Fully Charged Checks Out Tesla Model 3 In London

DEC 8 2018 BY MARK KANE 27

Here is what we know about the Model 3 launch in the UK.

Tesla Model 3 for some time now is being presented in several first markets in Europe. Deliveries of the long-range all-wheel-drive versions should begin in February 2019. It will be followed by rear-wheel-drive and smaller battery versions.

Here is Fully Charged video from the Tesla store in London, where more or less a constant stream of consumers were visiting the Model 3. Some customers were placing orders after they checked build quality of the domonstration unit, size of the vehicle in person, etc. Many of them are new to all-electric cars.

Tesla Model 3 in Europe (including VAT) will be way more expensive than in U.S. (as is usually the case of any cars in Europe because of higher taxes):

  • Long-Range AWD (544 km /338 miles of WLTP range) from about €57,900 ($66,100)
  • Long-Range AWD Performance (530 km /329 miles of WLTP range) from about €68,600 ($78,300)

According to Fully Charged, in UK prices are as follows:

  • Tesla Model 3: ≈€58,000 / ≈£51,622 (≈€70,600 / £62,291 for Performance version)
  • Tesla Model S: ≈£70,000
  • Tesla Model X: ≈£77,000

Configurator for Model 3 not yet open in UK.

“Robert and Jonny attended the first proper public reveal of the Tesla Model 3 in the UK.Configurator is now open for European reservation holders in the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and France. In the UK? Not yet.”

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Jean-Baptiste Labelle

I did not understand the comment on the Model III being “way more expensive” than in US. As far as i know, the LR AWD is 55k$ in US which, in is with 20% taxes 55.6k€ whereas they are sold at 57-58k€.
It seems pretty reasonable to me.
Is there no tax in US? People always compared as if there was no tax in US (although they are quite lower in general as in Europe..).

Taxes are, as you note, considerably less and state specific. Here in Texas we pay 6.25%. Most are 10% or under. Some states have actually exempt EVs from sales taxes, but those are few and far between and those incentives may no longer be available.

And until January, the Model 3 qualifies in the US for $7,500 tax rebate. Cut in half in January, but still a nice tax cut at $3,750.

Not sure why you’d bring up incentives… Most European countries (including UK) also have incentives worth a couple thousand dollars at least — so that’s pretty irrelevant in price comparisons I’d say…

You can also get the RWD MidRange version in the US.

LR AWD is actually $54,200 right now in the US including delivery fees… I’d say the price difference is noticeable, though not terribly huge.

And at +/- $56 in a color that’s the one to go for, especially if it can get done by 12/31. I wonder if T will adjust the price some come 1/1/19 when the effective price goes up $3750.

That scatter brained space cadet is going to send to overtaxed UK instead of people in US who will lose the tax credit next year. It would be better to sell only in US until the tax credit is gone, then start selling elsewhere. That includes selling SR model in US if the demand for LR and MR are not there.

Tesla is not a charity. They need to make money to continue to expand. Demand for top spec vehicles in the US must be slowing, so now they are offering those to Europe to maximize revenues.

They have said for SR production to not kill Tesla they would need 5k/week production. Then it would be 3 to 6 months after that for deliveries of the SR. They were supposed to get up to 7,000/wk production rate by end of November, but I have not seen a follow up to whether they met that goal. But last estimates for October was they were still under 5k/wk.

So sometime late Q1 or Q2 we might see the SR with PUP offered. And I would guess the base model sometime late 2019 or early 2020.

There is no charity by selling in US. Selling in US so that people can take advantage of the tax credit cost Tesla nothing. But the people like those who’ve been waiting for Leaf to be real EV (sadly Leaf will still be crap) will switch over to Tesla and create more sales than otherwise, especially if SR is available.

Then that volume will make up for accelerating production in US. Few month window that Tesla delay could have them go get something else (like the crap Leaf).

“There is no charity by selling in US.”

First you call for Tesla to sell the Standard Range version in the U.S., rather than more expensive trim levels overseas, despite the fact that Tesla can’t yet make a profit on the SR version, to benefit American buyers. Now you’re claiming that’s “no charity”.

There’s a “scatterbrained space cadet here”, all right. You can see him in the mirror, dude.

Intolerant, narrow-minded “Ugly Americans” like you are an embarrassment to the rest of us.

Jelly aren’t you…

Tell us how you really feel 😆

Not jelly of Tesla (though of you for having one). Upset that Tesla will send to those tea taxers over us coffee drinkers.

Tesla has to spread the love around otherwise people get frustrated and potentially buy something else.

I’m not saying not sell overseas, but merely delay until US tax credit is done. Besides, people waited almost 3 years, what’s few more months?

It’s like spreading cake frosting you have to start on each side and you have to work yourself up to the top. In the end it’ll be one bitchin cake with more than enough for everyone.

I’ve down-voted you for three things:

First, the “scatter brained space cadet” jibe. Honestly, if you start a post like that, it deserves to be down-voted because it immediately implies that the rest of what you’ve got to say is going to be biased by your pre-existing opinions.

Secondly for describing the UK as overtaxed. Sure, I get that you live in the US and enjoy half the tax rate that we do. In turn, I enjoy that fact that I don’t have to pay anything for health insurance. Our standard of living once everything is taken into account is just fine, thank you.

And finally for your assumption that Tesla is going to stop selling in the US once they start selling to Europe. Yes, the numbers available in the US will drop, but they aren’t going to suddenly start shipping their entire production run overseas. One of the problems they have with selling overseas is the much longer lead time from factory to customer, this lead time is a key metric for investors, so they will keep selling at least some of their stock on the domestic market to help keep it down.

I don’t give rat’s tail about down votes. I don’t comment for popularity contest. Down vote away.

Musk wants to go to Mars. If wanting to go to Mars and pollute another planet when humanity can’t even stop polluting Earth isn’t scatter brained space cadet, I don’t know what is.

I hope you’re enjoying all the medical innovations, because majority of modern medical innovations are made in US. Gee, I wonder why UK and the rest of Europe don’t produce as much innovation (hint: free stuff SUCKS).

Tesla plans to start selling in UK in Feb. That means 10 months of UK shipment that could otherwise been used by US buyers to discount the price. Since Tesla is still sold out, every single one shipped outside of US is effectively depriving US buyer of tax credit. Situation would be different if Tesla doesn’t have a waiting list in US, but they do.

Nice story bro.

Yeah that’s why people take medical vacations and go someplace else to have a basic surgery done so they don’t get screwed here in the US. Such Innovation whatever we do invent we can’t administer here because it’s restricted and has to be had elsewhere in the world.

I keep hearing a poster can be blocked. This is one that really deserves it. How is this done?

We can put people on “ignore” on the IEVs Forum. Sadly, it can’t be done when reading the comments to IEVs news articles.

Yeah, this guy really does need to be blocked. Vladimir Putin must love all the hostility and divisiveness he spews out.

From your posts, you seem almost as selfish, arrogant, and self-absorbed as the Orange One. If you really care so little about what others think, then stop spreading your narrow-minded, intolerant “Ugly American” attitude here. This website would be far better off without comments like yours.

Didn’t mommy remind us to take our meds?

By the logic presented the rest of the world would be waiting at least a year because the US federal tax incentive goes 50% for 6 months, then 25% for another 6 months? And the federal tax incentive is based on your actual tax return, so if you only paid a fraction of that amount being the incentive then you don’t get the whole amount anyway? Regardless of all that, the lack of empathy is incredible. If you put down your deposit back in 2016 and continued to see only US deliveries for no good reason than maybe those customers would get a tax incentive, that would be a pretty bitter pill to swallow. Given you have no empathy, but just imagine you are an Audi or Jaguar customer in the US and you saw those EV’s only being delivered in Europe for a coupe years, even though you knew they could be delivered to the US. How would that make you feel? Judging by all the comments from people waiting for those vehicles, and Hyundai as well, where the US won’t even get show room stock to look at, then I’d say you wouldn’t be very happy. Even closer… Read more »

Will “Fully Charged” now have to call themselves “80-90% Charged” ?

I love the discussion about Tesla including CCS Combo. Tesla already uses the Mennekes plug in Europe, but unlike all the other manufacturers they can do AC and DC on that same plug, don’t really need the additional DC that Combo introduces. Right there you see how Tesla could be smarter than other standards.
So adding Combo plugs means they can use the CCS chargers, but it doesn’t mean they will allow the others to use their chargers. I guess we have to wait and see how that plays out.

Fully Charged is Simply *Brilliant* ! *Brilliant* I Tell You ! ~ * 🙂 *