UPDATE: Watch Autopilot Save Tesla Model 3 From Lane-Crossing Semi: Video


Not once, but twice.

***UPDATE: Original video has been removed from YouTube. We’ve replaced it with a similar Autopilot avoidance video for now. Apologies for the low-quality video and some of the text below is now not fitting of the video above. But, Hat Tip to Joe for sharing it!

The first time, the Tesla Model 3 slows itself to avoid being hit by the swerving semi.

The second time, the Model 3 veers left to avoid a collision.

The first avoidance instance appears to be automatic emergency braking, which has saved many a Tesla from wrecking. However, the second maneuver of veering left is clearly part of Tesla Autopilot. Few other cars are capable of recognizing and reacting in this manner.

We suspect that the driver of the semi doesn’t initially see the Model 3, but why the same maneuver was made a second time is beyond us. Yes, the semi is attempting to get over to provide space for the vehicles on the side of the road, but the semi is not merging safely.

Luckily, nobody was injured and the Model 3 driver did the right thing by simply pulling ahead of the semi to get out of harm’s way.

Video description:

Tesla Model 3 on autopilot avoiding an accident.

This happened to us.

This was recorded using the tesla dashcam and edited using iMovie app on the iPhone.

Thank you Tesla !!!

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Dumb F Should be FIRED.
No Reason to be moving into Left Lane, empty road ahead.
Two trucks, yes, were parked on the side of the road, not in the right lane.

Many places have laws to move over for Police and Tow trucks.

Most laws are either to move over OR slow down. It is still the responsibility of the driver to ONLY make a lane change and move over IF the lane is clear. Otherwise they must slow down in those states.

Hard to tell what state this is in, but there are no states that allow a driver to simply pull into an occupied lane, even if there is an emergency vehicle parked right in the middle of the lane of travel! The other choice is to slow down, which the truck driver clearly did not do. Or to slow down and pull in BEHIND the vehicle occupying the other lane.

This was 2 drivers trying to keep speed when they both should have been slowing down. I see no drivers in the right.

The truck is “oversized”, driving on a wet curve. Asking the truck to aggressively brake is risking “jack-knifing” and losing control of the trailer on a wet road.
Tesla driver is clearly in the wrong. You give wide birth to an over-sized semi. Good drivers know this. One problem with autopilot systems it separates drivers from learning how to drive.

If the truck was carrying an oversized load to the point where he could not safely brake in the rainy conditions on curvy roads, he should not have been on that road going that fast in that weather in the first place!!

If the truck driver could not safely brake from that speed on those corners in that rain, it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the driver to reduce speed to match the load and weather conditions. If the load requires a slower speed, then an oversize load must have pilot vehicle(s) if their load requires it. A pilot truck would have easily solved this situation if the problem is that the truck is too heavily loaded to brake appropriately.

There simply is zero excuse for any vehicle to not be able to stop within the site distance of the roadway at whatever the weather conditions or the load of the vehicle.

Even when it’s not legally mandated, it’s a good practice. The Tesla would have known that and allow for it if it wasn’t driven by a computer without common sense.

Do those same places have laws that mean it’s OK to move over for emergency services, if it means smashing into the side of someone else? Come on, now.

The truck has his turn signal on and was trying to make change. He didn’t know there was an idiot Tesla driver approaching that was not looking at the road a head and failed to reduce speed to let the truck move out of the way of emergency crew on the side of the road. The truck expected a conscious human driver to be approaching and he had to dart back in when he realised the there was an rude vehicle approaching. The Tesla unneccessarly put the truck in a difficult situation. We all have to share the road and be civil about how we go about. Driving a large truck isn’t the easiest thing to do.

I’ve already addressed what the Tesla driver did wrong, but it is the LEGAL OBLIGATION for the truck driver to reduce speed and ONLY make a lane change when the lane is clear.

The truck driver cannot simply assume that vehicles will clear the lane just because they turn on a blinker. It is the truck driver’s responsibility to make sure the lane is clear of even the stupidest, most moronic rudest idiots before he can change lanes. The truck driver can’t ASSume other vehicles see emergency vehicles and then decide to maintain speed and make illegal lane changes. It is the truck driver’s job and legal duty to make sure the lane is clear of even idiots and half-wits before changing lanes.

Yes, driving a truck is hard, and it includes slowing down when required by a law, and making ONLY legal lane changes. This truck driver failed to do either. What the Tesla driver did wrong does NOT excuse the truck driver to maintain speed and knowingly make an illegal unsafe lane change.

These are TWO idiots BOTH refusing to slow down as they approach an emergency vehicle.

What was that aggressive maneuver of wiping the trailer rear end into the left lane.

I just hope to never share any road with you.


You people are idiots. Let the truck move over for the vehicles in the shoulder. Come on.

The Tesla shouldn’t have been passing there, agreed. The Tesla driver also totally ignored the trucks turn signal. A person working by the stopped vehicles could be very close to the lane, and the passing truck is almost as wide as the lane and needs to give some space.

Correct…10.5 feet wide with 1.5 feet of mirrors on each side in a 12 foot wide lane.

The entitlement of today’s drivers is what causes most accidents.

And the backend of the trailer sometimes drifts over a couple of feet.

People like this is why autopilot gets a bad name. YOU NEVER EVER drive in a trucks blind spot, always try to get ahead or stay behind. Defensive driving is the most important thing you can learn.


You make a strong case for AP on trucks….no more blind spots.

No more AP would be even better. The extra camera views should be there for the driver (human) to assess along with all the knowledge of what to expect in various situations and things like who is in the far lanes over and what vehicles have turn signals on. A human driver would not have done what this Tesla did unless they were impared of distracted.
AP is a distraction.

It might even help to “Flash your High Beams” to let the trucker know you are coming in to his space.

No it doesn’t, it pisses us off.

Man, if that pisses you off, you shouldn’t be driving a truck ! Chill out dude.

Flashing your lights when your behind them generally tells them it’s Okay to move over into that lane

Yea, if I see a truck signaling to change lane in traffic, I’ll typically slow down and clear the lane, and give them a quick triple flash to let them know the lane is clear. They seem to universally make a lane change the instant I do that.

Flashing high beams is generally accepted to mean “I see you and you are clear to move over”, never do that and then put your vehicle and life at risk by then moving alongside.

Yeah. Not sure why showing this idiot driving is considered a plus. 1. It’s raining and he/she isn’t paying attention at all. 2. Flashing lights on side of road upcoming (see point 1) mean be cautious, slow down, adjust, etc. Hence why they are flashing. 3. Truck’s rear of trailer pulls into left lane BEFORE the Tesla gets along side. At that point why the driver doesn’t take control of the vehicle prior to pulling alongside is just plain….oh wait…see point 1 again. 4. And it’s on a curve. 5. And the truck has flashing lights and oversize load warning. 6. Why in the freaking fark did the Tesla driver think the solution to this is to pass the truck precisely when he’s going past the vehicle on the side of the road?

Here’s a thought. Slow down. Wait for the situation to clear itself. Then while holding onto the steering wheel maybe pass that truck. I guess there’s no cure for stupid.

Yes hopefully the Tesla driver will learn something from the comments section here. He obviously thought the truck driver was 100% at fault based on the comments in the video. But he was not driving defensively and even after the first auto braking he left the auto pilot on instead of dropping back to a safe position.

Kenneth Bokor (EV Revolution Show)
Agree, Tesla should not have been passing. Truck had signal on and we know on open highways especially to let the change over to avoid shoulder stranded vehicles, police, etc. Their air wake can injure someone big time. This guy should have eased up earlier. I use Nissan’s Pro Pilot and have had to override in situations like this all the time. I’m coming up to pass a truck (since my ACC is set at a higher speed than the trucks) and then it changes lanes, oh and I can see what is up ahead since I look way out front, not just 20 feet in front of me. This kind of stuff happens every day. So in these cases you disable Pro Pilot or Autopilot and drive like you are supposed to, slow down let the truck do his thing then you can pass him afterwards. Not to let this technology react for you. If he did not accelerate he might have been into the centre median and why, to let Autopilot do its’ thing? Come on people, how crazy do you have to be. These aids are just that – aids and should NEVER be relied on to… Read more »

I agree; the Tesla driver was well aware that there were stopped vehicles on the shoulder and all semi drivers give a wide berth. Most any experienced driver, regardless of what they are driving , will do exactly as the semi driver did. I have a feeling the Tesla driver is one of those that places himself in the left lane, puts the vehicle on ‘cruise’ and doesn’t appreciate being “inconvenienced.”

The truck was responding to the other accident on the shoulder. You are required to change lanes, he probably never saw the Model 3 coming up on him, and we need to see a few seconds earlier to see the relationship between the vehicles.
It looks to me like the 3 was accelerating to pass, just as the truck slid over, the truck had his blinker on. So no fault that I see, but good for the autopilot.

Nope, not required to move over if you will cause an accident. Simply slow down. I see so many idiots move over when it’s not safe, the law does not require this.

Kenneth Bokor (EV Revolution Show)

No but the truck was ahead of the Model 3 with signals on when the video started. So you don’t gun it to pass the truck in this situation. Tesla driver was very wrong end of story.

Oversize loads, the laws are different because of the dimensions. Normal trucks typically fill an entire lane, but a truck with oversized dimensions in play and you have the risk of a fatality. We can actually be ticketed and arrested for not moving over, of reducing speed to a CRAWL because of our size. The wind displacement we cause a bystander can shift equipment and kill someone, which you most likely didn’t know because it’s not your job to be a PROFESSIONAL driver.

“We can actually be ticketed and arrested for not moving over, or reducing speed to a CRAWL because of our size.”

I’ve already covered what the Tesla driver did wrong, but this quote of yours is where I also have a huge problem with what the truck driver did wrong too. The truck driver made little to no effort to reduce speed, and instead maintained speed and intentionally made an unsafe/illegal lane change instead.

Since you came here to post as a trucker, I’m going to focus on the truck in my response to you. When you are approaching an emergency vehicle, and you discover there is a complete idiot in the other lane trying to pass you, should you:

A) Continue to maintain speed and knowingly make an illegal lane change into a lane you know is occupied.
B) Reduce speed, and either make a lane change once the lane becomes clear, or continue to reduce speed to a crawl if necessary.

The truck driver is still obligated to make a safe lane change, even if that requires him to slow down and pull in behind the vehicle currently on the left lane. I see 2 poor drivers, neither doing the right thing.

It seams like the truck was at least trying to do the correct thing. If he waited for the Tesla to pass, the truck would already have passed the Hazzard vehicle stopped on the shoulder. As far as I am concerned Tesla driver was clearly in the wrong. Truck was already ahead of tesla and trying to move over for the safety of those on the side of the road. Tesla driver does not care about the safety of anyone, so tries to pass the truck anyway and not let the truck move over.

The truck driver half tried to do the right thing when he initially tried to change lanes.

But the minute the truck driver saw the lane was occupied and wasn’t clear, he did the wrong thing. His legal obligation was to slow and even stop if required if it is not safe to change lanes.

Saying the Tesla SHOULD have let him change lanes (the Tesla driver obviously should have) does NOT give the truck driver the legal right to choose to make an unsafe lane change instead of braking, up to and including stopping if necessary for an emergency vehicle.

I don’t know where this attitude is coming from that since the Tesla didn’t clear the lane that the truck was correct and justified in continuing at speed and and correct to make an unsafe and illegal lane change instead of choosing to use his brakes.

Two wrongs don’t make the truck driver right.

Bull, the Tesla video cam shows the Tesla driver CLEARLY sees the vehicles on the shoulder, the Tesla should not attempt to pass period.

While it is true that the Tesla should have slowed and let the truck in, that STILL doesn’t give the truck driver the legal right to make an unsafe lane change instead of slowing down himself and pulling behind the Tesla when the lane was clear.

This attitude of “he didn’t get out of my way, so I’m going to pull into the lane anyways and not slow down” is absolutely crazy, especially for an oversize load vehicle. The truck driver simply cannot violate the law and knowingly make an unsafe lane change just because he is unwilling to let up and slow down.

Once the truck driver saw the lane was not clear, he should have slowed and let the Tesla past before changing lanes period.

Anyone trying to find a person in the right in a situation where TWO vehicles clearly failed to slow for an emergency vehicle is deluding themselves to the contributions of both drivers in this situation. BOTH drivers had a duty to slow, neither did.

Even if you drive a Tesla you need to not be a dipsh*t. The trucker was signaling before the Tesla was even beside him. Have enough respect to believe he knew what he was doing and needed to move over. At the end of the day, the trucker has a better choice to hit another vehicle going the same direction and speed than to hit a person standing beside the road. And the Tesla can reduce speed a lot faster than the truck.

The goal in every driving situation is to have everyone get where they’re going safely, not to make sure nobody offends your sensibilities, snowflake.

“At the end of the day, the trucker has a better choice to hit another vehicle going the same direction and speed than to hit a person standing beside the road. ”

You give a false either-or fallacy. The third choice is for the truck to put their brakes on. If the truck driver were truly making a choice between hitting a parked car and side-swiping a vehicle, the truck driver should have been hard on his brakes. He doesn’t have the legal right to choose to do an illegal/unsafe lane change just because he chooses/refuses to use his brakes.

The truck was pulling left to avoid vehicles on the shoulder. It was a mistake to then advance to the left of the truck after it first encroached on the lane. If it was on autopilot, the autopilot should have been canceled.

Yes, on seeing that the truck was trying to change lanes for the emergency vehicle, the Tesla drive should have slowed down. That is the right thing to do.

But the truck driver, on seeing that the Tesla wasn’t going to give it room, the truck was obligated under the law to SLOW DOWN and pull in behind the Tesla.

This is two bull-headed drivers both refusing to slow down.

Nix, I’ve read your comments and as I do agree with some I also disagree with most such as your lack of knowledge on relativity, a body in motion tends to stay in motion, you can’t stop an 80,000 plus pound truck on a dime,

Jay, I’m actually VERY aware of NHTSA requirements for stopping distances for trucks. This driver needs to be able to stop his truck within 250 feet under standardized conditions from 60 MPH or his vehicle is violating NHTSA requirements. That is about double the distance of a typical SUV. He doesn’t have a severe duty tractor, so if you are arguing his oversize load was keeping him from meeting these NHTSA requirements, he should have been going much slower in the first place!!!

But the reality is that he makes ZERO effort to reduce his speed as he approaches an emergency vehicle!!!! How can you defend that?

What is it with all the people tonight who are making excuses for truckers making ZERO effort to slow down as they approach emergency vehicles? What do you have against emergency vehicle operators that you won’t give them a brake? Slow down out there people!!!!

Every excuse that talks about how hard it is for that driver to stop his truck, is just a bigger and bigger reason why the truck should have been SLOWING THE F DOWN right from the beginning, instead of intentionally making an illegal and unsafe lane change and continuing to maintain speed.

“…you can’t stop an 80,000 plus pound truck on a dime…”

If a semi truck, even when fully loaded, can’t stop almost as fast as a car, by using a combination of air brakes and “jake brakes” (engine braking) when necessary, then that truck shouldn’t be licensed to run on the highway.

And don’t try to tell me that semi trucks typically can’t stop that fast. I see them frequently running at full speed toward a toll booth plaza, and only putting on the air brakes and/or jake brakes in the last few seconds; you can hear them when they apply those.

It is the law in Ontario that you must move over to the left hand lane when emergency and/or disabled vehicles are on the shoulder. Didn’t even bother with the video after seeing the comments. I had a Cadillac Escalade pass me on the right one time when I pulled into the left lane for this reason. Unfortunately there wasn’t a spare cop to chase him down. The fine would have been hefty.

Actually, Ontario’s law says this:

“move over and leave one lane between their vehicle and the parked emergency vehicle or tow truck IF IT CAN BE DONE SAFELY”

The other part of the requirement that people seem to widely ignore, and that NEITHER vehicle did, was this:

“slow down”

Yes, if they were in Ontario they both would have likely gotten a ticket.


And it could have been done safely if the Tesla was being attended to properly by a human driver with common sense and courtesy for those around them.

This is where I will stay in control of my car, thanks. With real-world knowledge, I can predict that semi is going to pull over away from the shoulder activity, and not be alongside when it does. This mindless drone just keeps going on it’s little pre-programmed path, puttng several groups of people in danger as it does so.

And yes, I love my 2013 Tesla Model S P85+, but as a software engineer expect it to be long years/decades yet before I trust my family to a set of algorithms when it’s something I can do so easily for myself.

I don’t own a Telsa but I love them. Mike above is similar to me, decades of IT experience and I agree with him 100%. Mindless drone doesn’t know basic roadcraft. I don’t believe Tesla will ever be able to teach it’s auto pilot roadcraft. There are too many situations on the road where a properly trained human driver is superior. For instance what does a Tesla do when an emergency vehicle is approaching from behind ? Nothing I imagine. What does a Tesla do if a vehicle is partially blocking it’s lane in slow moving heavy traffic on a four lane road ? It probably stops and blocks that lane completely. A human driver would work out if it can squeeze over into the next lane after communicating with other drivers nearby which keeps the traffic moving. Anyone who has been to Italy will know this is a vital skill. Auto pilot might be viable in 20-30 years in certain situations once the law makers and insurance companies catch up. Until then we should actually teach new drivers roadcraft.

From the comments in the YouTube video from the Tesla Driver explains the scenario better: **1** Chris Clark , they do, but not that quick on a 70 mile highway. And then next move to merge is totally crazy because it’s not just me, there were other cars in the same lane behind me honking the driver. Also the truck driver was driving crazy before passing other trucks on a mountainous highway on a rainy day. I am the last one to complaint against a truck driver but this one I have to. **2** if you look at the first frame the reaction time between truck signaling for a merge and action of merging are too short for that speed limit and we do have cars back to back to on the lane where the truck was trying to merge. The trucker needed to slow down when he sees some thing like that, don’t jeopardize the rest of the drivers. There was no one in his tail, I had too many. If I slammed brake there, the story is different. Either way, if you are ok with the driver trying to still merge to lane after backing off, I don’t… Read more »

Is autopilot being a jerk and then claim it saved lives? Human >>>> AP

Not all Truck Drivers are Expert Drivers, and the scale of quality truck drivers is not improving!

Good job by the car for braking. Bad job by the driver for ignoring the truck’s turn signal and not backing off until he could understand the situation.

I see this weekly, the truck definitely was signaling, almost all states want you to clear the lane next to disabled vehicles on the shoulder, heaven forbid for the Tesla driver to look forward beyond his front bumper to see what’s going on along the road in its entirety.

Truck was doing what needed to happen, Tesla driver , shut off the auto pilot and learn how to actually drive again and quit being an ass to the truck in front of you.

Bam 💥

When laws require you to change lane, they also require you to do so safely – endangering other people (by entering their lane at high speed) is not acceptable.

And with that truck entering their lane, cars driver is more likely to concentrate attention on that truck and not notice that there are cars in the shoulder.

My model 3, without autopilot, moved itself out of the way when a minivan crossed into my lane on the highway. Happy that the self preservation features are always active.

Now ask yourself what would a competant driver done, they would have seen the turn signal on the truck and backed off, but the Tesla refused to give way, what would have happened had there been a car on the guys left….people should drive cars not computers.

As an over the road trucker, I can contest that the majority of US states have laws about pulling over to the left lane or slowing for disabled and/or emergency vehicles on the shoulder.

This trucker has his 4 way flashers on, which would constitute low speed climbing (45 mph) which is generally on hills or mountain grades.

Since we do not know the entire context of this video, arm chair quarterbacking a driver haulling up to 80,000 lbs on wet mountainous roads should be given a wide berth by human or autonomous drivers.

The left turn signal overrides the 4 ways. That’s the way it works on my 18 wheeler. You can have 4 ways , then turn signal then back to 4 ways. So yes, he had his four ways on but he also had his left turn signal on, which it seems the Tesla driver ignored.

“pulling over to the left lane OR SLOWING”

Key words “OR SLOWING”, because what we can see in the video was that while the 4-ways were on, and the blinkers were on, that the trucker continued on without the brakes on. He clearly was not on the brakes as he continued at speed straight towards an emergency vehicle.

I’ve already stated elsewhere what the Tesla driver did wrong, but truck drivers like yourself need to understand that just putting a blinker on and continuing on at speed and doing an illegal lane change is dead flat wrong too.

We cannot see the entire context of the video, but we clearly see an illegal lane change by the truck, and a violation of any law that would require a vehicle to either make a lane change OR SLOW DOWN. What the Tesla driver did wrong absolutely doesn’t excuse the truck driver’s decision to intentionally choose to make an illegal lane change without any real attempt to slow down instead.

Putting a blinker on doesn’t give you the right to maintain speed and make an illegal lane change into an occupied lane, instead of slowing down.

Actually everyone knows enough to allow the truck to pull into the lane safely, everyone that is human at least. The key word being human.

Bad driving/management by the Tesladriver.

It’s called situational awareness for a reason!

What if, we let the truck merge to the left by slowing down. The truck clearly wanted to let the people on the shoulder have some room. Just what if … Hmmmmmm …

I didn’t know that having autopilot was an excuse to ignore turn signals on lay larger vehicles, but hey maybe I’ve been using it wrong!

I was going to go on a tie raid here defending the truck driver for trying to move over for a disabled vehicle/emergency vehicle but I see lots of knowledgeable people already have said something. It’s actually a great thing to see. Too bad you still have some nit wits here and on the video thinking that the truck driver is a lunatic.

Yes, it is good to see that people here hands down recognize what the Tesla driver did wrong in not letting the truck in. Unfortunately, now we are getting a lot of people who refuse to recognize that the truck driver was also in the wrong.

2 lunatics, both refusing to SLOW DOWN as they race towards an emergency vehicle.

2 lunatics, both more concerned with maintaining their speed than safety.

2 lunatics, both having a pissing fight over who gets the fast lane to speed around an emergency vehicle with neither slowing down for the other.

I’m not sure why we now have a crowd of professional drivers who are now posting heavily who all refuse to see both parties were in the wrong, putting the emergency worker at risk if there had been a side-swipe and they both ended up out of control, both crashing into the emergency vehicle.

Tirade…unless you were actually raiding to get ties, like a panty raid.

How long is it before other drivers on the road start to learn and manipulate Tesla autopilot systems while driving?

It’s kind of cool to see the car take care of itself like that, but it’s also scary to know that a driver can manipulate a Tesla into passing if they desire. Sorry, but the problem with any kind of computer system is it’s easily manipulated by people who understand it. I don’t think auto pilot has any place on the road. And I believe it’s a liability to other drivers to allow your customer the ability to pass out at the wheel.

A human would have been able to anticipate the swerving truck and should have waited before passing at a dangerous time. I see this as an instance where the driver should have intervened with the autopilot system and wait 10 seconds before attempting to pass.

There’s a reason the truck used his turn signal. When are you idiots going to get the message. I didn’t realize that when a semi turns there turn signal on it doesn’t mean to speed up. Wake up you idiots.

Auto pilot didn’t save driver. The driver should be paying attention. Not sure where this was?
In Canada, you are supposed to move to the left lane when police or a disables vehicle is on the shoulder.
Automation is an amazing tool. The DRIVER still needs to be in control at all times. There are as many negatives as there are positives for automation with regards to driver control.
Too many people shutting off their brains when driving because the car is supposed to do it.

While the truck driver’s lane change may not have been legally required, the driver did attempt to signal an intent to merge left before moving into the left lane. And the truck’s turn signal stayed on continuously before the second move left, clearly communicating the second maneuver was coming. The Tesla driver made the choice to continue to try and overtake the truck, ignoring the turn signal and accepting at least some of the responsibility for proceeding into the space the trucker was moving towards. I feel it’s also important to note the road/weather conditions (light rain and road spray) that the Tesla driver should have considered when deciding to pass the truck. The Tesla’s wipers are on intermittent, so they know it’s raining. And the road spray is heavy enough to heavily blur the camera’s view of the trailer at the start of the video between strokes of the wipers, which means the road spray is ALSO heavy enough to blur the truck driver’s view of cars approaching in the left lane. Even red cars like this Tesla are not easy to see in anyone’s rear view mirrors when they’re 75+ feet back in wet conditions. The Tesla could… Read more »

Video is unavailable now.

They just took it down. We’re working on it. Sorry.

The video is “not available”

Working on it now.

Why can’t I see the video?

They pulled it down. We’re working to get it back.

Steven Loveday, I would love to see the ten seconds before this video starts. As it is, it begins with the truck having his left turn signal on and the Tesla pushing forward. Clearly the truck is attempting to change lanes for safety reasons. What also seems pretty clear is that you should have seen the situation and yielded the right away to allow an oversized load to create space for the vehicles on the shoulder. From what I see, you are a poor driver that would benefit from understanding how trucks work out on the road. If an oversized load is too close to a human on the side of the road it could be deadly. To ignore a turn indicator on the truck is foolish.

Very true. The Tesla driver should have backed off, especially after the truck attempted to come over the second time after the Tesla braked the first time. We wish the video was still available so that we didn’t have to replace it with one that doesn’t match the comments, etc.

Got message: “This Video is Unavailable.” Alright, what trucking company freaked and stole the video evidence?

Yep. For some reason they pulled it down. Could be plenty or reasons for that. It was getting a massive amount of traffic, so who knows. We are looking for another way to get it, so we put the other in for now.

I’m a fan of auto-pilot, self driving cars, and so on. But this is where they simply can’t figure out context. There are clearly vehicles on the side of the road. In a normal driving situation the car should have been smart enough to yield to the truck and let it over. I can’t say the driver was correct for swerving but I’m sure it was out of frustration for the guy passing him (in this case, the autopilot).

The driver of the Tesla is a complete idiot, the truck clearly had his turn signal on was prepared to turn as soon as the first car got ahead of him. Another thing is where is the rest of the footage leading up to it at least another 10 seconds from where it starts?

Something is clearly missing and most likely why the video was pulled from YouTube.

Not sure why this crap is posted in the first place. I guess this is highlight of people’s lives now.

There was nothing special about that car’s move to avoid the truck. It was done as quickly as any attentive driver could have done it.

If it is so smart why did it not slow down for all of the other vehicles was trying to move over that’s what should’ve been done gave the people on the right some room to move over because there was an officer on the shoulder

You have clearly confused Tesla’s automated lane-keeping feature, AutoSteer, with a robot which has a near-human level of understanding of the world. That’s about as absurd as expecting a typewriter to produce a best-selling novel all by itself.

And this is an excellent example of why Tesla Autopilot, just like an airplane’s autopilot, is not a set-it-and-forget-it system; an excellent example of why both require constant monitoring by an alert human.

When a truck has his blinker on there is ALWAYS a reason.
Someone not taking a nap while their car does the driving for them should notice the emergency lights on shoulder and allow the truck to merge.
Trucks can’t just run someone over because autopilot situational awareness is still in beta.

So what.. I can save my car too.. just by paying attention to the task at hand… That us driving your vehicle… Not a big deal

The problem is that people all think they can all save themselves through their awesome and super-human mad driving skillz, but that theory doesn’t actually work in real life.

In reality, people get in wrecks all the time, even people who think they are super skilled drivers and don’t think THEY will ever get in an accident. So it is a big deal, especially to the roughly 40K/yr people who die in car crashes.

The truth is that computers CAN detect and avoid some accidents that even the most skilled drivers WILL fail to avoid. The statistics on this are clear and undeniable from a whole host of car maker’s collision avoidance systems.

Love to read discussions about Tesla by people who maybe saw one once in real life, but probably didn’t.

You also suck at stand-up ‼️

Very very impressive. Great job Tesla! In new Orleans i find that more and more truck drivers unpredictably maneuver without any warning, Autopilot is certainly a great feature in vehicles. My only concern is suppose the driver was in a middle lane with a vehicle to the left of it. How would the autopilot respond? All in all, good car. Seen my first Tesla weeks ago, i was excited.

Semi has his blinker on giving warning that he is partially moving over because of a vehicle on shoulder

Semi has left blinker on indicating his intent of partially moving over to give the vehicle on shoulder room. A driver aware of the situation would not have kept coming as the Tesla did.

How much faster was Telsa going than the semi.It is very ovious as a semi driver the Telsa was going much faster than the semi an more than likely had cruise engaged an driver was too proud to do necessary thing an allow semi to move over as law requires.Semi probably had signal on ample time but driver of Telsa was not in control of his vehicle! Totally Telsa faut.

As I was reading this article the Beatles, It’s Getting Better was playing on the radio. Lol

If the driver was actually driving and paying close attention, he never would have been along side the semi that was in the process of changing lanes before he even got close.
The car should have slowed a little to allow the change to be completed and would have not needed to swerve out of the lane at all.
These systems cause people to be less attentive and rely on software that is still a work in progress causing more close calls than would happen otherwise.

“How much signal I need to cut across eight lane? None? I turn now–good luck everybody else!”

I saw the video before it got removed. I interpreted this as the Tesla driver trying to cut off or block the trucker from moving over. Many states have move-over laws, trucks of that size move a lot of air that can cause issues with stopped people they pass by too closely, and a consumer car is no match for an commercial/industrial truck. The Tesla driver should have taken over and let the trucker come over. It’s impressive that Autopilot moved leftward to the shoulder rather than staying in its lane. Still doesn’t excuse the Tesla driver from being a jerk.

No proof the car reacted. Only a human would swerve and then processed at the same speed. Swerving and slowing to avoid an object should be a program reaction. A human driver would have detect the parked cars on the shoulder and give the semi room to move over. Only an ass to lazy to drive their own car would behave like an ass and blame the other guy.
Lazy humans need not reply 🙂