Tesla Model S is Best Selling Car In Norway In September! Sets New Market Share Record


In September, the Tesla Model S led the way in Norway, but not only for electric vehicles, but for all automobiles regardless of the drive.

The month of September saw 616 new Model S registrations, which translates to 5.1% market share.  This is a new record that eclipses the Nissan LEAF’s earlier achivements.

Second on the sales list is the Volkswagen Golf, the vehicle that typically occupies first place, with 561 new registrations and 4.6% market share. So, the Tesla Model S had roughly a 10% margin above the nation’s best-selling ICE.

After two months, Tesla Motors sold over 800 Model S sedans in Norway. Nissan LEAF sales crossed the level of 1,000 after 6 months, so next month we should see the Model S break that 1,000-unit mark, too.

Meanwhile, Nissan LEAF sales stayed strong in September with 349 new registrations and 2.9% market share, which is good for #7 overall in Norway.

Together with Model S, these two vehicles grabbed around 85% of the EV market in Norway.

The total number of EV registrations in September in Norway was a record – 1044 and 8.6% market share (about 9% if we include PHEVs), but this figure only counts new passenger vehicles.

If we add again almost 300 used imported (it seems that the Norwegians are emptying Europe of electric cars) and an unbelievable number of Renault Twizys (55), then total EV sales are between 1,300-1,400 plus 38 new PHEVs.

All together, Norway now has 15,227 electric cars and 623 plug-in hybrids and is on track to have 20,000 maybe even by the end of this year.

Now we are waiting for first 10% market share for EVs.

Here are some interesting graphs from www.gronnbil.no that illustrate the situation in Norway:

EV market in Norway

EV market in Norway

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I wonder how long the Model S backlog will last in Europe?
Will Tesla time it with the launch of the Model S in Asia?
Will it coincide perfectly with the introduction of the Model X in the US?
I am betting that this is well calculated
I have heard from a reliable source that programing of the tooling has also begun for the Gen III release to continue the cycle.

There a lot of factors that have moved the EV market forward:
The reintroduction of CARB credits in California.
The global tax credits from most major governments.
The global introduction of the Nissan Leaf
The GM EREV strategy with the Volt.
But I think the luxury market by Tesla took us all by surprise and made us all want one.

Tesla seems to have managed the production to make quarterly results look good (or at the very least not look bad, which is more important). For Q3 they also seem to be avoiding a hit from the longer European delivery pipeline.

They’ll probably do the same for the China release.

Agreed. It would be nice to get an update on what the impact of Nissan’s recent decision to sell ZEV credits has been. The 58mm, I beleive, from Tesla’s last quarter could go down a lot. Are they all being sold in CA? CA and Europe?

One can track carbon credit prices, but I haven’t seen much about these ZEV credits. I haven’t searched to hard for how the regime works, either.

ZEV credits come from sales in CARB states.
For CA purchases they also get carbon credits.
I don’t know if they’re getting any credits in Europe from their Tilburg “factory”, or that’s just a duty-dodging distribution base.

For Q3 people really aren’t going to be watching the ZEV credits as much as the ex-ZEV gross margin. That went narrowly (8%?) positive in Q2. Tesla’s (Musk’s stated) aim is that Q4 have 25% gross margin ex-ZEV (but including carbon credits, for which they have more reliable contracts). Elon Musk has long publicly recognized that the value of ZEV credits will diminish.

Actually I think the carbon credits are earned on all cars they make and can be sold to CA companies.

Can you please post the price of the Model S vs. the other ICE cars in the list? I understand that the taxes on ICE cars are brutal (as much or more than the price of a car) and the Model S can be purchased tax free.

i’ve compared: base tesla 60kwh have the same price base Audi A6 have in norway

I have seen a lot of cars at local Mercedes benz Dealerships and Lexus Dealerships in my area that easily break past $70,000 in one sitting. There are also a lot of these dear ships in my area along with a lot of other high end car sellers but so far there is no Tesla store or Tesla Dealership so this really shows there is a fairly good sized market out there possibly.