Tesla’s Free Lifetime Supercharging Policy Gets New December 31, 2017 Deadline


Supercharging was free for life, then it wasn’t, then it was, now it is again, but just for a limited time.

Tesla’s Supercharging policies have been all over the map, making it difficult to follow the current practice that’s in place today.

Case in point. Just one month or so ago, Tesla made unlimited Supercharging free for current owners after previously having set limits and associated fees on those same owners for use of the high-power charging system.

That’s after several free, not free changes and deadline extensions in the past.

Confusing? Absolutely. Well, prepare to be confused once again. Remember Tesla’s recent “free for life” Supercharging announcement? It read:

“You have free, unlimited Supercharging, including your current Tesla and any new Model S or Model X you purchase. If you choose to sell your current Tesla, free Supercharging will not transfer to the next owner. Also, up to five friends you refer will also receive free Supercharging. Any Supercharging payments made have been automatically refunded. Read our Supercharging terms.”

“We heard from our customers that free, unlimited Supercharging was one of their favorite reasons to refer a friend to buy a Tesla, so we’re bringing it back for Model S and Model X owners through our referral program, which we update periodically. Beginning today, existing owners can give free, unlimited Supercharging to up to five friends by sharing their referral code, and all existing Tesla owners who purchase a new Model S or Model X will receive free, unlimited Supercharging too.”

But now it’s been changed slightly to include a deadline for purchase. It now reads:

“You have free, unlimited Supercharging for your current Tesla vehicle as well as any new Model S or Model X purchased before December 31, 2017. If you choose to sell your current Tesla, free Supercharging will transfer to the next owner. In addition, up to five friends you refer will also receive free Supercharging.”

So, place your order before year’s end if free, unlimited Supercharging is something you desire. Or perhaps wait for Tesla to again change its Supercharging policies.

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And than after falling sales they will extend to 31.xx.2018 like always before…
The only do this to push sales.

You make a deal then honor it, this is bad for Tesla.

It’s messy, but there are no broken promises here.

I think everyone understands that whenever a product is sold with a lifetime supply of something, it is not implied that the product will forever be sold with that same lifetime supply. As long as those who bought it with such supply gets what they were promised, all is basically proper.

Tesla has, AFAIK, only changed the terms retroactively in favour of the customer. Those who bought a Tesla when supercharging want included in the purchase retroactively got it, and a refund for any charges incurred. If they had not, they would probably have felt somewhat screwed over…

It’s obvious by now this is just an accounting trick. If every car comes with free supercharging than you have to book the associated costs with providing that when you manufacture the car as part of the costs. By making it conditional you can pretend it’ll never trigger and so you don’t have to book the costs until after you sell the car.

This way they don’t have to carry costs for cars in inventory. And you can state that the base costs for future produced cars will be lower because you don’t know (yet) that you will be giving away free supercharging to them.

It may not be exactly that but it has to be something like that. There’s no other reason to make this so complicated.

Customers do value the feature and they are getting it. So that’s good.

No need to come up with a motive as convoluted as that. Tesla manages demand very carefully, to stay ahead of production, and offering (or not) “free” Supercharging is one of the ways it manages that.

Too messy. Just limited free Supercharging will do. That way, there will be much reduced charging congestion.

Once a nationwide CCS DCFC network is set up, the Supercharger network will become a huge overhead economic disadvantage for Tesla since other automakers do not have to support their own networks. Watch Tesla try to lure other automakers to share the cost. Not likely they will bite.


Very doubtful. The Tesla network will be the cross country network for the foreseeable future. The other automakers are asleep at the switch.

If that were to happen I think they would just sell off the network and it would be converted to serve both Teslas and CCS.

Eventually, yes, the Supercharger network will become outmoded and a legacy cost burden for Tesla.

But that’s not going to happen for a few years, at least. Probably not for several years.

This is just silly. Just have free supercharging as a perk for the model S&X, make it a distinguishing feature from the model 3.

So if you buy Tesla S/X, you get free supercharging. But if you were referred by a friend, you get double free supercharging. And if you also refer up to 5 friends, you get triple free supercharging.

How do you get quadruple free supercharging?

Nice try Sparky,
You can’t get the “quadruple free supercharging” plan just yet. Be patient, as you know Tesla Model 3 starts delivery next month. If you have purchased New, in the past decade, the following Teslas, Roadster, Model S, Model X, and take delivery on a Model 3, before year end, then, if you check with Elon personally, he will, on the sly, get you in on the exclusive “Quadruple secret ultra hush hush QFC” for life plan.

At least, that was what a little “bird” told me, on the fly. That plan like all the previous ones, could be open for future amendments and revisions, like all past Tesla charging plans. One should especially consider the the questionable source, of this alleged most current “plan”. ?

“…if you check with Elon personally, he will, on the sly, get you in on the exclusive ‘Quadruple secret ultra hush hush QFC’ for life plan.”

Uh-oh. Tesla will be sending the black helicopters for you!

“How do you get quadruple free supercharging?”

Buy 4 Tesla Model S’s and X’s no later than December 31, 2017! 😀

That’s only one free supercharging per car.

x 4 cars = quadruple

get your order in today! 🙂


Hmmm. Not only did they put an end date (which may or may not prove real) to included free SC, but they also made it apply to the vehicle, not the owner. That will hurt second hand value of recently purchased cars unless they also extend this to them. Did they?

It may well be the case that Tesla is using SC terms to manage demand, but this constant flipflopping is going to create massive confusion.

In my view, it’s high time to move to the only rational model: everyone pays for use, by the minute. It’s simple (everyone knows what a minute is) and most closely approximates a user’s contribution to cost, thus creating optimal incentives.

I hate gimmicks and marketing tricks. And that is all “free” anything is ever going to be.

The new quote says the free supercharging does transfer on resale. Is that correct?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Tesla, it’s not to take any Tesla “deadline” seriously.