Watch Tesla Model X P100D Ludicrous Race Acura NSX

Red Tesla Model X P100D and Acura NSX


How does the Tesla Model X all-electric SUV fare against a hardcore, hybrid supercar?

We’ve seen the Tesla Model S P100D take on an Acura NSX, but not the Model X. That was a good matchup, and interestingly, this one is even better. Despite the fact that one vehicle is an SUV and the other is a supercar, both easily pull off a 2.9-second zero-to-60-mph time.

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Red Tesla Model X and Acura NSX

Is that Spaceman in the rear seat of the Model X?

While the NSX isn’t a true electric car (sadly it doesn’t plug in), it boasts three electric motors to help out its twin-turbocharged V6. Add a quick-shifting, nine-speed dual-clutch transmission and there’s no discounting the fact that it’s a beast.

There are two interesting observations from this video, even before the race begins. Both cars are a beautiful shade of red, which we all know makes them faster, and the Model X seems to have a miniature Spaceman in the rear seat … hmm.

Anyhow, the results are pretty awesome in both runs. The Model X may have jumped the gun in the second race, but as you’ll see, it hardly matters.

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Video Description via DragTimes on YouTube:

Watch the Acura NSX Super Car take on the Tesla Model X P100D Ludicrous in a 1/4 mile drag race!

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15 responses to "Watch Tesla Model X P100D Ludicrous Race Acura NSX"
  1. Mint says:

    At first I though the NSX driver had slow reaction, but from the rear you could see the NSX’s brake light go off at the same time the X’s did.

    So what’s up with the launch delay on the NSX?

    1. Omid says:

      yes,I completely agree

  2. Apkungen says:

    Hardly matter? The x won with 0.25s and the reaction time of the max was 0.8s. the nsx won the race, the driver of the nsx lost.

    1. Huhu says:

      The model X and NSX basically launched at the same time. Teslas are always much quicker off the line.
      This never gets old, keep them coming.

    2. Omid says:

      Exactly the same idea…

    3. Omid says:

      The NSX is Exactly the winner because of driver delay

  3. Warren says:

    The time slip on the NSX show’s it .30 second quicker and 6mph faster. Which is car lengths ahead of the Tesla if it weren’t for the bad reaction time. Tesla would need at least 60 more HP to trap 6mph faster like the NSX. The NSX is fairly quick, but going through turns is its real strength.

    1. Omid says:

      Completely true

  4. (⌐■_■) Trollnonymous says:

    Another drag…………meh.

  5. Gabriel says:

    Instead of drag races, could you instead show more how do the Teslas perform on the track? It is getting old these “P100D smokes ___ on a drag strip”.

  6. michael says:

    My favorite thing in these videos is hearing how HARD the combustion engine vehicles have to work to compete with Teslas. You can almost hear the internal parts wearing out.

  7. (⌐■_■) Trollnonymous says:

    They really should include the “Price as tested” in these drags.

  8. Mister G says:


  9. dox says:

    Yes, Tesla wins. But go back to line and do it again….. Acura will do same time again, Tesla can’t.

  10. Omid says:

    It was clear in this video that the driver of NSX had a delay in start line

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