and keeping oil in the ground. This also creates synergy with the efforts to clean the electric grid, rather than having to fight multiple fronts.

The SOLO is a BEV, it sounds like you’re confusing it with the Elio, which is a gas burner.
It occupies less road space than a typical 4-5 seat “commuter car” that usually only carries the driver.
And, it only weighs 1000 lbs, so much less energy/materials to manufacture.
Some people are single and live alone; they don’t need a car that can carry “the family.”

Then get a bike. I mean Danger is your last name 😉

This Solo sounds Sili to me. And certainly not environmental.

You may want to listen more carefully then.

I like this better than the Elio.

Yet the Elio is more cost effective and at least as safe ( maybe safer ).

The Elio is American made and seats 2.

I’d go with the Elio. I’m not EV purist to the point where the cost-benefit ratio is so lopsided going full electric. 80 MPG is enough for me to realize you’ll be better than a Volt that travels beyond 100 miles once or twice a week.

The EM Solo is “American-made”, too. What’s the point?

There’s no such thing as an Elio, and never likely to be. I’ve been following them very closely.
It’s 5 years late, they have no money to use to buy/build assembly facilities, let alone pay suppliers. They’ve run through the (non-refundable) money they took from people who ordered, as well as crowdfunding.

They also took the stupid risk of designing they’re own engine, instead of using one of dozens of perfectly good proven scooter engines.
Even if they had the money to build them, the sub-$7K price is a joke — ~2x-2.5x is more likely. the large scooters from Suzuki/Honda/Yamaha with far less systems (no AC, no enclosed body, steering etc.) already cost much more, and they sell in 100Ks of units.

Initially one could think Elio was deluded, but at this point, it’s pure scam.

I think the last email I got from Elio before I committed them all to spam hell said the price had already risen to $7400. They will be well over $8000 base price before they ever get into production, IF they ever do.
Agree completely on the stupid move to create their own engine. WTF were they thinking?
ICEs will be obsolete before the first Elio rolls off the (non-existent) production line, and it can’t happen too soon.

Correction. $7300 and $7K for those of us who committed (or should be).

I agree Rick.
These types of EVs are coming sooner than later no matter what the naysayers do or say. Things change when you’re not looking. Smaller EVs and autopilot vehicles are bearing down on the near future by start-ups and the established manufacturers.

It looks like a car that has been cut in half with a wire cutter

Seems like something Bombardier could do in it’s product range.


Being fully enclosed, this is a good alternative to a motorcycle. I think they’re wrong about this just being a commuter. People who buy this are going to want to go long distances in it like on a Harley.

I think not having DCFC is a big mistake. They’re probably going to lose at least half their sales without DCFC. Nowadays I think it’s a big mistake for any new BEV to come out without DCFC.

Add DCFC, more crash protection ( air bags, anti-lock brakes, etc. and you’re up into car prices – which makes this whole proposition a no sale.

Besides, simple poll.

Who dares to get on an American freeway in this?

Stay in the slow lane and you’d get crushed by a truck. Probably wouldn’t even have seen you.

Venture into the fast lane and you’re SUV-fodder.

I dunno, maybe the same people that dare to get on the freeway on a motorcycle, or any small car.

I’m an old retired guy. I’m on a fixed income so the expense and cost of maintaining an ICE really matters. This thing is perfect for me. Short trips on the highways mostly. I’ve mapped out a few longer routes for fishing/visiting family that have charging stations at the necessary intervals. I also need frequent rest stops so I don’t fall asleep at the wheel… It’s perfect.

No rebates in Canada for this vehicle, you can get a brand new i-MiEV for cheaper in Ontario. A 2017 Focus EV with the same 100 mile range, will be close in price after provincial rebate in Ontario. Best of luck to these guys.

yep in Ontario the rebate program clearly states must be a new sale and have 4 wheels. where are the air bags come on really after all the years in development it looks like a kit car any 14 year old kid could put together.


For those who want a little light reading, here’s all the information on EV and Charging Station rebates for all of Canada.

Sigh… Problem is that you can get a five seater fossil with luggage space for 12000usd. Half the price and this car would have been interesting

That’s the problem… too many fossil-fueled, toxin spewing, five seating with room for luggage fossils clogging up the roads to take 1 person to and from work.

Sure. And then you drive that extra 2,000lbs and extra four empty seats to work and back five days a week while using three times the fuel equivalent. Yeah, makes no sense especially if you’ve got a second family car that you can use for normal family things when you’re not commuting to work. I’ve had a backup vehicle and have been single most of my life. I couldn’t imagine not having a backup. It’s WAY worth the reg. and liability insurance just not to be stuck without a car. My second vehicles were usually snow friendly too.

Put a tale on the Solo, and get it in the next Goldmember sequel. Wrap it with Rose Gold car wrap!

Did it have a/c?

AC is an available option at an estimated cost of $1000 Canadian.

As a three wheeler, you’d likely be able to drive it in the carpool lane.

Could make it very valuable to some people.

They’re unlikely to sell any appreciable number in North America.
Even much more practical 4-seater minicars which aren’t much larger (i-MiEV is a foot longer), ICE or BEV, wouldn’t sell in the US to the point that most aren’t imported into the US at all (VW e-Up and the like, Ford Ka, Nissan Micra, Toyota Aygo), despite being very popular in Europe.

This thing is a lot less practical… It would need a motorcycle license (it will take years for the lobbying effort to establish a new “autocycle” category, if it ever happens), and helmets in some states.

It also wouldn’t necessarily be cheap to insure… Some motorcycles are fairly cheap to insure because they are rarely-used hobby playthings in the US — once they started being used extensively for commuting, that would change.

You’re going on old information. Things have changed state by state until there’s only a couple of states that require helmets for these. Ditto on the MC endorsement/license. Go to Eliomotors.com and look up their helmet/endorsement map. You’re going to be surprised.

I’ve been following Elio’s scamware for years.
Yes, as of a year ago, Elio was saying helmets aren’t necessary in (IIRC) 45 states. Possibly, but there’s no source for this outside press releases on Elio’s site.

Everything I wrote here (over a year ago)
still holds, except they are now 5 years late, and they’ve run through $25M of crowfunded money the SEC let them raise (not sure why, given their record).

Show me a legal authoritative source, not Elio, that a motorcycle drivers’ license isn’t currently needed in most US jurisdictions (or even enough to cover 20% of the population).

There’s still no such thing as an “autocycle” category, or any mention of it outside a few blogs & Elio’s website.

Even if most states defined an Autocycle category, that wouldn’t be enough — you’d need a new Federal category, you can bet it would have actual crash/accident safety standards of some sort — motorcycle don’t, which is the reason why it’s fairly easy to comply. It would take years to design the tests, and design & build vehicles so they comply with them.

Yes there is.
It’s state law in all of those states now.
I’ve looked a few of them up.
It’s up to you to look the rest up.

Nice job on the article.
One thought. They’ve expanded the Alpha Series to 1000 units. Still a limited edition. There are still some up for grabs. http://smallev.com
Solo Owners Forum: http://soloowners.net

does it have A/C ? YES OR NO

The base model does not have A/C.
It its a $1000 option/upgrade.