10,000,000 Charges Delivered By ChargePoint

JUN 26 2015 BY MARK KANE 3

ChargePoint CT4000 stations

ChargePoint CT4000 stations

ChargePoint recently silently passed a huge milestone of 10,000,000 charging sessions!

No other network has delivered this many charges, as ChargePoint is the largest with over 22,000 charging spots.

A tiny fraction of them – around 0.65% are DC fast chargers called express spots.

Charging points networked by ChargePoint mostly are owned by thousands of independent companies, who sets their own terms of use and prices.

Since 2008, ChargePoint delivered some 70,000 MWh. Not that much… on average just 7 kWh per session.

Both the number of charges and dispensed energy doubled in the past twelve months, while the number of points increased by 25%.

ChargePoint Network

ChargePoint Network

How to Access ChargePoint EV Charging Stations:

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ChargePoint has more stations than anyone else here in New England, including 4 Eaton and 1 Fuji CHAdeMos. Haven’t seen any Express stations yet. They rely on a host for installation and pricing varies from free to $5/hr for those QCs. Lately, NRG eVgo is moving in, quickly putting up stations at all the Simon malls, asking $10 for a half hour QC but offering many more locations, and not relying on a host, 100% owned and operated.


Love CP where most DCFC are free, some a SMALL $ charge. NRG is just silly, $10 to charge or a monthly fee PLUS a Per Min charge…. and you CAN’T set up an account in MA anyway!? After emailing them they said “Unfortunately, the only way we send out keycards is if you sign up on a plan. We apologize for any inconveniences.”
CP has the ball park here in MA ! Keep them coming CP. Make them available outside the Nissan dealers and along the Highways (Cape would be VERY nice !)
p.s. I heard that the Chestnut Hill mall is free, and when I called they tried to charge me, once told it was free they said ” oh yeah, ok….” sneaky


I have used FREE ChargePoint EVSEs in many locations, but only one where I had to pay. I will NOT use NRG stations, especially since their business model is way out of line for the cost of the product provided. Electricity is CHEAP, compared to gasoline. It makes much more sense to use an advertising supported network, rather than expecting EV owners to pay the equivalent of $6 to $10 per gas gallon equivalent for electricity which costs them 60 cents to 80 cents per gas gallon equivalent at home. Yes, these EVSE provide a service for those who are unable to charge at home, HOWEVER, a service should be appropriately priced. I completely agree with MaaaHere!