Tesla Model X Driver Survives Horrific Crash, Fire: Video


Once again, we see proof of just how safe Teslas truly are.

Yes, the Tesla Model X is destroyed. Yes, a fire broke out after impact. But the driver of the vehicle (the only occupant) sustained only non-life threatening injuries.

The crash occurred this morning on Paseo Padre Parkway. As a result, the roadway was shut down while police, EMS and fire were on the scene.

Details are very limited at this time, but we do know the driver was a Tesla employee and fatigue is being looked at as a possible factor for the crash. Most importantly, no serious injuries were reported.

The Fremont Police Department first reported on the incident via Twitter. See embedded tweet below:

Tesla Model X Safety Unmatched

It’s impossible to guess at speed in this instance, but like as we witnessed in that 128 MPH Tesla Model S crash, the vehicle somehow managed to protect those within.

It’s remarkable really. Perhaps that’s why Tesla makes it so well known that safety is paramount and that the Model X is actually the safest vehicle sold in the U.S. today.

Tesla Issues Statement

“We have been in touch with local authorities to learn the facts of the incident and offer our full cooperation. The damage sustained by the vehicle is indicative of a high-speed collision, which can result in a fire in any type of car, not just electric vehicles.”

“We are glad [the driver] is safe.”

Video Coverage

The Fremont Police added more information via Twitter. See below:

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Glad people are ok. They really killed that Tesla, though.

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to tell how much damage the Tesla suffered from the crash prior to being engulfed by the ensuing fire.

From the looks of the tree in the foreground on the left, this isn’t the first car crash on that curve in the road. There’s moss growing on that tree where the bark has been ripped off from prior car accidents.

Keen eye!

Trained accident investigators will be able to determine much, including all the data from the black box. The speed was probably approaching 100 + mph.

If there is anything left in the dash after the fire.

They will have more info on their server.

That Box will be extremely Black.

I doubt the speed was anywhere close to 100 MPH because I don’t think a direct collision with an unyielding object is survivable in any car at that speed. Even a 40 MPH collision with a tree, which puts a concentrated force on the vehicle, could have easily done that amount of damage. Just look at the small overlap collision test videos on iihs.org

It’s kinda listing to port.

Why yes, that is the side where the charging port is located.

Based on the accident, it looks like the it is the redwood tree on the right that lost some bark and took the grunt of the impact.

Why do they always have to mention Autopilot?

Because inquiring minds need to know.

It’s the very important hidden question.

It’s like swearing: catchy initially, but eventually it becomes a bad habit you just can’t seem to shake without discipline and conviction.

You think people are depending to much on AP?

What I meant was assuming AP was involved in every crash or at least bringing it up. I know plenty of Tesla owners who never use AP, myself included. What I’ve found is that the more experienced owners, ones who have owned their Tesla for a good five years or so, just don’t see AP as necessary.

I cannot imagine buying something for 5k and not using it.

Heck, the lady who sold me her ’66 Mustang convertible never put the top down. (My first car.)

With today’s Autopilot, if it was being used, there wouldn’t be an accident.

Maybe a new feature could monitor the eyes for drowsiness and either alert the driver or just turn on Autopilot and take over the driving.

Only the Model 3 has a camera facing the interior.

It does until you cover it

Luck has little to do with his minimal injuries. Maybe in that he was lucky to be in a Tesla.
In any other car he would have probably been unlucky, and dead.

Jesus Christ… The car is completely written off!

Jesus has nothing to do with this.

Are the trees OK?

Yeah I don’t see so much here. Another X caught fire and melted down. Old News. I don’t see where there is any real indication of the speed at the time of collision. I don’t see how this was remotely near 100 mph.

The news report seemed to indicate the car was just driving along with other cars.

Yeah for all we know he blew a tire and ended up jumping the curb going straight into the tree.

The info will come out at some point.

I think your reply missed the trees for the forest.

Here we go, media: “Tesla works employees until they fall asleep at the wheel.”

Safe, as long as you get the hell out, and fast!

Total Carbeque.

“… and fast!”

Fast denotes that Teslas catch fire almost immediately. They do not. It takes at least several minutes before the pack becomes totally involved. Prior to that point, there is popping and crackling as the affected cells begin to enter into a runaway condition.

Not so fast…

Fast, as in get out now !!

It can easily take more than a few minutes if you’ve crashed a car to figure out how to best collect yourself.

Were there other EV fires seen besides the ones from Tesla? I know that there was an I’Pace who got burnt during the night (possibly criminal work) and a Chevrolet Bolt (don’t remember the reason).
But there are still hundreds of thousands of other EVs and we only see Teslas burning.

Rasmus Birkegaard Christensen

There arent that many other cars on the road with 70 -100 kW battery packs ‘yet’ smaller battery is less prone to damage. The battery is part of the structure on model s and x. It’s different with the model 3. Haven’t seen a model 3 catch fire yet?

Only Tesla is trying to kill the ICE car so they get attacked with any bad news real or imagined. The first one through the door gets a bloody nose basically.


“Non life threathening injuries” this can include anything from minor injuries to the guy being in a body cast. In all honesty him not dying was luck not the car considering how the car just got yeeted into oblivion. He rolled Nat 20

Teslas are known for unsurpassed safety. You have absolutely no information that would lead you to state what saved this driver. If a gasser had spun and hit the tree with the rear end, we wouldn’t be wondering if the driver was hurt. I can show you literally hundreds of gas cars that have burnt up with the occupants inside. Battery cells don’t explode on impact like gas tanks do. That’s a simple fact.

Except in the case when a Chevy Tahoe crashed into the rear end of the Tesla Model S at 65mph… That is when Tahoe would destroy the Model S.

Not good odds for the Tahoe, even a big truck has trouble getting past the rigid skateboard base:
www dot thedrive dot com/news/7371/we-talked-to-the-tesla-model-s-driver-rear-ended-by-a-40-ton-semi

Not good odds? You mean you missed the case in LA where the Model S got DESTROYED BY THE CHEVY Tahoe.

Geez, some of your fan bois are so blind that you can’t see facts right in front of your face.

Tesla fan bois and Trump fan bois are pretty similar in this way…

He lives to drive again. Yeah!!!

So when will fire departments get a lawn sprinkler attachment that they can just slide under an EV to douse the battery pack.