Volkswagen e-up! Now Almost €4,000 Cheaper

NOV 5 2018 BY MARK KANE 34

Volkswagen e-up! to be more affordable.

The slightly refreshed Volkswagen e-up! was in 2016 priced in Germany from €26,900, which was quite a lot compared to over just €10,000 for the base ICE version. As a result, only a few thousand annually were sold in Europe.

Recently, VW decided to decrease the price by €3,925 to €22,975 – still a lot, but at least a move in the proper direction.

In 2019, the future e-up! is expected to get a next-generation version, also available as the Seat e-Mii and Skoda e-Citigo. Range is expected to increase to 270 km (168 miles) WLTP with a starting price below €20,000.

Quick specs:

  • 60 kW/82 hp and 210 Nm electric motor
  • 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 13 seconds
  • 130 km/h (81 mph) top speed
  • 18.7 kWh battery
  • about 160 km (100 miles) NEDC range
  • weight of just 1,139 kg

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Whoah! Cool, but maybe too little three years too late?

If the WLTP and msrp are true, this should be a significant deal. Shame though if these new e-UP!-s will fall “victim” to battery production shortage.

Battery shortage should not be the problem with these.
Production in general is limited though. It was never designed to scale to big numbers, just like the E-Golf.

How in the world can it bee “too late” if electric cars still have a market share below 2% and in this segment probably closer to 0%?

Obviously the Tesla model A will eat its lunch…
VaporWare cant be the only one selling in this segment since the eUp doesn’t even exist…
Maybe BAIC has already started selling their A segment car in the EU…
Who knows but VW doesn’t stand a chance with all the EU fierce A segment completion???

The eUP has been for sale for years. They have sold thousands, and in Norway they have sold about as many as Model X from Tesla. No Chinese company have started to sell small EVs, but they have started to sell electric vans that is currently under testing for reliability for example.

It’s too late given how slow new car trends in even sub-categories and markets evolve.

The e-Up you have to admit was a poor impression when it came out and gathered dust for 5 years. It would take another 5 years after the new refresh to introduce itself to non EV-stronghold markets in the EU. Rather, like most new EVs currently, what is availible is only offered in key, safe markets. UK, Norway, Germany, etc.

We need these now. That Wankel rotary REx can’t come soon enough. But sure, it’s not like anyone in the VW group were trialing such vehicle designs in 2011…

Maybe I wasn’t being specific with what was time sensitive here, but as an EU citizen there’s many: Loss of competition from EU brands, loss of momentum of EV adoption, our catastrophic skyrocketing emissions need I say more?

Lots of words, but you missed the main question. Who is making competition for the eUP? Which companies are going to sell so many EV’s to Europeans that companies like VW won’t stand a chance of they release a vehicle in the next few years? The Chinese manufacturers?

Certainly not Tesla as they don’t have the manufacturing capacity and don’t have plans for it in the timeframe. Not Hyundai/Kia as they don’t have the capacity either, although could perhaps ramp up faster than Tesla. Outside of those two companies it’s slim pickings, unless we’re talking Nissan, but the’re in an alliance with Renault.

Competition for the eUp? The Smart EQ forFour, for one…

With his 17,6 kWh Battery at over 20k€ and no upgrade in sight?

I’m really looking forward for the e-Citigo.
Especially since the 20.000€ should be with VAT and without subsidies.
So maybe next year we will get a pretty useful small EV with aproximately the range of the Leaf for less then 20k€.

You mean the range of the first-gen Leaf, right?…

The 40kWh Leaf has a WLTP range of 270 km so exactly the same as stated above for the new up or citigo.

Yes, but in a larger car (2 size classes larger, a full metre longer and 15cm wider) without a battery TMS.

I bought a Leaf a couple of years ago and it is a huge bloated boat for my needs and tastes..
I wanted a Spark size car and a eUp would work too…
More selections equals more BEV sales…
Sorry everyone is not Tesla but if Tesla were to make a Model A I would jump on it…

0-100 km/h in 13 seconds? Oof! That’s bad. Is there any gas cars currently for sale that have as bad acceleration?

The normal up and citigo are sold with 60 and 75 PS and both have a acceleration worse then 13 seconds (13,5/14,4 s).
And there a many more cars like this, especially in this minicar segment.

I guess I was thinking more for North America. 😛

I doubt they’ll sell any/many in North America anyway, so probably don’t really care.

EV’s don’t inherently need to have super fast acceleration and as more mainstream models start appearing I don’t see why they won’t have similar performance characteristics to the ICE vehicles they’re meant to replace.

I on the other hand do see why: since additional performance in EVs is cheap, it makes little sense to build significantly less attractive low-performance models at only marginally lower costs…

Well you are in luck according to PushEvs/Auto Bild (2018/33 page 12

this is what we can expect from the new triplets.

Battery capacity: 24/36/49 kWh
Motor torque: 230/330/430 Nm
Range: 300-500 km

But somehow I don’t think you will ever be a VaporWare customer so ???

Because that “marginally” lower costs add up (smaller motors and electrical components, smaller brakes, cheaper tyres etc etc) and cuts into the margins of cheaper cars, which already have slim margins.

You may be willing to pay $1,000 extra for a small car that goes 0-60 5 seconds faster, but most people looking for a basic car will not. If they do then they can buy the GTI or R version for an additional cost, which is what happens now.

It’s also worth remembering that the North American market is completely different to the European market. Performance of the average vehicle is usually lower than the same one in North America because engines are smaller.

Well, Americans aren’t known for moderation.

That is one of the reasons there are sold few US designed cars in Europe, due to gas milage = taxes and expensive to drive. Just as many European cars are sold in the US with only the most powerful engines they make, and where some are only for the US market. It was funny to read car reviews on the same car in the US and Europe. In Europe the reporter claimed the 1,8 liter motor was more then enough, and recomended his readers to buy the 1,6 liter engine due to better fuel economy and a cheaper option. In the US, the 2,4 liter engine with 50-75% more power was just about OK, but felt a bit weak with two people in the car and some luggage. . 13 seconds is FAST compared to a few cars (vans) I have owned that was in the 16-20 second range.. With close to 20 seconds, it is really hard to merge when entering the highway – since there is no way you will be able to follow traffic (if the onramp is shorter then an airfield).. They could still pull a 1800-2400kg trailer, and imagine that in a hill –… Read more »

As someone with a lead foot who drove a 0-60 in 11 seconds Leaf I have to laugh at everyone and their 200 300 plus HP cars who NEVER step on the actual gas pedal and are in my rear view mirror by the other side of the intersection…
95 if not 99 % never actually use the power in modern cars…

Speaking of trailers the same car sold in the EU can have a 1,500 LB towing capacity as one in the US with a 0 LB towing capacity…
Obviously Americans need an F150 to tow stuff a Bug of yesteryear could tow…


Vapor price drop off a Vapor price of a Vapor product.

*VW CEO deep drag* And we’ll tell them the price in Euros so those filthy Americans know they will never get one. *laughs, collapses in pile of money and Bosch manuals*


Just because it’s not sold in North America doesn’t mean it’s vaporware?

Presumably all the big Chinese car manufacturers are also just “selling” vapourware too?

I can’t get a RHD Model 3 yet. Therefore Teslas are vaporware.

I thought Trolls were Dirty Filthy Lying CHEATS!

Can I import one to the us

Probably. . depending on what state you live in.

Will cost you about $1000 in shipping (or more, if you don’t want to wait too long for it).

I have family in the US that was allowed to even import a Volvo Sugge (TP21) and get it road legal.. . and that is an old military vehicle.
If you don’t know, it’s the same model as this:
If they can get that road legal, a modern EV should be easy..


There are vastly different laws in the US for importing cars older than 25 years and new cars…
Old cars anything goes… New ones not the same…

(Note for Americans: This is a subcompact city car, same class/size as Spark EV. Good acceleration not a requirement whatsoever)

The current version has usable 16kWh, and reportedly uses up 265 wh/mi for a real-world 65mi range.
Assuming the same form factor & ~same weight, this new version will need ~2.5x the energy, or 45kWh of battery, to do 168mi of WLTP range. Achieving that already next year doesn’t look too easy, even with the improvements of the past couple of years, esp. under €20K including VAT without subsidies
Yes, the Zoe has a 41kWh pack, but it’s longer by 50cm, wider and taller — one size class larger.