Tesla Model 3 Rear Seat Lock Is Pure Genius: Video

JAN 14 2019 BY MARK KANE 147

Necessity is the mother of inventions

As it turns out, there is a problem with thieves stealing precious cargo out of the Tesla Model 3 trunk. According to Tesla Raj, there is already a “theft epidemic,” so together with Tesla DIY they have created the solution – Drop Lock.

Tesla Raj explains that the typical scenario is that theives (mostly in the San Francisco area) are breaking the rear corner glass, reaching their hand in and folding down the seats to see if you have anything of value in the trunk. Then if you do, they break the bigger rear-door glass, get in there and steal your stuff.

The solution is Drop Lock, a super simple locking device, which prevents the folding down of the seats. Price is only $24.99 and shipping is to start on February 1st. Best of all, it’s crazy easy to install.

We are eager to hear what Model 3 owners think of the Drop Lock.

From the product site:

“The only rear seat lock set for the Tesla Model 3.

We have seen tons of break-ins happening to the Tesla Model 3 vehicles.  Thieves are breaking the rear corner windows, folding down the seats and seeing what is in the trunk.  This solution blocks easy access to being able to fold down the seats and creates a more difficult way to get into the precious storage area.

No more folding down your seats every time you park your car.  Park with no worries with Drop Lock in place.  Drop lock is in a bright red color indicating it is in place and comes with two vinyl decals for your corner windows indicating the rear seats are locked.

Set includes right and left lock

2 vinyl window decals included!”

Drop Lock

Source: Drop Lock

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Yeah, who could imagine? I certainly never imagined a song could sound so downright dreadful.

looks easy to defeat with a pocket knife…….no?

or tape

or the thief could buy the same thing and have the removal tool too.

Once it is installed, it looks like it can’t be removed. Poor solution.

“Included in the packaging is a simple tool to remove the DropLock”

Why not just show it in the video?

so that the thief cannot copy it but buy it to have a removal tool too.

They could also add a „removal pack“ to their shop.

-Seat lock removal tool
-Small hammer for glass breaking
-Safety gloves
-„Please put the rear seats down next time!“ stickers for the rear window.

Hahaha great, okay, so unless this removal tool absolutely only works from a specific angle (as in, not while reaching through the side window) then the thieves will just acquire one of those for $25. I doubt each product requires a uniquely-keyed tool. It just completely removes the benefit. Yeah, most theft is opportunistic, but thieves are more prepared than you’d think.

Which is what will soon be had by every thief, while I can’t really remember where I put mine… probably somewhere I thought I would look for sure.


Keep it in the trunk?


Thieves will be ordering soon for the tool.

No doubt. This is why something with a unique key or other solution is needed.

not even… you can probably take a flathead screw driver and unwedge it.

Yup, it’s amazing how you can improvise tools. This coming from a bike mechanic 🙂

What if he sells both the lock and the removal tool? This way he gets money from both the owners and thieves. LOL
All I can say is, if the person wants to get in, he/she will one way or another.

Why do they target Tesla ? Almost every car and USV are made the same way and you can access any car (trunk) braking the back small window (and releasing the atch) and with Tesla there are more chance to get an empty trunk than any car. With Tesla you have your reg. trunk, a lower trunk (not visible even with the window broken) and the frunk were you can put your PC if needed. So don’t leave any PC or any thing of value in your trunk. Breaking into car is a risky business for a thieve and if they get nothing out of it they will change.

“with Tesla there are more chance to get an empty trunk than any car.”

Based on what, you own experience?

Do you have a link to a study showing this?

Unlike other car or small truck they have 3 trunks, one in the front, the lower trunk in the back and the regular trunk, Now knowing these brake-in, why not use one of the trunk the theive don’t have acces, If you only have your regular trunk like most of the cars ( without lock on the back seat) you don’t have a choice.

For an owner, It’s less about stuff being stolen, as the glass being broken

This is the sad truth about most crime — the cost to the victim and/or to society is often much greater than any reward gained by the criminal.

I agree but if there brake-in are unsuccesful they will stop. It will not worth the risk.

Most sedans with folding rear seats have a locking mechanism on the back of the seat to prevent them from being folded down from inside the cabin. This is one of the few advantages of the sedan form factor over hatchbacks. So, I think they are targeting cars where a glass break + grab is all that is required steal contents in the “trunk”. This includes hatchbacks, CUVs and sadly the model 3. Fortunately the market seems to be coming up with a solution.

The sedans I’ve driven had the release in the trunk or a key lock behind the back seat. Otherwise a valet or service person could get in the trunk. The valet key cars lockout the trunk and glove box, otherwise there is no security using a sedan. I try to rent sedans when traveling so there will be a place to reasonably secure luggage.

Tesla buyers are rich on average than average buyers and they may be more “clueless” in some ways. =)

“clueless” as leaving potential valuables in plain sight which may or may not perceived as valuable to the Tesla owners…

Even a baseball cap or jackets may be perceived as valuable these days. Sun glasses for sure. Even a charging cable of some kind may indicate that there are valuable electronics potentially in the car..

> Why do they target Tesla ?

They’re not – from what I hear it’s becoming a much wider problem in the SF area; certainly not just Teslas.

But Tesla is a premium car brand, so it is going to be a higher value target and thus be hit more often than, say, a cheap Toyota. Plus there’s a lot of Teslas in SF. So these two facts add up to a perception that Tesla is being targeted, but it’s not necessarily the case.

Here is a better one I saw on Facebook:

Yeah that looks way better.

Indeed. Exactly what I had in mind.

That uses a key, Elon doesn’t approve 😉

Admins, why does every post of mine go straight to moderation? This has been happening for the last two months or so.

It’s a bug due to a blocked IP address from a banned user. We’ve been trying to fix it and not having much luck. I will have the developers look at it again.

Vote that to the top so people can see how it should be done 😀

I got a solution. Don’t drive to San Francisco in a Model 3. Cost = $0.

Tired of seeing them there, I take it? LOL

Teslas are dominating in SoCal and NorCal. Went to visit a friend in Dublin and on his block, almost every other house had a Tesla. Couple of them had two. Most of these purchases were November and December. I don’t know how BMW and Mercedes dealarships are staying in business.

Unfortunately it happens in San Jose as well.

This is the true solution to someone smashing in your window, dropping your seats, and then smashing in another window to steal things. That’s not some kind of security flaw in the Tesla, that’s a crime epidemic. I rented a car for three days in SF last summer on a visit before moving the Bay Area and my empty car was broken in to. Nowadays I NEVER drive to the city. Never had a break in since either.

Even this device would in theory only result in you having one window smashed in if it worked.

I have been living in the SF Bay Area for 17 years and haven’t had windows broken, yet.

But I am very careful to not leave anything visible, I mean ANYTHING remotely interesting to potential thief. Not sun glasses, not charging cables of any kind to indicate potential electronics of any kind, not bags of any kind.

Also, don’t leave the car for more than 24 hours in a spot. =)

I think it might be better if you live there and have your car tucked away. I parked my car somewhere for about three hours downtown in parallel parking and came back to the damage. All my trips to the city have been on a train ever since.

Where did you park and what did you lose in the break-in?

I didn’t lose anything as my car was empty. Downtown. 3rd St. and Mission.

3rd and mission? That is one of the worst area.

Silly! What’s next? Gorilla Glass windows? Crooks will look for the locks and know they have a winner before they easily break in. I have no idea why anyone would believe this story or buy this product. Why would crooks target Teslas with all their technology? Just plain silly!

Amazing this serial Tesla basher got three up-votes. I guess P.T. Barnum was right.

Crooks will look for the locks? So, they will look for cars which are harder to target for theft than those without the locks?

I guess this is what passes for “logic” among the anti-Tesla “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!” pack. 🙄

Complain to Tesla long enough and they will put in a configurable lock like the one for the glove box and frunk.

I’m surprised that Tesla still has a mechanical latch for the rear seats. I thought that was below them. Maybe next iteration it will be controlled from the main touch screen UI like the glove box and trunk and frunk. Could add to the app and/or key fob.

Isn’t the thing about the Model 3 is that it is heavily cost reduced so that Tesla could make a profit and give the finger to the ‘Tesla is doomed’ critics? (This isn’t a criticism of Tesla but something that they had to do from a business POV)
A solution such as the one you propose would increase their cost to build (As in more parts to make and fit)?
IMHO, at this point in time Tesla has more than enough on its plate to consider sorting this out.
It might take a hike in insurance rates for Model 3 owners living in CA to kick them into action.

Besides why not let the after market people build and sell the solution? Why should it be down to the maker to add this?

A simple pen can be used to defeat that, in two seconds. Anything pointy, that can be jammed in between the “lock” and the latch, will allow enough leverage to flip the latch up.

Just whack the lock hard with the same hammer used to break the window.

The anti-Tesla brigade seems to be out in force to carpet bomb this comment thread. I guess they connect on social media to coordinate their attacks.

How the heck does any of those two messages have anything to do with Tesla and company? It is about defeating a 3rd party product that isn’t sufficient good for Tesla. (if it is, Tesla would have made it itself and I would imagine it would have done way better than this thing).

It is a freaking 3rd party product review.

Get some help!

Woah Pushi, did you go off some meds lately? The conspiracy theory stuff is a little over the top.

Maybe you don’t recognize that it’s almost entirely the same crop of serial Tesla bashers posting all the negative comments here that have been seen recently posting to IEVs comments, but I certainly do recognize those screen names!

Is it just coincidence that it’s the same “üsual suspects”?

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.” — Ian Fleming, Goldfinger

Even if it is the same people, it has NOTHING to do with Tesla or their messages aren’t directed at Tesla but rather this particular 3rd party product.

Seriously, your tendency at conspiracy by calling others anti-Tesla is clouding your mental judgement on this thread.

If you want to complain about Anti-Tesla, then you should complain about this video and the video before that claims that there is some kind of epidemic related with Model 3. That is sort of stuff that actually make Model 3 worse by listing it as somehow “worse” by attracting more thief while that particular seat/trunk design isn’t really unique at all.

Well, considering that Tesla cars are owned by only a tiny insignificant fraction of the world’s car owners, most of the people who own cars are anti Tesla. Lol.

Doesn’t something like this just advertise you have something worth stealing in the trunk? Isn’t it better to just leave the seat down?

Are you Tesla bashers copying from a script here, or what?

Locks like this deter thieves for the same reason bars on windows deter thieves. Such locks don’t make it impossible to break in, but they do almost always cause the thief to look elsewhere for an easier target.


How is his post Tesla bashing?

I didnt think it was. Lensman is sensitive today?

Well, you’re entitled to your opinion. So am I.

How is implying that “If you own a Tesla Model 3, you need to leave the seat folded down and the trunk empty to discourage thieves”… not Tesla Bashing?!?!

Good grief. I’m not the one being unreasonable here!

There was NO “Tesla” mentioned in his post. You are the one that brought that up.

In fact, this particular design is common among many other cars with this type of seat latch. Other cars have break-ins too.

His opinion is actually in fact what was “recommended” from the the video from the other day suggesting that leaving it open is better deterrence. He is just mentioning that as a potential alternative than this thing since it would give potential thief a peek into the trunk where there are no visible valuables…

“something like this” = about “a Solution for the Model 3 Seats”, in Particular, so – How is this comment NOT about the Model 3?

It is about the product which is a 3rd party product.

I’m a happy owner of a Model 3 – hardly a Tesla basher. And really, this topic has little to do with Tesla – it’s about what does and doesn’t work as a theft deterrent for window smashers.

The bigger question here is why is this happening so frequently in San Francisco?

1. Sanctuary City
2. Rich liberals
3. High economy

This is *THE PLACE* to fight income inequality. It has the political will and financial means.

Come on!

Downvoted for:

1. Racism

I would not call it racist — but the “financial divide” in the San Fran area is one of the worst in the US — and when that happens, crime follows…

Good point, I hadn’t noticed that. Yeah, implying that sanctuary cities have a higher crime rate is certainly racist.

Of course, in the real world, the immigrant population (both legal and illegal) has a lower crime rate than native-born Americans, but since when did racists ever let facts or reality stand in the way of their prejudice?


I was going to ask how on earth you would interpret the OP’s comment as being “racist” but then I read Pu-Pu’s comment for the explanation. My goodness you liberals are good at connecting imaginary dots in order to find maximum levels of offensiveness in everything. I feel sad for you all.


Okay, then do enlighten us as to what the reference to “sanctuary cities” means; a meaning that does not imply that immigrants are criminals. That’s what the Orange One claims: That immigrants (legal or illegal) coming over the border from Mexico are criminals. So it must be true, right? 🙄

The word illegal in the phrase illegal imigrant suggests they may have broken a law.

Depends on what you mean by “crime”. If they are illegals, then technically they are “breaking the law”. If there are a lot of them in an area, technically there are a lot of “criminals”. But I take the libertarian view-
“no victim, no crime”. These people, for the most part, are crossing the border because the economy here is so great and was so terrible where they came from. They come to work, and whether you are a bleeding heart proletariat or a greedy bourgeoisie (me), working is a *good* thing, for everyone. Working people typically stay out of trouble. Everyone benefits when people are working.

Let’s be honest, the people breaking into cars most likely have a chemical dependency that they need to finance through stealing other peoples stuff. There are similar break ins up here in Michigan. Does that imply they are Canadians? No.

Nope – Legal Immigrants file paperwork, and Ask to come in, waiting for a positive Reply – they don’t Climb Fences, Walk Across Rivers, or crawl through tunnels, just for Reference!

Even as a Canadian, born of a American Father and Canadian Mother, in Canada, I don’t just go walking in to the USA – Or Driving, or Flying, or Swimming! I check in at the Border Crossing, and wait for permission to enter! It is usually quick – but not always! Even Was Turned Away once – and detained another time – just because of my responses to their Questions!

#2 and #3, perhaps, because wealthier areas will have better junk in the trunk.

#1, not according to statistics. Immigrants (legal or otherwise), commit crimes at a lower rate than US citizens. Just ask the Koch brothers (CATO institute).

While your statistic MAY be true (although I’m reminded of a comment about statistics and damn lies, but I digress), I’m fairly certain this one IS true. More Americans have been killed by illegal immigrants than by all government shutdowns combined.

Far more Americans have been killed by legal American residents than by all government shutdowns combined plus all illegal immigrants.

If all legal American residents were replaced by illegal immigrants, this country would be far safer.

For whom? Their would be no legal citizens to be safe. Lol
That’s like saying if everyone was killed there would be no more murder.

I guarantee you I’m more right than you, and I still find your argument weak. The reason the Republicans don’t want immigrants is because it builds the voting base for the Democrats. It’s not about crime, labor, or anything else. It’s about votes.

Votes and cheap labor – notice the gop doesn’t go after the business owners who hire undocumented workers – they just scapegoat the undocumented workers. Classic maneuver.

Because SF has so many more Model 3 anywhere else.

And thief are hi tech as well in keeping up with the trends here in SF. The follow Tesla too. LOL.

Ummm… could it possibly be that it’s because Tesla cars are so common in San Francisco?

Nah… that’s too logical for a hard-right wingnut to believe.

So, a simple removal tool would be easily bought with the package?

Common sense seems to be completely lacking in all the Tesla bashers posting here.

Even if the car owner taped a removal tool to the outside of the window, it would still deter thieves! Anything which substantially increases the time and effort to break in will most likely cause the thief to look elsewhere.

Did you really not know that, or are you just following today’sa script of anti-Tesla talking points?

If it only take couple seconds to defeat it with a simple screen driver, then it doesn’t really deter the breaking-in. The entire process of breaking-in is always a constant “reward vs. risk” type of thing. Many of those breaking-in happens at night and especially frequent with cars that are parked in darker/less crowded sections of the neighborhood and often with cars that are parked for longer than 24 hours. So, couple extra seconds don’t really deter thief if they are “professional”. Sure, an opportunity based thief may be deterred in this case, but I would think that any thieves that know about the Tesla trick to reach for the trunk is already somewhat familiar with the car. Adding this “low threshold” device may not be enough to deter them. It certainly looks easier to defect than even a simple key based lock. Now, we can discuss how this tool would be valid or not, but how does it have anything to do with your fanatic conspiracy tendency about calling others “anti-Tesla”. What does complain about this particular 3rd party design have ANYTHING to do with anti-Tesla? Maybe you should get your head checked since you are so quickly jumping… Read more »

“So, couple extra seconds don’t really deter thief if they are ‘professional’.”

Perhaps you should read the article again. It’s about an epidemic of smash-and-grab thefts. Does that describe to you the type of robbery normally committed by professional thieves?

Most locks and other security devices are not intended to deter professional thieves. They are intended to deter casual or opportunity thieves, and this device — even if it’s as mechanically ineffective as several comments here suggest — will deter the casual thief just as well as a better-made one.

Professional thieves are rare enough that only a tiny fraction of thefts and break-ins are committed by them. That, too, is something that every person living in industrialized countries ought to have learned while growing into an adult.

Great! finally a reasonable discussion about the product without name calling! Is that so difficult?

What does any of this or that have anything to do with anti-Tesla? Let us leave those conspiracy and name calling out, shall we?

By calling them “professional thief”, I meant those people as offenders who have done this more than few times and got away with it. The so called “causal” thief only smash and grab what is visible in the car itself, they rarely even bother with trunk or glove boxes. I have seen homeless look like people throw a brick into a car and then just grab the first thing they can reach inside and run. The owner usually would have a pile of broken glasses and a rock or brick inside their vehicle as well. The device discussed here wouldn’t make a difference either way. Considering that the last related video mentioned that it is really a 2 step process, where a smaller window is broken first to release the entry to trunk so they can see if there are additional valuable inside before they break the bigger window. That is actually kind of “professional approach” so they don’t damage more windows than necessary (kind of being nice to the owner knowing that insurance may cover it and the damage is limited to what they need). Those type of break-ins are considered as “more professional” approach with clear plan and… Read more »

How can they reach in the trunk through the big window without opening the door and setting off the alarm? I’ve never understood that.

They will break the 2nd piece of window if they see valuable in the trunk.

Standard alarm usually only goes off if the door opens from inside when it is locked. The standard factory alarms don’t usually go off when glasses are broken.

After market alarm would go off, but those are more rare and more annoying as any loud sound or vibration can set them off.

On one point, if they didn’t already notice the “lock” and had already broken the window, and already have a metal tool in their hands, they are likely committed to a few more seconds… The second time once they notice the lock they might pass it by tho. (Proud Tesla owner here, no conspiracy, just some logic, lol)

what you’re saying about taking longer is certainly at least somewhat true, but would’nt it be better if it wasnt easy to defeat….?? or is that tesla bashing?

I’m not really impressed with the armchair engineer assertions that this device is so easy to defeat that a 4-year-old with a screwdriver could do it in a couple of seconds.

Unless we see an actual test, that’s nothing but speculation.

Okay, let us say that it isn’t so easily defeated. But a tool (which can be bought easily here) would be likely to be easy to use to the point that it will only take couple seconds more? Now, if there are valuables found, wouldn’t that still make it attractive?

Exactly. The removal could be simple or difficult either way if the thief wants to get in they will as nothing is 100%. The point is to deter and extend the time it takes. This crime usually takes less then 15s so anytime added to that is a win.

Why is Inside EV doing a “promo” for a product here? Isn’t Evannax enough by itself?

Would you have the same objection if the promo was for a product for a GM car?

No… amazingly, your objection would suddenly vanish.

I would.

Was there ever one?

Seriously, When does inside EV become an accessory “review” or promo site? Why even cover it in the first place? This kind of rear seat access is almost built in just about all midsize sedans. it isn’t unique to Tesla. So, why are we even covering it?

Considering it is 3rd part and has little and no relation to Tesla, why does it get covered here?

What is next? floor mat and wheel reviews?

Yeah, because IEVs has never done an article about a custom steering wheel.

Oh, wait…


The sarcasm is weak in this one! 😉

One CWP holder sitting in the M3 unbeknownst to the criminal breaking in would go a long way in ending the epidemic.

Yep. Or a Trunk Monkey!


Ok, clearly the trunk monkey is the solution.

Where I live thieves know they would get shot for messing with another person’s car. And people wonder why guns are so popular in America.

where you live probably don’t have too many Model 3 but rather pickup trucks instead…

No, people don’t wonder why guns are so popular in a country where access is virtually unrestricted, and they are heavily advertised and sold everywhere.

But some of us do wonder how anyone in their right mind can describe a random bunch of self-selected gun nuts with no oversight, or even registration of their firearms, as “a well-regulated militia”. 🙄

Well if you really wonder about that Pu-Pu just google “United States Constitution” and read what you find. Warning, this may offend many liberals.

Yawn !

Where did you get your copy of the U.S. Constitution? At an NRA rally?

That might explain why it’s apparently missing the first clause of the 2nd Amendment. 😉

No one should ever get shot for messing with anyone’s car. That’s just common sense.

Clearly you have never lived in Texas. (I did for just a few years as a kid, but that was definitely enough to understand at least that much!)

Should have added a key lock like vw did or put the release in the truck, not the cabin. This is also an issue if you valet a car and most manufacturers solved it a long time ago.

Yes, I agree, Tesla really dropped the ball on that one, you would think that they would have had a seat design engineer who would have realized it

So doesnt prevent them from popping your rear window. And notsure if it decreases or increases the chances of your back window breaking.


Seems like a product looking for a problem… no break ins here…

Maybe it’s time for a “Security Mode” where anyone breaking into the car gets a verbal warning over the speaker system and also start recording with the internal camera.

So… What if theives start buying your drop lock and removal device. Just so they can keep breaking our windows and remove the drop lock. And then sell it for money. ?? Thought of that solution yet? O.o

Do you really believe casual or opportunity thieves do that much planning in advance? Why do you think even the most simple, flimsy locks deter theft so well?

Or do you think the much smaller number of professional thieves commonly engage in the sort of smash-and-grab theft described in the article?

Critical thinking is lacking here.

For $25 bucks, I’ll have to disagree with you, PP.

Why not just put some needles in that lock and thieves would be poked to teach him a lesson:) You can’t techincally prevent being broken into anyway so might as well get some revenge.

Jeeze! Were you paid to publish this? Because the whole article is basically an ad. Two guys who are selling “a solution” say there’s “an epidemic”, I guess it must be true then..!!

As this magazine/blog/site keeps growing, the quality gets worse by the month. Just be aware that some of us would rather have fewer but better stories.

I thought this problem was solved 30+ years ago?

You put a locking switch on the back (trunk interior side) of the seat. When locked, you cannot fold down the seats from the cabin, unless you first get access to the trunk (to unlock them).

Model 3s don’t have this feature built-in?

Does not this invite thieves into thinking that there is something valuable in the trunk?

Occupy Mars

LOL, pure genius. You guys crack me up.

No just laziness

Like in the movie Wall E

Elon needs to remove the mechanical release mechanisms and add electric release motors instead. Then add a release control optio; to the touchscreen (like the glovebox) and also to the Tesla app, problem solved.

Do you know that thieves have flat screw driver ? This means more damage to the car for the same result.
To be efficient this device must have a lock

Help me understand. They now smash in a small window, to see if anything is in there, and if so, break the back glass to get in. If the lock is there, they can just smash in the back window first, at a much higher cost to replace?

Smashing the back window doesn’t give you access to the trunk. The Model 3 isn’t a hatchback.

Stupid invention. A criminal will just smash into the trunk by default when seeing that device installed.

“Smashing into” a trunk is, um, hard. The point is as a deterrent: get the thief to move on to an easier target (say, a Model S).

So a brand new, $50k+ electric car doesn’t have the stupid simple key lock that my 14 year old Honda Accord has? Can’t drop the back seats without using the key to unlock them from inside the car.

Never mind that this “drop lock” will probably be defeated by a small screwdriver.

While I could see around xmas time some may have brand new items with tags that a thief could easily sell on ebay, far more people keep their valuables in the front console or glove box…

“Pure genius” would be to replace the pointless glass with metal.

As I understand thieves break small window to fold down seats and then if they see something valuable they break main window to open the doors from inside? Stopping or delaying them on any step is a good way to prevent this so this item is a good try except their easy removal tool but still will add some time for thieves at least.
But Tesla could solve other step even better with a simple software update by making rear doors inside opening buttons inactive while car is park so thieves wouldn’t be able to open the doors. That would make their job way harder. (if I remember correctly that model 3 does not have manual emergency door open in the back)

edit: just got an answer elsewhere about this so seems like thieves are already willing to climb through the window even if doors are locked so this won’t stop them sadly 🙁

If any of you has used a child booster seat that uses the seat belt tensioner to hold the booster seat in place, then you would know that the left and the right rear seat belts will lock the seats in place once the tensioners are engaged. I tested it and it worked on my 3. It is a hassle to have to remember to do the seat belt for the rear passengers but no mod or purchase is needed.