Tesla Model S Deemed Car Of The Decade

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If you’re a collector of classic cars, you’re probably familiar with Hagerty. Started in 1984, this industry leader protects over one million vehicles — insuring some of the world’s finest collector cars. With real-world expertise valuing the classics, Hagerty decided to put together a comprehensive list which includes: “the greatest vehicle of each decade, from the earliest days of the automobile to the present.”

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Source: Hagerty via Tesla 

Hagerty notes that their “final list, which spans everything from pre-War luxury to hot rods… highlights some of the brightest moments in automotive history.” What unites most cars on this list? Hagerty’s Andrew Newton explains, “cars still work pretty much the same way they always have, powered by a piston engine that’s fueled by the black goop that we pump out of the ground. Only one car of the 2010s has lit a different path.”

Newton adds, “Only one [car] has shown the world not only the efficiency and environmental advantages of electric power, but it has also shown the performance advantages of electric power and wrapped it all up in a sleek, appealing, and expensive-but-attainable package. In other words, only one has made the electric car cool, and that’s the Tesla Model S.”


1890 – 1910: Ford Model T

1910s: Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

1920s: Duesenberg Model J

1930s: ’32 Ford

1940s: Jeep CJ

1950s: Mercedes-Benz 300SL

1960s: Ford Mustang

1970s: Lamborghini Countach

1980s: Dodge Caravan

1990s: Mazda Miata

2000s: Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

2010s: Tesla Model S

Source: Hagerty; One caveat though, Hagerty notes, “we’re technically not through with the 2010s, [but] we think it’s already safe to pick the greatest car to come out of this decade.”

Newton calls the Model S, “a luxury sedan that looked handsome… [yet] was also decidedly different underneath. The lack of a bulky combustion engine and transmission tunnel gave it tons of extra storage space, and the placement of the heavy batteries gave it a low center of gravity. Safety ratings for the Model S were top-notch, the Autopilot feature made semi-autonomous driving a reality, and the Tesla Supercharger network mitigated ever-nagging electric car issue of limited range by allowing owners to charge their cars much more quickly on long trips.”

Furthermore, “the Model S is just a savagely quick car. The constant torque available from a standstill makes stomping on the accelerator pedal in a Model S both intoxicating and addictive, and properly equipped cars with their ‘Ludicrous’ and ‘Insane’ modes will scoot off the line more quickly than almost any other car you can buy today.”

Source: Hagerty via Tesla 

Newton concludes, “Tesla [Model S] has gone in a more radically different direction than any other car in recent memory. More importantly, it has done so with great success, because instead of coming out with an all-electric car that people felt that they should drive or that they had to drive, Tesla came out with an electric car that people really want to drive. It will always be remembered as the one that made electric cars truly desirable, and that’s why it is one of the greats.”


Source: Hagerty

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Congrats Tesla, well-deserved!

Agreed. A pretty easy pick for car of the decade and well deserving of the title. No other car this decade has had such an impact on the automotive industry and also on changing the perception of electric vehicles by the general public then the Model S. More than any other, it points to the future of automobiles.

Second place should go to the Chevy Volt for introducing the plug in hybrid and serial hybrid concepts to the mass market. Both the Model S and the Volt influenced car design and created new, viable segments. After 2nd place, it gets tough and murky. Not a lot of stand outs, mostly just evolution of what’s come before.

I would give honorable mention to the Chevy Bolt for delivering such an outstanding value in a all electric car, but alas, it is not a trend setter, or significant influencer. It’s just an awesome choice for savvy buyers that don’t want to burn a lot of gas, or a lot of money!

The Bolt EV definitely deserves an A+ for the engineering team, but a B- from design perspective and an F for the management.

If it looks as good as the Volt, and management is serious about EVs, it would be a serious competitor to the Model 3. I hate to be a conspiracist, but it appears to a casual observer that GM is doing an anti-sell of the Bolt for no obvious reason.

No obvious reason? You think GM (or any other legacy automaker, really) actually wants EVs to take off? No, they would love to maintain the status quo: not having to innovate, continuing to be in bed with the oil companies, and making profits off of dealer servicing.

The obvious reason is that it’s not profitable.

Where are seven electrics and david green? 😉

Don’t forget bro1999

Trying to find a Hagerty forum to go and troll on.

At least one of them quietly showed up to thumbs us down!! Hahaha!!

Guys, relax. I’m just some random person on the Internet. What do you care what I think?

Normally these stories don’t interest me: if I want to judge a Tesla, I drive one of mine. However, I do find it amusing that the Dodge Caravan made the list. Fond memories.

I will say that the Model S is a testament to what you can do when automotive organization is also a charitable organization. It’s sold for $20K less than it cost to make. The M3 continues that glorious tradition, though with volume they may eventually make it (though not Tesla itself) profitable.

There, are you happy now? I hope that did something for you.

Seven, that Anton Wahlman article that claims Tesla loses $19,100 for each car sold is disingenuous and incorrect. And you’d have to be a pretty big fool to believe they’re willingly underselling cars $20k below the manufacturing cost. That would be unbelievably moronic.

It’s not as simple as dividing the GAAP loss by the number of vehicles. Tesla has HUGE R&D and future investment expenses and you’d have to be pretty stupid to believe an article that correlates myriad other expenses like R&D, admin and interest, with each vehicle sold.

So yes, you got it absolutely right. You’re just a random person on the internet. One who clearly believes any old nonsense they read and preaches it as gospel. And while it’s fun to call Tesla a ‘charitable organisation’ please do bear in mind that legacy automakers and oil companies receive enormous subsidies – subsidies so large your jaw would hit the floor if you knew the half of it. So please, for now let’s stop trying to take the mickey out of one the very few automakers who is actually giving a damn about this world we’re so keen on ruining,

Easy pick as it changed the entire auto industry…

Having one of each would be a good start for a collector.

I did have a 1968 Mustang.

I’m a Model S owner- totally agree! The thrill of leaving German luxury cars, Mercedes, Audi in the dust after light turns green is out of this world! A Porsche 911 sneakily came from behind to blow by me before I was aware he wanted to race. Was he scared so much that he had to take off first? Be afraid of instant torque, BE VERY AFRAID!

Street racing is not cool.

Totally disagree!
The car of the decade in the 1950s should have been the Citroën DS 🙂

Totally agree, but with the wisdom of hindsight, we would all have made different choices in life.

Miss the VW Beetle on their list though.

And the car of the 2000’s should have been the Prius. Hybrid technology paved the way for electrification.

There is this notion that supercars are a platform for new technology that trickles down to common cars. With hybridization it has been the other way around. A totally boring family car introduced tech that will soon be found in every supercar. 2 decades later.

From article “Tesla Model S Deemed Car Of The Decade [by Hagerty]”

Congrats Tesla!

Well earned…

Hagerty is just a bunch of greenie hippies….


Seriously though. This shows how Tesla has brought the fight to ICE cars. This isn’t a best of EV’s competition between just EV’s. This is an EV winning head to head with ICE cars. This is what transforms the automotive industry.

Model S is awesome. It is also one of most beautiful 4 door car (I know it is technical 5 door fastback) on the market today…

Well deserved. I don’t know another 4 door sedan that is so amazing/special in the recent years.

Not the world’s biggest Tesla fan (4 door sedans are BOORING) but I saw 2 3s today and they were quite nice.

I really like the front fascia, no need to junk up the bugblocker with unnecessary adornments.

1890 – 1910: Ford Model T”

This must have been the longest decade in the history of humankind 🙂

Amazing that Ford made it three times! Congratulations, Tesla! I am surprised that the 911 never made it, that doesn’t seem right ….

The list seems heavily biased in favour of American car makers.

Queue the usual trolls in 3-2-1…. Seriously well deserved in my opinion. The Model S was the first EV to challenge equivalent ICE vehicles in desirability and sales. While the Volt and Leaf were also important they certainly didn’t stomp on their ICE competitors sales wise. I own a gen 1 Volt BTW and love the car.

I just got to drive a ’14 P85D for the day, and boy that was fun in ludicrous mode. The replacement 90D/100D are even better/quicker. This car is a game changer.

A 20 year old Tesla will be like a 20 year old appliance. It may appeal to certain people, but won’t be considered collectible like a BMW M car, Porsche or Ferrari.

I’m also surprised BMW 3-series never made it. It was the start of the mid-size sport sedan.

Dodge Caravan, that must be a joke.

What about the Delorean DMC-12 for the 1980’s, more memorable than the Dodge. Or the BMW 3-series (E30).

The rest of the list is fine.

There are hundreds of failed car makers. Nobody would remember DeLorean if it wasn’t for the movie.

I absolutely love my gen1 Volt.And it’s affordable.