Watch TC-X Doorslammer Lay Down Record Electric 1/4-Mile Run


But still slower than a Silver Bullitt

The world’s fastest doorslammer is now officially the TC-X from True Cousins Racing with a run of 7.9822 seconds at 170.69 miles per hour. It’s even listed in the records books of the National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA). The Danish team has been building super-quick electric vehicles since 2007 and the fruits of that labor has finally paid off in the quarter-mile. If the footage above doesn’t portray the drama of that feat well enough for your tastes, we have a bonus video below of its previous attempt that was a hundredth of a second slower.

If you’ve already skipped down to watch that second video, you’ll have also seen footage of the True Cousins other current racing platform: an electric motorcycle that answers to the name Silver Bullitt. Despite clocking the quarter-mile at 7.934 seconds at 160.13 MPH, the record for it remains elusive, locked up by the Lawless Racing Rocket back in 2012 (6.94 seconds!). Still, it does own the quickest eight-mile record.

As one might have guessed, the True Cousins team has a pair of cousins as principals. One, Hans-Henrik Thomsen, rides the bikes, while the other, Glenn. E. Nielsen, drives the cars. Interestingly, this car, despite all the time spent developing it, still relies on older technology to whip it down the strip.

From what we can glean, it’s powered by a pair of forklift DC motors that have been modified to keep them from exploding as they channel far more power than they were originally designed for. The power to propel the chrome-moly tube chassis is stored in a battery pack said to put out 1,600 horsepower worth of current. All that energy travels through a set of Zilla controllers, recently upgraded to pass that same 1,600 HP to the motors.

Setting this record at the Mantorp Drag Revival event at Mantorp Park in Sweden will likely not be the crowning achievement for the team. They are now considering what modifications they can make — including wider and taller tires — to possibly beat that 6.94-second Lawless Racing overall record. Good luck!

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What’s crazy is the new Roadster 2.0 is allegedly gonna be within 1 second of that time..

Glad to finally see this car on the 1/4 mile instead of the 1/8.

Not as exciting as a big block or top fuel with the smell, noise, power & feeling. 😔

Well, I played one of those ‘top fuel’ videos and didn’t smell a thing….

Watched the first ‘electric’ racing sedan (Nissian) at Mid -Ohio about 5 years ago.
After 50 plus years of racing (mostly spectator) all over the US I am convinced
racing is racing. Now we have Pikes Peak with electric holding the record.

I was completely mesmerized with the run (electric} and still wondering why the McClaren (right auto?) Pikes
Peak run was having such a terrible run-jerky, bad handling and just beyond what I was used to
for so many wonderful years.

Superlative comments for the driver of the VW record holder. And to VW!

IF an old guy like me who has raced Go-carts, drag raced, built late model stockers,
and still wonders why he went the route of IT can get excited about the new vision
of racing, so can you. OH, forgot tractor pulls AND demo derbies…Sorta ugh but competing
is competing and technology waits for no one.

(especially Formula one)

It’s a step in the right direction. When they start doing top-fuel competitive runs then electric will be ‘better’ than gas/alcohol/nitro. The fact that Tesla’s family sedan beats most factory muscle cars is getting the point across.

Electrics need to be competitive in all motor sports not just drag racing. Having special e-racing races is like having special olympics for cars.

Not sure how a e version of top fuel will be better than what we have today. Having recently attended my first top fuel event and watching a lot of the fans, I don’t think it’s about the speed or the racing. As soon as the top fuel classes were done people left the stands in droves. It’s about the experience of feeling 6000-10000 hp. If you have never experienced it, do it once. The air shakes your whole body.

The pro stocks offered better racing as the races were much closer, but they are relatively slow and quiet compared to top fuel. I expect super fast e drags won’t appeal to the larger consumer audience, just as the current support classes are now.

One should note the e motors were likely under 30hp and they are getting 800hp out of each!!