Watch Cadillac Take Shot At Tesla In New Commercial

Cadillac SuperCruise


Cadillac is not the first automaker to challenge Tesla in an ad, and this one makes its point abundantly clear in a mere 15 seconds.

We’ve seen a few billboards in the recent past challenging Tesla. Well … more specifically challenging Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Audi teased the CEO with a billboard showing off its upcoming e-tron and simply stating “Musk-Have.” This didn’t make a whole lot of sense at the time, since the e-tron was merely a concept. It makes even less sense now, due to the fact that the car still hasn’t arrived and was hidden in camo at the recent Geneva Motor Show.


Hyundai also recently designed a billboard with Elon’s name. It read, “Your turn, Elon.” This is pointing out that fact the all-new Kona Electric is the first battery-electric compact SUV, while Tesla’s Model Y is still years away.

This new commercial is an ad for Cadillac’s Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving system. It’s part of a series called “Future is Here.” It shows a Cadillac CT6 driving past a Tesla on the freeway and the driver of the Caddy is “hands-free.” The words on the screen read, “the first true hands-free driving system for the freeway.”

This is clearly poking fun at all of the constant reminders Tesla has had to issue telling people to keep their hands on the wheel and explaining that its Autopilot system is not full self-driving technology.

It will be interesting to see how the Super Cruise feature fares over time. Do you think every time a CT6 gets into a collision there will be a huge story surrounding the feature?


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Source: YouTube via Electrek

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Hey caddy,look no dead animals inside our interior. And if you call out Tesla, atlteast have super charging networks around the world.

In the case of Cadillac they do have superchargers worldwide – they are called gas stations.


No one that buys innovation, buys a Caddy.
No one bought the Caddy ELR, and no one will probably buy the CT-6, and that’s why we’re buying Tesla’s.

The ELR should have been a HUGH Marketing Success.

I would argue that inexplicable pricing killed the ELR. As a luxury Volt, the car was a good example of engineering innovation and got great reviews for both style and performance. After Cadillac announced pricing around $75,000, everyone laughed/choked and moved on.

If Cadillac put the CT6 plug-in powertrain into a XT5, that would set an appropriate standard for what a real PHEV SUV batter size should be. Not the BMW/Porsche/Volvo baby batteries. Americans buy XT5’s, not CT6’s.

Completely agree on all points.

You are all mistaken.

The ELR outsold all model years of the Tesla Roadster Combined both here and abroad. Plus the ELR was only manufactured for 15 months ( 1 1/4 years ). My memory is foggy as to exactly when the first ELR was available for sale, so the car may actually have only been manufactured for around 1 year, partially in 2014 and the start of 2016 model Year.

It outsold the CT6 PHEV by an order of magnitude: Cadillac discontinued the WRONG CAR.

As far as ‘no one’ buying either car, ten times as many no ones bought the ELR as the CT6 PHEV, and as far as the ELR and Roadster went, I bought both.

Lol. Vegans.

as a lifelong vegetarian who hasn’t worn leather for 2 decades I have to say, musk is not your savior. he’s not a vegetarian, the only time he cares about pollution is when it doesn’t come from the tailpipe of a domestic passenger vehicle (not his brainchild) and likewise teslas had no animal friendly option until two stakeholders brought attention to their dissatisfaction with this fact.

in short if you want to see a change, be the change and stop blindly cheerleading people who in reality barely care. just to send the message home here he is needlessly emitting carbon and particulate matter pollution to roast some gelatin (if you’re a vegan as you claim you shouldn’t need to google the significance) snacks

Thanks for reminding everyone of why vegans have a reputation for being obnoxious, self-righteous boors.

Gosh, how terrible it would be if Tesla didn’t appeal to aggressively obnoxious vegans like you. They might lose as much as 0.001% of their sales!

I’m a proud member of that other PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals. 🙂 My ancestors did not claw their way to the top of the food chain so I could eat tofu!

The 2019 Bolt is slated to have a SuperCruise option.

It’s a great system, no ping ponging between the sides of a lane, and it watches not only the road but the driver to ensure his eyes are on the road. Since it won’t work if the driver doesn’t watch the road, any accidents will be hard to blame on SC.

Putting SuperCruise in a Bolt does not make much sense. SuperCruise is a great highway-only feature which makes for pleasant drives on road trips.

The Bolt is simply not a vehicle designed for road trips. Even if the fast charging infrastructure were robust (it isn’t close), the Bolt would not be a road trip vehicle.

Adding at least 50% extra travel time (driving to/from chargers; waiting for chargers; charging at a meager 70-90 miles per 30 minutes) does not make for a pleasant road trip.

OMG I’m so stressed out on my road trip…said nobody.

Autonomous highway driving is most useful when you’re stuck in morning and evening commutes when you’re likely to be tired or distracted.

Secondly, this technology has nothing to do with EVs or charging infrastructure. It will work just as well with an ICE. If you *really* need to pick a fight with the Bolt, try thinking about why the sales of the Volt is shrinking so fast these days.


“OMG I’m so stressed out on my road trip…said nobody.”
Completely disagree.

“Autonomous highway driving is most useful when you’re stuck in morning and evening commutes when you’re likely to be tired or distracted.”
Excellent point.

“this technology has nothing to do with EVs or charging infrastructure. It will work just as well with an ICE.”
You are correct. However, SuperCruise is a ‘highway only’ technology. Longer road trips are the ‘bread and butter’ of a feature like SuperCruise. Longer road trips are not the Bolt’s strength.

I like the Bolt. I’m just surprised it is in line for SuperCruise. I would expect it to make it into more Cadillacs before the Bolt.

” ‘OMG I’m so stressed out on my road trip…said nobody.’
Completely disagree.”

Indeed! Put me down as one of those “nobodies”.

When I used to drive the ~350 miles from Kansas City to Garden City, KS, or back home again, it left me so stressed out and exhausted at the end of the trip that I wanted to do nothing so much as go immediately to bed.

Sure, driving can be enjoyable, if it’s a scenic drive, if the traffic is light, and I’m in no hurry to get anywhere. But usually, after an hour or so of driving — or after only a minute or two in rush-hour traffic — I’d far rather relax and let someone else take the wheel.

I look forward to fully autonomous vehicles!

Actually if you want to pick a fight on the Bolt, just go to any Bolt discussion forum and mention that it’s an ugly car.

I’m a Bolt enthusiast and it’s the best car I’ve ever owned. Nevertheless, I said it’s ugly on reddit and it triggered them like you wouldn’t believe. They’re like a cult and cannot admit that they drive a car that looks it was designed by a committee of bean counters.

The Bolt’s looks have grown on me. I like it when viewed from the front, and am even OK with the odd overall shape. The back end needs a redesign IMO. I think the new Leaf’s back end design is much sharper.

The Bolt is a 250+ mile EV, not some 15 mile compliance car, and the 2019 Bolt may have even more range ; ) One hour out on an expressway and one hour back is well within the Bolt’s capabilities.

In America it’s common for people to take expressways to and from work. Living in a rural area, expressway driving comprises at least 80% of my drives.

Note: as an EV driver, it is my duty to maintain a speed slightly above most other cars in order to disabuse the general public of the notion that EVs are slow dork-mobiles good only for hypermiling. In the summer at least, the Bolt has plenty of range for such driving.

You have a good point about longer highway commutes. Was thinking of road trips on the open highway – the way it is portrayed in Cadillac commercials.


I don’t think the Bolt can use more than 50 amps on Level 3, either, so you’re right, an actual road trip would be a lot of hassle.

Oh, yeah, they make great commercials. Perhaps they should compare the updated version of auto-pilot, which is finally better from reports, than the original Mobileye version.

100% Made in China and imported to the US.

Buy one of these to support jobs in China.


The car was built in China, but Supercruise was designed in the US. This story is more about the technology than whatever car it’s currently implemented in. If it’s in one GM car it’s just an option away from being in others.

How are they “taking a swipe” at Tesla? Because they have a commercial, which everyone always says the OEMS don’t do enough of for their EVs, in which a Caddy passes a nonbadged Tesla in 2 seconds???

Why weren’t they taking a swipe against Nissan which it also passed!?!?

They didn’t call them out or anything. I think it’s all related to your guys buyers remorse in paying for FSD and yet you still aren’t getting it. Bunch of primadonnas.

Disruptees buy ads and billboards.
Disruptors buy gigafactories and build Superchargers.

And then can’t produce neither cars at the price & volume they promised, nor refund some full selfdriving vaporware they sold to few gullible believers.

Meanwhile cars “from billboards” are driving for real all over the world.

Meanwhile fool cell shills and serial anti-Tesla trolls spread FUD on the internet.

Question is, who is paying him to do so?

I think that if you save enough you may get a basic Model 3 and stop suffering.

But when GM didn’t do ads, you complain. Now, they do ads, you still complain.

I guess GM is doomed, regardless of what they do. Even if GM builds SC or gigafactory, you will probably still find faults in them.

*sigh*. That is just how people are.

I love my caddy

Do you think that the first idiot that use the Caddy “hands free” and seat in the back seat to show off in Facebook will cause Cadillac to set something like hands on in Tesla.

Read up on how supercruise works and you will see that can’t happen.

You clearly have NO idea on how Super Cruise works. If you did, you wouldn’t had made that comment to show that you have no clue on what Super Cruise would do if you choose to move to back seat and watch a video…


Look at all the cars that crash without autopilot, never a word! 40,000 deaths/year is too many!

More than guns in fact, despite the fact that guns significantly outnumber cars (by over 100,000,000), and guns are arguably designed to kill while cars are arguably designed with many features to protect lives (and make many improvements year over year in safety whereas gun safety hasn’t changed much since the 1980’s/1990’s outside of education/training).

2,000 kids under 16 die every year due to cars. In the last two years, the number of deaths from cars has risen year over year.

Why are cars becoming less safe? Or are we just sucking as drivers?

Somehow, my local dealership got hold of a slightly used CT6 PHEV. I’ll have to ask alot of questions but supposedly they are offering it for under $50k. – 3800 miles which is nothing. I’ll have to see if they offer ‘Certified Service’ – something which they actually may since they pride themselves in being the ONLY cadillac ONLY dealer this far west in NY State.

Probably doesn’t have state credit nor $7500 fed credit – details I’ll have to find out next week.

I still think its a joke of a car, but if I can get one extra cheap, I’m not too proud to snag it. Test drive next week.