2017 BMW i3 With 114 Mile Battery Just $1,200 More, From $44,595

JUN 11 2016 BY MARK KANE 54

BMW i3 With New 94 Ah/33kWh Pack

BMW i3 With New 94 Ah/33kWh Pack

2017 BMW i3 Getting A DC Fast Charge

2017 BMW i3 Getting A DC Fast Charge

BMW just announced pricing of the new 2017 BMW i3 with 94 Ah lithium-ion cells and 33 kWh total battery capacity for the US.

And as it turns out, pricing is just slightly higher as compared to the previous 22 kWh version (that we believe is now on a liquidation sale run to burn-off older battery inventory).

2017 BMW i3 33 kWh will be just $1,200 more exepensive than 2016 BMW i3 22 kWh

The all-electric BMW i3 will now start from $44,595 (including $995 S&H), while the BMW i3 REx (with range-extender) starts at $48,445.

After $7,500 federal tax credit it will be $37,095 and $40,945 respectively. For reference, the older 2016 (22 kWh) version was priced at $35,895 and $39,745.

Expected range of the BMW i3 33 kWh will be 114 miles.

Pricing of the 2017 BMW i8, remains unchanged.

2017 BMW i3 94 Ah.

Standard Equipment now includes:

  • Deka World – Interior Design Loft.
  • No Cost DC Fast ChargeNow available for 2 years. For more information please visit chargenow.com.
  • Advanced Real Time Traffic Information.
  • Universal Garage Door Opener.
  • 19-inch wheels.
  • Comfort Access.

Optional Equipment now includes:

  • Protonic Blue is now offered.
  • Dark Oak Wood Trim.

BMW i3 94 Ah Pricing (including $995 D&H but no state incentives or tax deductions):

BMW i3 94 Ah$44,595
BMW i3 94 Ah with Range Extender$48,445

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Mark, what is the range in KM’s ?

113 x 1.61 = 182 km

If you use Firefox as browser (other browsers might work too). You can just start typing “113 miles” into the search bar (it can easily be focused with ctrl+k). If it’s set to Google, it will convert to km automatically.

They increased the price. Hmmm. This vehicle needs to take a $20,000 price cut in less than a year for it to be price competitive.

That was my thought. It is more expensive then the Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3.

The BMW 3 series is 20,000 more than a Chevy sonic. I don’t think anybody is cutting prices.

Thats other in Europe, i3 will be around 7000 $ cheaper here than i3 or Opel Ampera because tax and transport.

No, it’s not correct. I3 in Germany is similar expensive. On the other side the cheapest Model S 60 is about 85k $ in Germany

Yep … manufacturers will milk the markets as much as they can. A BMW motorcycle, built in Germany and shipped across the Atlantic and to the west coast of the USA will cost significantly less in dollars than what it costs in Euros at a BMW dealer ten miles from where it was made.

Agreed. The price is going in the wrong direction. BMW might be able to capitalize on the higher range in the USA until Q1/Q2 next year when the Bolt and Nissan Gen2 are available. Time will tell.
Nissan Leaf took the same approach with the 30kWh pack and raised the price. It’s not working out for the Leaf.

Considering that comfort access and the universal garage door opener are standard now (about $800 in extras), the price increase is negligible.

I’m a little stunned both the comfort access and garage door opener wasn’t included in a $45k car to begin with.

Yeah, the i3 is pretty much dead now except for BMW badge fans.

well, I am the exception because I absolutely hate BMW cars in general but want and i3 with 140 mile range over a model 3 and I am a reservation holder.

I’m one of the 8000 who cancelled their model 3 reservations – mostly because of the lack of a hatch, and fears of reliability issues were not helping. I’m looking to snag a 2016 i3 Rex in the next week or two as the old stocks get sold off.

You should have held out for the free gift before cancelling.

Yeah the world’s most efficient production car made with a formula one style carbon frame has *absolutely nothing else* going for it but the badge.

still you can see many of those cars even in poor eastern Europe……

In Europe and USA people buy it not because of it being innovative, but because there is BMW written on it.
For this money I would buy a used Model S instead.

Very much. Those who were lucky enough to be in the position to buy a new car would buy a BMW for that reason.

At least for the i3, like so many other plug-ins, often attract new owners outside from BMW.

Before buying our 2014 i3 BEV, I had never owned a BMW car and never had any interest in doing so. I bought our i3 because of its CUV form factor, innovative light corrosion-proof strong CFRP/aluminum/thermoplastic passenger compartment/frame/exterior skin, rear wheel drive, compact exterior dimensions, nimble handling, and sufficient range. No other EV shares these features including any Tesla model including the Model 3. I’m sure that enough others share my preferences so that the i3 will continue selling well enough.

Or just spend a little more and get the new lower-priced Tesla Model S 60. Then you get a bigger battery, 4 normal doors, 5+2 seating, twice the range, etc. I just can’t see how this car will keep selling.

You may not like the i3 exterior, range, etc but it has more innovation than any production car since the Model-T. Those in the auto industry have said this. Where else can you buy a mass production car with a CF frame? That handily more innovative than aluminum

Since the gas tank and gas range are limited by the EPA AER, is the new REX getting more gas range as well? If the genset can use more than 1.9 gallons, the genset becomes a bit more than an expensive joke.
A 2.8 gallon gas tank would increase the gas range to an additional 110 miles, (or 224 miles total) which is actually pretty useful on longer distance driving days. It would be better if they had 9 gallons like the Volt, but beggers can’t be choosers.

The new BMW seems like a nice step forward, but its out of my price range. The base i3 is more than the a loaded gen2 Premier, and the base rex is nearly $15k more expensive than the gen2 Volt. For us, the rex would be essential because we drive places where there is no EV charging infrastructure all the time. Truth is I want a gen2 Volt, but I can’t justify it because gen1 is already so good (86% EV).

let the cash on hood begin

In the states, Chevy Bolt will gut this like a fish, if BMW don’t drop the price.

In EU, it should still remain a success.

Not just the Bolt . . . the Bolt, the Volt, the improved LEAF, the promise of the Model 3, the lower priced Model S 60, etc.

i3 isn’t going to stay 33kWh either. 2018 model year will get the same 50kWh or 60 kWh as others. They all choose from the same pool of battery suppliers.

Here in the UK and Europe, anything with a decent size battery makes sense,

Petrol (Gas) is around $8 a gallon which makes my Outlander PHEV = 90 mpge on Electric only.

In the US this would equate to 25-30 mpge on Electric only assuming similar Electricity prices of around 20-23c per kWh.

The cheaper the petrol (gas), the less mpge you get !

MPGe is a poor rating for electric vehicles. I understand why they did it, but I look forward to the day they get rid of it and go to something more relevant like miles/kWh or km/kWh.

I think people will always use mpge until there is no gas/diesel or indeed gallons of anything used to travel.

The vast majority of people in Europe tend to buy cars on the basis of how much they cost to run as much as anything else due to the amount of tax on fuel here, in the US it’s not an issue which such cheap gas.

Of course with EV’s it’s a win win for us because their good for the environment too.

“The vast majority of people in Europe tend to buy cars on the basis of how much they cost to run ”

That’s why the need for us to deprecate the use of mpge and start emphasizing km/kwh or miles/kwh instead. You can figure your cost to run just by knowing your $/kwh cost. Whereas with the mpge number, it needs to be converted to km/kwh before calculating the cost to run.


Just remember that e-gallon is 33.7 kWh. It may cost whatever depending on your electricity cost.

In Europe you use x liters/100 km and not EPA mpg. Imperial gallon in UK is bigger. I can’t do all these conversions in mind anyway.

Khai — MPGe is an EPA invention for the US market, so I’m not sure why you are talking about kilometers and MPGe. We don’t use km in the US.

If you want to see the rating in terms of kilowatts, everywhere that the EPA requires car makers to publish MPGe, they also require car makers to publish the rating in kWh/100 miles (which I believe the i3 is around 27 kWh or so?)

What do you mean? The MPGe rating is not depending on any prices. It’s just about the energy contents of the different energy carriers.

Clearly Maths was not your strong point !

In US market any thing that does not have 50kw battery should give a good +ICE(Range extender option) not the stupid scooter motor like i3. If Volt2 did not gut the sales of Leaf and i3, Bolt EV will.

Horses for courses.
There is room for shorter ranged BEVs in the market, if they are priced right or if they have the cachet BMW brings to the table. I think the i3 is short-legged and ugly, but there are a lot of BMW fans who would disagree.

BMW is not worried about the Bolt right now. The Bolt is still a year away from being available nation wide.

The price is steep, but I’d take this over a used Model S. I am a tall person and the Model S is clown-car difficult for me to ingress and egress. The i3 is much higher. For longer trips, I use a Model X, thus I don’t need the range of the cheaper (and cheaper looking) Bolt. Against the Model 3 the scales are more balanced, but as the 3 is the same height as the S, I will likely still be annoyed trying to cramp myself down into the car. For most people, however, the 3 will be the car to own.


Maybe take off your clown shoes before getting in the car?

Is the sunroof finally making it to America with this version?

Good luck BMW! If you need to see how the sales improve after increasing the battery size, ask your friends at Nissan NA! If you have not noticed, it does not work!!! And how can GM fit 60kWh in the same space as you?????

The i3 is a BMW which is a premium brand so it would be hard to campare it with Chevrolet or Nissan as it’s not apples to apples.
The biggest advantage of the i3 will be the retrofit option. In 5-6 years from not a Leaf or Volt that you own might be obsolete but you can pay $8000 and have a 200-300 miles range BMW

And the i3 is premium rear wheel drive. Big diff in the way a car drives.

To elaborate, tighter turning radius, no torque steer, uncanny traction durint acceleration with no tire chirp whatsoever.

BMW gets it. By adding improved range upgrades to their older model years, they have greatly increased their resale value. Nissan on the other hand does not offer upgrades to their older Leafs and haven’t improved their range over a period of 6 years…6 wasted years. They have created 220,000 used Leafs with the lowest resale car value on the market and a whole lot of unhappy customers stuck with boat anchors…Nissan needs to rethink their policies based on EVs, not obsolete ICEVs.

So awesome! For $10K MORE you can get 100 miles LESS than a Model 3. Where do I sign up?!?

There is no M3 yet. I don’t understand why people even comparing these two.

+1 leafowner ?

So what’s the EV range of the Rex??

My concern is that BMW is not addressing the numerous cars out there that have been totalled just from rear end accidents. I’m almost afraid to get another one of these vehicles if this is what will happen in a fender bender. I’m very disappointed that the LCI version really is getting only a color upgrade to ionic blue or whatever. It’s not going to be good when all these 200 mile range EV’s start to hit the market in the near future.

The range extender on the I3 is a big factor, for time when you know you can’t charge you can always take gas cans with you.