Tomahawk 370 Mile Electric Supercar Enters Production In 2018, 60 MPH In 2 Seconds

JUN 1 2017 BY MARK KANE 18

Dubuc Motors has announced that its $125,000 or so electric sports car, the Tomahawk, is now scheduled for production in 2018, complete with 0-60 mph time in 2 seconds*.

Lightning fast Tomahawk electric sports car (CNW Group/Dubuc Motors)

The Tomahawk is to be equipped with a 100 kWh lithium-ion battery pack (apparently good for 370 miles of range), as well as four electric motors enabling AWD … and 800 hp/1,000 ft lb of torque peak.

Those numbers are even better than was previously announced (perhaps pressure from the updated Tesla Model S P100DL and NIO EP9), and not at bad for a 2+2 car.

The only question is whether Dubuc Motors will be able to deliver on its promises** (see below).

“The Tomahawk’s wide body design and sharp aggressive lines commands power with an impressive 0-60 in 2 seconds, making it one of the fastest cars in the world. Dubuc Motors, the company bringing this insane sports car to market announced today a glimpse of the specifications for its new 2018 model which will be produced in the thousands of units appropriately intended for a niche market within the luxury segment.

With a host of innovative technologies and a refined look from its prototype, the production model will be a force to be reckoned with as much for its breathtaking acceleration as for its convenience for daily commuting. A carbon fiber body and chassis dress the Tomahawk while the scissor doors invigorate its exotic look on the outside, the opulence of the interior invites comfort and connectivity in a sleek cabin along with an extra row of seats to appreciate the experience.

“We are pushing the envelope in terms of what is possible in the automotive industry to create a wow experience for our customers every time they get behind the wheel” says co founder Mike Kakogiannakis. The four motors supplying demented acceleration are independently coupled to each wheel for a balanced traction that can be used in either race or street mode depending on the senses evoked, promising an appealing alternative for bachelors and modern families alike. “

Dubuc Tomahawk prototype from 2014

**To finance the project, Dubuc Motors seeks for investors:

“The company has an ongoing crowdfunding IPO underway and have already welcomed hundreds of investors in support of their product launch.

This opportunity is open to everybody internationally through their website or Start Engine, the platform hosting their Reg A+ offering.”


  • 800 Horsepower
  • 1000 Pounds-feet of torque
  • 0-60 mph in 2 seconds when in Race Mode, 4 seconds in Street mode
  • 1.2 G-force in cornering
  • 100 kWh, lithium-ion battery
  • 370 Mile range
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Body
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Chassis
  • All-wheel drive
  • Four electric motors
  • 2+2 seating
  • Four leather racing seats
  • Leather and carbon fiber surfaces
  • Onboard computer
  • Live 360 degree camera
  • Front and rear cargo area
  • Active safety technologies
  • Collision avoidance and automatic emergency braking
  • Even weight distribution of 50% in the front and 50% at the rear
  • Length 188″
  • Wheelbase 110″
  • Width 80″
  • Height 47,5″

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Lol, that’s all.

It’s clear we have reached the point where improving 0-60 times any further would in fact be counterproductive. Acceleration, at least at lower speeds, is henceforth limited by the human driver, not what the car could do.

Of course sports cars have long been very much about how emotionally engaging they are, but from now on this is becoming almost the only relevant measure of a supercar. Especially since a certain family sedan can also accelerate as hard as any sane person would ever want to!

0-60 mph in seconds is only 1.35G’s longitudinaly. That’s peanuts. Nowhere near any sort of human limit. Used to pull 4-6 Normal axis G’s regularly in aerobatics, -3G as well. THAT was hard! And painfull. 4G’s is just about doable (I mean you can sort of get used to the strain). 5G is miserable, 6G is just simply painfull. Gotten to old for all that. I’m happy with 1,2-1,5G laterally and 1 or so longitudinally.

It’d be great if they knew as much grammar as I, a foreigner, do.

You may BE “different” and you may think “differently”. If you “think different” you are stating WHAT you are thinking, not HOW. Look up adverb vs adjective. And demand your money back from your as agency!

Your writing is clear and concise. And therefore better than most press releases! Lol!

Seriously, you’re English is better than the average American. And it’s great having your Norwegian perspective.

It’s OK. It’s pretty common in English for a adjective to be used adverblial. 😉

That “a” was just a typo. :p


[I should ‘of’ known this!]

That’s some covfefe

Would that be “ad agency” or “ass agency”? The Donkey pitch men are wondering what kind of load, the next advert is going to pull!

‘Dubious’ motors…

0-60 mph in 2 seconds when in Race Mode, 4 seconds in Street mode??? This basically says you cannot use the Race mode like you can somewhat regularly with the Ludicrous mode in a Tesla P100D or P90DL. Not impressed.

Question. Will it have overheating issue on a race track like Tesla does ? E.g. can it run at max output for more than 1 minute without cutting the power in half ?

overheating on track is just matter of the power of battery cooling system. Rimac and Nio do not have issues with battery cooling on track, because they are designed as sports cars and have adequate battery cooling capacity. Tesla on the other hand is designed as family car.

they’re also crowdfunding on startengine if any of you guys feel like investing into them lol

Explain to me why a passenger vehicle meant for normal street use needs to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under six seconds.

IMHO, anything quicker is a waste of energy, and places unneeded stress on components.

Where is the outrage over the name? Where all Liberal politically correct wacos?

Why would anyone be offended by the name? It’s not called a “red skin” or anything like that… It’s referring to an object, not a person. I’m other words, get your head out your ass.