Tesla Roadster With SpaceX-Inspired Boosters Comes To Life


It’s got rockets. It might even be able to fly.

Not long after Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted of this performance-enhancing SpaceX-inspired option package for the new Tesla Roadster, it becomes almost real in this first-ever rendering of the rocket-boosted Roadster.

The folks over at T Sportline are responsible for this over-the-top render of what the Roadster might look like when / if the air rockets detailed by Musk actually become reality.

T Sportline states (click here for the Tesla tuner’s full release):

“Earlier this week, Elon Musk announced a ‘SpaceX Option Package’ for the 2020 Tesla Roadster. This package will include small rocket thrusters arranged around the vehicle. The thrusters will use ultra high pressure air housed in composite-looking air tanks which are immediately replenished through air pumps powered by the battery pack. The purpose of these thrusters is for dramatic improvements in performance. Yes, he is serious and claims ‘maybe they will even allow a Tesla to fly…”

Specs for the non-SpaceX-optioned Roadster are already impressive enough. We can’t even fathom how quick this version might be. And it seems Musk is rather serious in regards to this thruster package, though he does say you’ll lose the two rear seats in the process.

Musk is well known for making some outrageous claims, but more often than not, those claims become reality, despite the flood of naysayers and doubters who question him. Somehow, he seems to pull it off, so we fully expect that to be the case again here with this ridiculous SpaceX version of the new Roadster.

Here’s a look at the specs for the standard Roadster:

  • 7,376 pound-feet of torque
  • 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds
  • 0-100 mph in 4.2 seconds
  • Quarter mile in 8.8 seconds
  • 250+ mph top speed.
  • 620 miles of highway range.

Test drives of the Tesla Roadster will begin late next year with production expected shortly after.

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Although they will not all be positioned in the rear of the vehicle, but rather spaced around to assist in turning stability, braking, downforce, in addition to forward propulsion, and have gimbaled nozzles that can travel, be repositioned, depending on circumstances.
All computer driven of course. At least that’s my understanding.

Most disappoint part was “composite-looking” air tanks…

Per the use of “composite-looking” – it seems that’s a mis Quote.

Elon Musk the con man strikes again

Russian Troll: Con man stands for “confidence man” and it’s used for describing people that sell promises and then defraud customers out of their money, by NOT delivering.

Musk Delivers.
He’s sometimes months late.
Or, demand is so OVERWHELMING that he has to DOUBLE manufacturing plans, but, Musk Always Delivers.
That would be the opposite of a con man.

Another Agonizing Shorter that hasn’t Yet Learned to NOT Gamble Against Musk …Looks Good On Him….LMAO ..

James the serial anti-EV and anti-Tesla troll strikes again to spread his whiney, unimaginative and repetitive FUD.

This isn’t even particularly clever trolling. I give it a one out of 10.

Give him a -10 out of 10 lol

The most important part is 620 miles of range. 620 miles of range today in an exotic car. Means 500 miles real range in all weather in a normal passenger car a few years from now. 500 miles of real range is the magic number that makes electric cars actually viable

EVs are already viable with 300 miles of range. For the odd corner case, a PHEV is the solution.

Gee, you have no idea what it means to own an EV, do you? Maybe in a year or so, you’ll move the goalpost to 1000 miles.

Per “500 miles of real range is the magic number that makes electric cars actually viable”, Correction: 500 Miles of Range Per charge for an EV Sedan, SUV, or Pickup, actually ELUMINATES All the Range Issues! Obliterates them, actually!

“…actually ELUMINATES All the Range Issues!”

Or even eliminates them. 😉

Also… Show me a Car Salesman selling ICE Vehicles that steers you away from a car they sell, because it “Only has 300 Miles Range Per Tank!”

If it is compressed air thrusters, there wouldn’t be any visible signs of operation. The only thig you would see would be road dirt getting blasted.

No white glow

You could (and most likely will, actually) get condensed water vapor as the expanding gas will cool dramatically on exit

Still no glow. No light will be generated.

And nearby cars with chipped windows and angry owners. But, if they are angled upwards and creating down force at the same time…. From a physics stand point , the amount of power to create that kind of thrust would overwhelm the batteries and compressor hardware of that magnirude would add a huge weight penalty.

I am pretty sure spacex has more knowledge on that subject than some random guy at an ev comments section 😉

I’m pretty sure anyone with a grasp of basic physics could do a back-of-the-envelope calculation to see how much energy would be needed for this.

I’m also reasonably certain that someone like Elon Musk, with a degree in physics and real-world experience as a rocket engineer, is not serious when he talks about using spacecraft attitude thrusters to help a passenger car maneuver.

But in getting people to talk about — and write articles about — Tesla, by posting straight-faced jokes to Twitter, he’s an expert! 😀

You’ll be proven wrong. Did you calculate how much effect down force can have?

Yea, Little W0- Wren , WILL Show Musk how it’s Done. L M A O .You’re not even Worthy Of Polishing Elon’s Shoes , If you could ever get near Him . Musk Is a “Million Light Years” Ahead of you and Everyone you know , Have ever Known, 0r will ever Know …YOU F00L !

Yeah, this is probably illegal. You can’t intentionally blast debris, rocks and twigs onto pedestrians and bicyclists.

I’d file this will Musk’s earlier “The Model S makes a good boat” tweet. Both ridiculous, both just a PR ploy.

Elon is the greatest man.

“…it becomes almost real in this first-ever rendering of the rocket-boosted Roadster.”

This is a use of the term “almost” with which I am not familiar. 😉

Virtual reality is very far indeed from actual reality!

* * * * *

“Yes, he is serious…”

I very much think this is a joke on his part. 100% a joke. A jet of compressed air isn’t going to have enough force to noticably nudge a car which weighs… what? 1-1/2 tons? 2 tons?

It is a joke. In exactly the same way that the ‘Boring Company’ was a joke.

Musk is perfectly aware of rocket science, and how to build an BEV. My bet is that the compressed air will be used mostly for drag reduction by controlling the boundary layer or filling the drag-inducing low-pressure area behind the car. This would have a huge impact on top-end performance and range-at-speed, instead of a pointlessly tiny boost to the acceleration of the quickest accelerating car ever produced.

I really started to get worried that Elon is losing his mind. Where could you use this where you wouldn’t be in danger of blasting the car beside you or a person watching you drag race away. I think this is beyond ridiculous, also selling flamethrowers, and encouraging people to take their hands off the steering wheel of a car that doesn’t know how to stop.

Get A Grip !…… lol

Pike’s Peak.

And it’ll do it autonomously by 2020, I suspect, maybe in a special “autonomous division”. Perfect place for autonomous races.

Another Euro point of view

I can’t make sense of this except taking into consideration an addiction to media attention the guy seems to struggle with (to put it politely). I mean electric sport cars efficiency are not limited by acceleration but by weight, how such an equipment which power boost is likely limited to a few seconds could possibly address the weight issue and its negative impact while cornering. There have been electric cars doing very good lap times but they were equipped with batteries, barely sufficient to achieve the targeted lap time thus were light enough to be true/efficient sport cars.

Rocket engines generate boost by burning rocket fuel. This is compressed air, which would generate far, far less force. I can’t even imagine that it would make much difference but hey, 10 years ago everyone was laughing at the idea of an electric sports car so I’m not going to say too much until I see tests of the actual vehicle. Rock on Elon!

You mean *Rocket* on, Elon!

ps. Everyone was laughing at ME about electric sports cars *20* years ago.

Probably not a good idea to follow to close when they light em.