Toyota Upping Production In China: 120,000 Plug-In Electric Cars A Year

AUG 19 2018 BY MARK KANE 22

Toyota is building up plug-in car production capacity in China

According to Reuters, Toyota is going to expand its production facilities in Tianjin and Guangzhou to handle plug-in electric car production.

Currently, the Japanese manufacturer can produce roughly 1.16 million cars annually in China, soon it will increase by more than 20% or 240,000:

  • In Tianjin, spending about $257 million, production capacity will increase by 120,000 (or 24%)
  • In Guangzhou, production capacity also is expected to increase by 120,000 according to unofficial sources

In the case of Tianjin, 110,000 falls on new plug-in hybrids models, while 10,000 on all-electric. The proportion of PHEV to BEVs doesn’t surprise us, as Toyota has fallen in love with hybrids.

There are no details about the plant in Guangzhou, but new capacity also is to be envisioned for electrified vehicles.

“Toyota’s planned additional capacity in Guangzhou is also for electrified vehicles, said the company source, who declined to be named because he is not authorized to speak on the matter.”

In the early 2020s, Toyota would like to achieve sales of 2 million cars annually in China (up 50%), including import. Expansion of the sales network with EV tech in mind is also part of the plan.

Source: Reuters

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Sad. Would really love to see a Toyota EV in Europe. Or even a plugin hybrid with respectable electric capabilities.

They have great manufacturer fuel economy number in Europe thanks to their hybrids, but I think it is time for a HALO EV from Toyota next to their Prius hybrid HALO and Toyota Mirai fuel cell HALO cars.

If only. It would only take them a plugin Auris, RAV-4 or C-HR for them to see how extremely popular that would be.

Maybe instead of “Selfcharging Hybrids” the next slogan Toyota introduces will be “You can plug it in, but you don’t have to”. Seriously, battery Technology is cheaper than ever, so why does Toyota still stick with tiny capacity, they could just push to 4 kWh battery in their EVERY hybrid model and add a cheap 3kW charger, yes the range would only be 10 miles, but imagine that Toyota is selling 1.5+ milion hybrids every year.

With subsidies and tax breaks such a hybrid would be cheaper than their normal hybrid, I really don’t understand what are they waiting for?

The proportion of PHEV to BEVs doesn’t surprise us, as Toyota has fallen in love with hybrids.

If Chinese didn’t like PHEV, they would not buy it, so I guess that is what most people over there prefer

The BEV to PHEV ratio in China is somewhere around 70/30, with BEVs of course having the 70% share. And that is only counting the NEVs, if you count low speed and/or short range plugin cars then the percentage would be even higher, much higher.

That’s not how demand works. People won’t buy non existing, imaginary stuff. Toyota lack serious fully electric models. Thus sales aren’t sufficient indicator of demand.

It should be easy to calculate increase in PHEV/BEV production. Check how many cars they want to sell, then calculate mandated % of plugins! Done.

Why would Toyota benefit from dragging their toes on PHEV/BEV cars? Even if they want to develop fuel cell cars, they are big enough to work on electric cars concurrently. I very much doubt they want to cling to ICE cars which they very well know might not be around in a few decades.

Is the 10,000 number total electrics produced yearly, or just additional ones added with the new factory? If it’s total EVs per year, it’s disappointing that a company as large and diversified as Toyota would make fewer EVs in a year than the number of Model 3s Tesla made last month. Toyota has a history of making exceptionally reliable vehicles, and I would be very interested if they decide to make more fully electric models.

LOL! I love how endless Hydrogen fuel cell pusher Toyota is being dragged into manufacturing plug in cars at rates several orders of magnitude above their hydrogen fuel cell car manufacturing! Haha!

When will they scream “Uncle” and admit their folly?

Probably not until the Japanese government ends its short-sighted, wasteful, ridiculously generous corporate welfare for fool cell cars. So long as Toyota gets up to nearly $20,000 for each fool cell car from feeding at the guvmint trough, why would they stop?

I’m not sure how you assume they are being dragged in to this? Toyota sell over 1 million electrified vehicles a year already. They don’t have a BEV but are heavily into PHEV and hybrids as a whole, they even have majority ownership of a battery manufacturer that produces 1.5 million units a year (and is expanding too – the 20% partner is Panasonic).

If Toyota wants to push fuel cells so much, why they don’t make plug-in fuel cell hybrids? Has anybody ever asked this question to Toyota?

Maybe they are afraid that the buyers would realise driving on battery is actually cheaper and more convenient, and thus abandon the fuel cell for a bigger battery in their next purchase?…

Very nice this car

Yeah Toyota,
More plug ins is where its at.

I currently own a Prius and a Hybrid Avalon and a older chrysler town and country minivan.

Please make more plugins for sale in the USA. I love the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, but I won’t buy it because my next vehicle purchase will be a plug in vehicle. If the Toyota Highlander was a plug in vehicle, I would buy it. I’m tempted by the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid, but I like the Toyota Reliability Better. So bring it on Toyota. I need 6 seat plug in for under 50K.

I love my Toyota dealership in Peoria. They treat me right. I think the Chrysler vehicles are more comfortable vehicles, but reliability and dealer support are terrible where I live. I hate the Chrysler stealership closest to me. Service there is always more expensive and time consuming with problems that are not fixed.

I hear Teslas have great customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, they don’t have any service centers near me. Although I will ask around my town if people with Tesla’s have had good luck with Tesla Ranger service.

Good news. Wherever it happens, an EV replaces an ICE car is good news for the planet. Air does not recognize national borders.

OTOH, if Toyota is already making and selling 120k in China, why aren’t they doing it in Europe and the Americas? What the world needs is more options and soon to speed up the transition away from ICE cars.

They are doing it in China because the government says they must have 8 – 10 – 12% sales of electric vehicles in a few years. China does not negotiate. Do as they say or get out.

If they want to sell 1,000,000 vehicles, they must sell 120,000 plug-ins.

Well, they *do* negotiate — they dropped the 8% requirement for 2018 after prolonged whining from most manufacturers…


Considering the low market share of PHEVs in China, I have a hard time believing Toyota can meet the mandates with (almost) only PHEVs…

BEV/PHEV ratio is determined by the model offering, BEVs may be selling like hot kakes, but their supply is limited, at least short term. Toyota can supply a large number of affordable PHEVs with ease.